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From the Captain’s Eye

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Straight from the pirate’s mouth (i so funnae):

Skullduggery Island launch dates announced!

Secret’s out: Skullduggery Island will open to the public on June 17. Members can cast their sails beginning May 20!
I’d be more excited if I didn’t expect everyone to turn their cannons on me the first chance they get…

Posted by CAPTAIN CRAWFISH @ 12:15 PM

See you on the high seas of SkullDuggery, mates. =D

~ cOd3rkid

If you signed up for the island alert, you should have received an e-mail from [email protected] [Poptropica Creators] telling you about the release dates for Skullduggery Island. Here’s the [awesome] description:

Embark on a new adventure to save Skullduggery Island from the wicked Captain Crawfish. Once a thriving port, the island is at the mercy of pirates who steal its goods and prevent merchants from trading there. In order to restore the island, you and your crew will have to defeat the pirates and assemble the pieces of a hidden treasure map.

And THAT’S why you shouldn’t pay US$2.99 just to watch a video. ^_^ An official (and better) Skullduggery Island trailer is now available to those who waited for it:

^In the official Skullduggery Island trailer above, you may have noticed that you’ll be steering your own ship similar to the way you flew your rocket on Astro-Knights Island. The seas and lands you’ll be exploring look something like this bird’s-eye view:

Oh and this also appeared on the Poptropica Facebook page…

For our Facebook friends, a look at a very early sketch for Skullduggery Island. Wait until you see the final version!
And don’t forget to embark on a trip to count your lucky stars: located on the map, you could win a slim chance of getting an EARLY ACCESS SNEAK PEAK OF SKULLDUGGERY ISLAND! Have fun. 😀 ~ Hyper Star/Athena

63 thoughts on “From the Captain’s Eye”

  1. As you may have noticed…i recently started posting on PHB…love the site.
    The ship looks like the bird boat and like Fast Plug mentioned, it looks 3D. I was never planning to get a membership because it didn’t seem worth it so Im glad I didnt now…


    BTW my name on Poptropica is Purple Knuckle and I always wear purple.
    Sorry LONG comment but its mostly spaces…

  2. Eek! I can’t wait.
    CAN’T! Too bad it like comes out in June or July for people with no membership. 😦 Oh well,good things happen for those who wait.

  3. Awsome!!!!! I so can’t wait for this island!!! I want to costumize from the pirates!!! awsome!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D

  4. I knew it was going to be like Astro-Knights . . . .

  5. I can’t wait till June 17. I really want to finish my ship, the Narrator, and have me, Captain Rider, raid and control all fellow islands. ARRG!

    -Golden Rider- God of Poptropican Islands- Captain of the Narrator.

      1. Sure, Friendly Coyote. But I meant


  6. We have a perfect reason to blast you into nonexistance with our cannons, Captain Crawfish…


    But i’m glad the trailer came out. You can actually trade stuff and get wealthy! WOOT! MONEY!


    1. i would just keel-haul cap’n crawfish….. if we found treasure he would probly keep it all fer himself.
      Muddy Biker, god of the underworld, ruler of the animal kingdom, and theawesomest poptropican in poptropica.

  7. I keep staring at the trailer over and over again in hopes of Skullduggery coming soon enough for me… 😦

  8. lol nice post hijuyo looks awesome cant wait gonna be so fun money cannons trade sell awesome

  9. Way cool!But it looks like you can’t travel to other places like you did with rocket on Astro-knights.

  10. Really cool the iCostume is out but I am kinda disapointed… The boy costume is awesome but the girl costume looks boring…. No Offence but we girl would like more costumes :mrgreen: Sorry if you guys got offended… Sorry…

  11. Look Guys, Membership started for a reason, so the creators could get more funding to use on Poptropica, so if you could all calm down about it, then that would be appreciated. Also, were not just paying $2.99 a month for a trailer, were paying $2.99 a month, for costumes, gold cards, exclusive items, early access, and at the same time we are helping Poptropica to keep going! So stop complaining! It’s not alot to pay!

    Hijuyo: I personally think it’s not worth the money. You can’t even keep the items when your membership expires. I’m not saying they shouldn’t earn some money, but purchasing credits would be better than membership.

    1. Hijuyo, I’ve have membership, it DOESN’T expire, It every month (if you clicked Monthly), it will charge you another $2.99.

      Hijuyo: Yes, but membership will expire if you cancel it. When that happens, you no longer get membership benefits.

    1. Wait,have you actually played Skullduggery!? How would you know for sure if it is really that hard!?

      Hijuyo: No, they’re just making judgment calls based on what they’ve seen.

    1. That’s what they’re trying to make you think. Be prepared for the unexpected, soldier.

      1. THE CREATORS WILL STILL PAY FOR THEIR WAYS…MWAHAHAHA!!! >:D *hurls flaming tornadoes at the creators*
        P.S. If you are thinking “What the heck? That girl’s INSANE!” right now, then you’re right. I AM insane. 😉 But the creators will still pay for making us members wait for an island that seems AWESOME…

      2. It will be hard to defeat the pirate ships and sea monsters… It shows on the video that you have to hit an enemy ship exactly at the center of the ship .That is very hard considering that the enemy ship is always following you fast… and you can charge and then shoot at the pirate ships,with the sea serphant,you probably can’t charge… I’ll be able to experience it firsthand cause I have membership in one of my 7 account… 🙂

  12. As they say on Jonny Quest, “Blast the tanker!” Hopefully we will get a good cannon game with this, and not the canned action. The test firings on Shark Tooth Island show that it can be done. Say…how about using harmless coconuts as the cannon balls?

  13. And the winner is the Prom King and the Prom Queen!

    New PCB post. Personally, pretty boring (with a variety of colors for both options) and I could care less. You don’t go to a prom till you are like what 18? Poptropica only has ages 6-15 it makes no sense.

    1. It’s just for the costumes. I personally like the top hat and the stick thing on the prom king, and my sister says she likes the prom queen stuff too. And I know it’s crazy but in my neighborhood there are middle school proms accepting 12 year olds … But yeah it’s just for the costumes.

  14. The PHF is down due to a failed payment, so we can’t get in to click the ads.

    Hijuyo: …which is exactly why you should click on the link in this post, which leads to the ads page on Coder’s blog…

  15. Hey! If you look at the video in the parts where you are moving and controlling the ship, in the upper right corner where the coordinates are, there are 3 signals: Neutral, Monster and Lawless…
    What kind of enemy gives out where he is? lol

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