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Oh, they talk about it, talk about it…

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It’s a conversation piece

Imagine having something like this on display in your home. You’d need a pretty big house — not to mention money to burn!

What kind of bird is that, anyway?

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“It’s a conversation piece”? What exactly does that mean?

Mindy:Β  “Oh hey Susie, that new bird piece of yours looks ugly.”
Susie: “>:O GET OUT!!!”

Nice conversation.

Besides, I’ve seen very few “bird” pieces. Who would want those beady eyes constantly watching..ALWAYS…ALWAYS…WATCHING.

Have a nice day. πŸ™‚

30 thoughts on “Oh, they talk about it, talk about it…”

  1. i’ts a dodo, and I think the new island is about prehistoric and modern times mixing up together, like Time Tangled island. See? TRUCK + DINOSAUR + GENERAL STORE+ DODO+MANSION=PREHISTORIC AND MODERN ISLAND? Also, the mansion is probably one of the mansion 1,2,3 or 4…

    1. Wait about a minute… You remember the picture of the SUV and the T-rex or the dinosaur footprints and the dodo picture? Well, I think the island is about a prehistoric island that has mammals and dinosaurs coming and destroying or escaping from the time machine. And you know the mansions? Those mansions are like old-fashioned houses. Well to think about I think the is called… Prehistoric Island, Dinosaur and Mammal Island or if just dinosaurs it would be Dinsaur Island and if it’s only mammals it would called Mammal Island. Sorry for the big conversation.

  2. Great! You triggered my irrational fears of extinct flightless avian animals. *shudders*

    Anyway, from the dinosaur traks and extinct birds we might have a jurrasic park coming up. *o*

  3. General store?Burning money?Big houses?Fellow poptropicans,in this island WE will be the bad guys! ….shrugs…

    Hijuyo: Burning money is just an expression for wasting a huge chunk of money on something expensive, in this case, the bird piece. πŸ˜›

  4. Is there a time machine in the basement or something? You shouldn’t interfere with past!
    Other wise something strange might happen :0

  5. Someone somehow got extinct animals to ‘take over’ the island! Cloning? But Poptropica already has a science-fi island…same for time travel…

  6. … it doesn’t look like its dead guys. D: *sways back and forth* *eyes follow* O_o; Dude, seriously, what if that thing isn’t just for decoration?! Bwha-ha!! Can you imagine it following you all around the darn house??

  7. You know how all these people are commenting about the dodo bird and the T-Rex being extinct? It could be: TIME TANGLED 2! If it ends up being that, remember, I SAID IT FIRST! πŸ˜‰

  8. In answer to your question about dodos, Yes, they are extinct because they were “DUMB” and didn’t fly away when sailors took them for food πŸ˜› So they’re extinct

    I wonder what this island is gonna be like…. looks like its based on the day where theyre were no machines and electronics. but why is the SUV there? XDDD

  9. In a older post there was a picture of a Dinosaur egg and they were saying it might be a new island……could it be this one?

    Hijuyo: No, that was just a graphic created by Codien to help promote our Webosaurs post. It doesn’t have anything to do with Poptropica. πŸ˜‰

  10. ON topic: A dodo.I always wondered what poptropican Dodos Look Like

    OFF topic: Captain CRAWFISH?! remember the noms >:-D

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