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What’s been going on?

Hey guys! Some Poptropica Help Blog news updates you might be interested in:

  • Thanks to Bluorang for creating this dazzling winter header for the PHB, which the blog will be sporting this frosty season!

  • Former PHB author Gazek recently posted a comment on the About page saying, “Wow, the PHB looks better than ever! Seriously, man, I’m starting to rethink quitting Poptropica.” Great to hear from old-timers coming back for a visit. 🙂
  • PHB author Shaggy Tornado will be on a temporary hiatus, which means that he won’t be able to post while he’s gone. He’s on a trip in Washington, DC which he has been looking forward to, but as part of the deal, he won’t be able to come on the PHB for 7 months. In the meantime, another author will be joining the PHB in his place until he returns. Enjoy your trip, ST! 😉
  • Just wanted to say that this past Monday, I (Hijuyo) celebrated my 14th birthday on November 15th. 😀
  • Look out for the upcoming Thanksgiving Special of the epic awesome dialogue show Party With Hobos!
  • The winners of the Poptropica Help Blog’s Second Annual Halloween Costume Contest have been announced, but people have been curious about the exact placements of each of the ten finalists (who all did excellent jobs to make it into the top ten!). So here are the poll results, and thanks to those who participated!

Finalist | Votes | Percentage of votes
Clubpenguin750 | 180 | 15%
Moony* | 175 | 15%
Sleigh | 174 | 15%
ForceCrystal | 131 | 11%
Aks5dragon | 131 | 11%
iceuni2 | 106 | 9%
GulpinTheKing | 82 | 7%
Doglover49 | 74 | 6%
Anton220 | 70 | 6%
Colin1259 | 61 | 5%

Congrats to all of the finalists – all of them had over 50 people like their costume enough to vote for them, which is definitely something to be proud of! Read about the winners here, the finalists here, the contest itself here, and of course, remember that you can always look back at the great finalists’ costumes on the Costumes page!



23 thoughts on “What’s been going on?”

  1. Happy late birthday!

    Good to hear from Gazek again.

    Who is going to be the temporary author going to be?

    Hijuyo: You’ll find out! 😀

  2. YAY!! Happy birthday Hijuyo!
    I like the header…
    When is the new author coming?
    Will he or she be leaving as soon as ST comes back?
    If we like the new author can he or she stay?

    Hijuyo: Very soon. It’ll probably be temporary, but who knows. :3

  3. HAPPY BRITHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant beleve this blog is years old ins changed so much anyways happybirthday

  4. Happy birthday! OMG I could have tied for second if I had one more vote! BTW I would be happy to fill in for ST. You probably wouldn’t, though. But, I do have my own Poptropica blog and I am writing a book filled with Poptropica secrets that I could share with you when it’s finished. It will have stuff even you guys don’t know.

    Hijuyo: …thanks, but I’ll be choosing who the author is. 😉

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