Mystery Train Island

The Legends of the Hidden Temple

excuse the 90’s nickelodeon show reference, but i have no idea what to name this thing..

T.G.I.F.! The creators posted a video today from their PoptropicaCreators account entitled, “The Legend is Coming”. What could it mean? What does the ‘E’ stand for? According to the video, we’ll just have to scratch our heads until September.

Edit: If you pause at 0:17, you see a robot-like body.

Moar Edits: According to PHB Commenter, Aang, the ‘E’ could stand for Evil Co. from an old picture with robots in Daily Pop.

MOAR MOAR EDITS: Thanks to Squeezy Rider, here’s a screenshot from Daily Pop showing robots with the letter ‘E’.

Meanwhile in the Island Tour, Poptropica has released a description of the island along with seven fascinating screenshots.

How do you solve a mystery when everyone is a suspect? It’s 1893, and some of the world’s brightest minds are traveling by train to the World’s Fair in Chicago. But after a dastardly crime puts the fate of the Fair in peril, only you can piece together the clues and collar the criminal. All aboard for a whodunit that will keep you guessing until the last twist of the tracks!

This definitely psyched me up about the island. How do you feel about it?

130 thoughts on “The Legends of the Hidden Temple”

  1. You could always dress up as batman, after all he is the world’s greatest detective. But I can’t wait for this island. Old fashioned ๐Ÿ˜€

    1. September my bday too!!!!
      ‘Bout time they released an island around then!!
      I’m excited. This new island looks good.
      Evil robot army?
      Oh yes……. ]:D

      1. Who wouldn’t want to destroy some evil robots?
        Also, Happy Early Birthday to you, September Birthdays!

  2. Cool video. And on the picture of Mystery train,the background looks to have The Capitol Building from Washington D.C!

      1. Actually, if you look closely, the station says, ‘Washington, D.C. Train Station’.

      2. @MT
        Perhaps the island takes place on the way there, trying to find out whodunnit before you arrive.

    1. ๐Ÿ™„ The train station for Chicago’s main point is Washington D.C, but the sign says “Chicago World Fair” so you end up in Chicago, unless you take the train there (The Creators are always unpredictable) ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. If it comes out Sept 11 for members, I’m hoping it will come out Oct 13(I hope because that’s my 16th birthday) for non-members. THIS IS ONLY A GUESS!!!! REPEAT!!!!!! ONLY A GUESS!!!

      1. Umm, if poptropica sticks to it’s regular ways, for members, it will come out on the 7th 14th 21st or the 28th… All the Thursdays in September

      2. Where I live, islands come out on Fridays, not Thursdays. Which is good. I have all weekend to finish one then.

      1. @SN
        Aren’t you like 11 – 12? I don’t think you’d remember watching Clarissa Explains It All. ๐Ÿ˜›

        Shoot, I don’t remember watching Kenan and Kel, but I love it.

  4. It will probably have a bunch of swords in it. In the sneak peek with the swords, it says “These swords are legen-wait for it-dary!” It makes sence.

    1. If you ask someone to play balloons with you, wait and pretend to think so it’s their turn, but when the fourth balloon comes up and stops, click close, a window will pop up on your computer, press yes or enter, then the Poptropicans will start dancing, and you should see the Poptropicans use the swords.

  5. Okay guys, explenation on the way! See, E is evil, thank you Aang. Plot: you get a space ship and fly to a planet. A evil scientist has built robots, such as a Transformer. The planet has 2 climates: tropical and dessert. There might be a little plant monsters too! You search the island. It may be called Astroknight 2. You will fight the robots. If you want profe, go to the daily pop.

      1. @Puter I’m sorry, but I don’t think there will be an Astro Knights too. The robots belong to Mystery Train, I’m sure.

        Very creative though!

  6. @ST: Evil Co, Evil Super Mind In Daily Pop it has this Transfromer and it says “Can it be more than it meets the eye?” and the one name “Cliff Walk” it says “Watch out for falling ROBOTS” and the one named “Danger, High Voltage” look at the back ground at the sky and the one named “Echolocation” says “You’ve got robo-bats in the robo-belfry”

    1. I already thought of three good names and ideas for islands.
      Nautical Island, Runes Island, Smelted Island.
      you like it?

      1. the next island after that, has something to do with vikings. I wish I could show them a picture of the title I made!
        I hope dragons are involved, it can’t be too mythology-style.

  7. There’s also a post regarding “Evil, Inc.” even earlier than the bats.

    It shows three pictures of villains, and the caption reads “Three takes on one villain.”

    You’re going to have to scroll waaaaay back to find it, though.

  8. Hope that link works. Thanks “1”, you’re right! Evil inc. is a comic. They are going to make an island afer it. Type in “planet” into search bar on Evil inc. website. Many result come up about home planets. Go to the daily pop and go waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back until you see a space ship and a strange far away planet. More info coming soon!

    1. I don’t think the island is named after the comic. ๐Ÿ˜›
      I think the Creators were just a little uncreative with the name.

      A spaceship and a strange far away planet? That could be where the robots are from.

      If you haven’t figured it out, I’ve been neglecting Daily Pop. :c It seems very informative.

  9. Ya know, looking back at all the sneak peeks in the Pop, I reckon this new legendary island is going to involve magic swordfights with alien robots……
    Ahh…….. just like the battle in that Doctor Who season final episode….. [the matt smith season, in which River Song was revealed to be Melody Pond]
    Yep, swords & aliens? right up my alley!!
    I’m looking forward to this island…….

      1. It’s not a phone booth. It’s Police box that travels through time and space he calls the TARDUS [don’t ask me why- I’ve only been watching the show since matt smith came on]. You know, in one episode, the TARDUS’s spirt got trapped inside a woman, and the Doctor said to Amy and Rory; “Its the TARDUS! And she’s a woman! ๐Ÿ˜€ ” to which Rory replied, “Have you been wishing a little too hard?”
        VERY FUNNY. LOL!

      2. ok it is a tardes in the first place al ways has been. he stole it. all time lords are gone but 2 the docter and a mystery girl.

      3. Amelia Pond & Rory’s daughter somehow was born a timelord. They showed WAAAAY back at the start of the season how she regenerated in an alley in 1960’s America.

      4. i dont think its her shes old loking for a new born. thoughi say that with the hobo.:) and she was that asternot thing.

  10. Imma happy that one part of Cryptids Island takes place in New Jersey! ๐Ÿ˜€

  11. the jersey deviI is awesome and crytids i awesome but i had to do it on a diffirent account because i got the cash and then went to the shop and it crashed and i didnt have the money anymore and it wasnt in the tree so i had to do that isIand on a diffrent account ):

  12. I don’t think all these screenshots are for the same island. As far as I can tell, one will have robots and legen-wait-for-it-dary swords and stuff, the other will have a train, a Ferris Wheel, and a buncha famous inventors. Judging by a few of the pictures, it looks like Nikola Tesla will be in this one( one image is called “This Mortal Coil,” a possible reference to the Tesla Coil, plus what looks like a Tesla coil is in the room, and all the boxes’ labels contain multiples of 3, a number Tesla became obsessed with late in life. Also, a later sketch of this room is signed “N.T.”)! I can’t wait! That guy was awesome– like a better class of mad scientist. Eeeee!

    1. Haha I noticed that! It’s the perfect post for him ๐Ÿ˜› Can’t wait for this island! ๐Ÿ˜€

  13. when is the new mini games released i cant wait and when the island comes out to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 103 coments now and when i put mine in it will be 104!

  14. It’ll be funny if we keep this post active just to beat the comments on RCG’s welcome post.

    Let’s break some records!

    1. We did already! We’re up to 125 comments including this one! We beat the record on a post, but we can’t beat the record for a page. The Chat page has like 1776 comments or something XD

  15. I don’t think the robots are in Mystery Train. I think there is two islands being made. I mean why would there be a science fiction kinda thing in a mystery whodunit kind of island! Well just my opinion say I don’t know. XD

    1. In the coming soon trailer, it exposed a robot-like body.
      But what a better question is: What would robots be doing in 1893?

      1. some sneek peeks show a carnival (new) maby monster carnival is coming back. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. MT island….. Sure is a mystery…..
    Can’t wait for the legendary island!!
    Hey, if Poptropica ever gets a 100th island [COULD be possible– you never know! ;D] do ya think they would name it Ultimate Island and have all the Poptropica villains come together?
    BTW, I’m all up for a 39 Clues or Kane Cronicles or Simpsons or Garfield island.

    1. ๐Ÿ˜€ I’d LOVE a Kane Chronicles Island!!! That would be Awesome on SO many levels! Or if there was some kind of Egyptian Mythology Island…where you had to stop Set’s evil plot to take over the world! That would be cool too.. Man I can’t wait till spring when the next book comes out! Also, October 4th, Son of Neptune comes out! (Yes I know there was a Mythology Island, But that was GREEK Mythology, and it would be another plot. This island would be a lot harder too.)
      P.S. We know the creators read this blog because of Captain Crawfish’s comment about not eating him…XD Um..Bye.

      1. I know about Heroes of Olympus. I LOVE THAT SERIES!!!
        And I’m well aware of when it comes out- I wrote it down on EVERY calender in the house! ๐Ÿ˜€
        Have you read the sneak peek extract from the book? Percy Jackson gets attacked by Medusa’s ugly sisters!!! Also, he’s memory was wiped [just as Jason and Annabeth thought!] and there’s also just one name he remembers from his past, but he has no idea what it means….. Annabeth.
        o_O ๐Ÿ˜€

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