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Reality TV Island: Coming After Big Nate Island

According to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, the island after Big Nate Island is: Reality TV Island!

The previous poll on the Creators’ Blog has helped the Poptropica Creators decide on this new island. ”Survivor” Island had won the poll, so Reality TV Island is probably based on the ”Survivor” TV show. So currently, Nabooti Island will be the first to come out after Spy Island, then Big Nate, then Reality TV.

Here is what Thirsty Whale, one of the authors of the Creators’ Blog, has to say about this new island:

”We’ve decided on our next island (after Nabooti and Big Nate): Reality TV island!

You’ll arrive in a town that’s obsessed with TV. Even the smallest apartment has a 56″ flat-screen television hanging on the wall.

You’ll get a chance to appear as a star on a reality TV show, on a faraway deserted island. You’ll have to battle it out with your tribe members, avoid elimination, and become a hero to all of the people in your home town!”

This is all that is currently known about it, so don’t ask things like ”When is it coming out???” because I don’t know.

Also, the Creators included this image in their blog post, and the picture is called “Survival Island Tikis”, so this is probably a sneak peek for the Reality TV Island:

79 thoughts on “Reality TV Island: Coming After Big Nate Island”

  1. I’m really curious how they will pull this off. I hope it’s really fun.


    “Kids can explore five islands, and safely interact and communicate with other inhabitants of Poptropica. There is always something new to explore, and kids can look forward to five more islands by the end of the year!”

    How many came out so far (or will)? Let’s see… Spy, Big Nate, Reality TV, Nabooti… am I missing something?

    Scary Tomato: Does Super Power Island count? If not, maybe Poptropica will tell us about the island after Reality TV soon…

  2. ¤ø„¸¸„ø¤º°” ¨¸„ø¤º°”¨copy and paste
    ¨”°º¤ø„¸ Hungry Typhoon¸„ø¤º°”¨ if ya think
    ¸„ø¤º°”¨ROCKS! “”°º¤ø„¸Hungry Typhoon Rocks! xD

    Scary Tomato: That’s nice, but this is not on topic, and I’m not asking you to share art.

  3. Don’t post chain messages on Scary Tomato’s blog, Hungry Typhoon. You will ultimately be stripped of the ability to ever post on this blog again. So don’t post stuff unless it’s somewhat related to the topic at hand.


    Scary Tomato: Thanks for helping. 😀

  4. i wish that poptropica island will go on forever but the Reality Tv island is the last island.. 😦

    Scary Tomato: Look, just because they didn’t mention the future islands doesn’t mean they’re not going to make any more! It’s pretty likely that more islands will come after Reality TV Island (or whatever its name is going to be), it’s just that Poptropica haven’t planned it yet. (I mean, they’re currently working on 3 islands: Nabooti, Big Nate, and this TV one. Could you plan out like, 10 islands at a time? It’s hard – so give the Poptropica team a break! 3 islands is a lot already. Be grateful!

  5. What do you mean? won’t more islands come out after Reality TV Island?

    Scary Tomato: Poptropica hasn’t said anything about an island coming out after the TV one, but they didn’t say it wouldn’t, either. I’d say there’s a 90% (that’s majority) chance that more islands will come out afterwards.

  6. i think its pretty likely for the poptropica team to keep making more islands. Just think about how popular the website has become. I’m pretty sure there will be more islands coming out. But I’m not sure so don’t get your hopes up people

    Scary Tomato: I’m pretty sure they will, too. Just because they don’t say the names of every single island coming up in the future doesn’t mean they’re going to stop making them!

  7. can any 1 guess when Nabooti island’s coming???

    ps i hav the CYOA series in my school library. they even have the lost gems of Nabooti
    scary tomato where are my poptropica party invitations?????? >:0

    Scary Tomato: No one knows when Nabooti Island is coming – so don’t ask. We do know it’s coming sometime this fall, though. I’m sorry but your party invitations were deleted. It is practically impossible to meet on Poptropica, so don’t count on having a successful party. In fact, as you may have noticed inside multiplayer rooms, they only allow around 6 people per room, including you. I deleted the comments to save others feeling disappointed later on. It was for the best.

  8. I think that Monster Island is coming out after TV Island Invisible Scorpion.By the way what happened to Monster Island?!

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know what happened to Monster Carnival, but Poptropica possibly trashed the idea. It may or may not come back: no confirmation was given.

    1. roryccool, how mean and unsavitory!!!!!! how would u like it if i said ‘i got it put roryccool on the blacklist’ it wouldve hurt me, and i bet it wouldve hurt u. if u dont have something nice 2 say, dont say it!!!!!!

  9. If your not sure when Nabooti and Big Nate is coming out, how com on Yahoo Answers somebody posted something around October 19?

  10. Roryccool – It’s alright. :mrgreen:

    Serious Spider – It might be. Remember when the Creators’ Blog had a poll, and “Survivor” Island got the most votes? Soon afterwards they posted the picture of those 2 tiki statues in the blog post “The poll has spoken”.

    Beverly – Whoever posted it on Yahoo Answers probably guessed it. Either that or someone else told them that guess and they believed that person. If it is really true, no sufficient proof has been given yet.

  11. hey ummmm what other islands on poptropica did they have that arent on the page anymore

    Scary Tomato: The only islands we know coming soon are Nabooti, Big Nate, and Reality TV. 😉

      1. ya i like wikipedia. it is resourceful, plus, it is normal people who post. not saying its all true, though.

        Hijuyo: True, but because anyone can edit, some people choose to put false info on Wikipedia so it isn’t as credible as other professional sites.

  12. I hate the fact that 2 other ppl are posting on Scary Tomato’s web. I bet Scary Tomato is paying a lot of money to have this blog, and the other 2 are posting on it!

    Codien: Actually the site is free and he invited us to help with the blog. Don’t accuse things you dont know about.

    Scary Tomato: Exactly. Besides, what is so bad about having some more helping hands? 😉

    1. Come on, do you not know about wordpress blogs? As Codien said Don’t accuse things you don’t know about. That was sorta insulting.. 😡

  13. I think Nabooti and Big Nate will be released both.but some think nabooti will be first but maybe thats right.but i saw on the tour video that we will all look like Big Nate on Big Nate island ahhhhhhhh!I “ll have the worst hair there if that happends! and Nabooti will be a little tricky right?

  14. Oh ya! Scary Tomato, rememer me? Well, I asked you if we were going to look liike big Nate, but you said we wern’t. But I was right!

  15. Bronze Comet – Well, the Creators have been working on Nabooti a lot longer than they have been for Big Nate, so Nabooti will probably be released first. I don’t really know much on either island because neither have been released yet. 😉

    Dudemrc – Yep, I remember you. About Big Nate: You can’t judge a whole island by a few seconds of sneak peeks. True, we saw Big Nate jumping around on Poptropica. That could mean we’re playing as Big Nate. But we can’t confirm that yet. Let’s just wait and see what happens. 😛

  16. What Happend 2 monster Carnival Island? It just went of the air

    Codien: We think it was just a prototype that they were going to make, but decided against it.

  17. Dudemrc – I hope your not right about being Big Nate on the island because on poptropica it said that Big Nate had gotten alot of detentions.

    I know that your thinking i’m a goody toshoes (i’m sorry if i spelled that wrong)but i will get in so much trouble with my dad if i get detention.So do not think i am a goody toshoes(sorry again if i spelled that wrong!

    Scary Tomato: Don’t worry about it. Big Nate is a fictional character and Poptropica is not encouraging anyone to get detentions! 😛

    Anyway, I think the survivor island will be really fun if you get to complete all of the chalenges along with the contestants 🙂

  19. When is Big Nate Island coming out? It says,”Coming Early 2009″…but when is that?
    It said before that Nabooit Island and Big Nate Island were:”Coming This Fall” and that was in 2008 and now this?! What month is Big Nate Island coming?

    And… T.V. Island sounds fun…


    And Scary Tomatoe is very nice and helpfull

    Scary Tomato: We don’t know exactly what month yet, but Big Nate should be coming sometimes this year (2009). Hopefully, very soon. 🙂

    1. Maybe it just took the creators longer than they thought so they made amistake. Besides, it is a big island.
      Its a comic. And theres treasure. And theres a stinkbomb in one bit. I couldnt do that in a day! And replying to your kindness of Hijuyo, yes, he is very kind and helpful.

  20. What about Astor Knights Isladn!? I don`t know nothing about TV thing so I don`t belive it!!!!!! Sorry But Iv been playing poptopica every single day some I don`t belive it! (p.s. sorry i dont belvie you)

    Scary Tomato: Well, this is quoted from the Poptropica Creators themselves, so you’re saying you don’t believe the official Poptropica team? 😐

  21. The TV island will probably be like this: You have to compete in challenges and the competitors will be random people (probably the same for everyone). You will make it through or “try again” and your prize will be the island medallion.

    Scary Tomato: Hopefully, we’ll know the real answer soon. But that’s a good guess. 😉

  22. Wait a sec.. I never heard any T.V. Island.. Sorry but I’m kinda new to this website. I just never heard of anything about a T.V.Island. All I heard was that there was a Astro Knights Island and that’s it.

    Scary Tomato: There is going to be one – the Poptropica Creators mentioned it on their blog. 😉

  23. Big nate Island can incourage kids 2 get there selfs in Detention Now i cant stop my other niece from playing that game

    Codien: The comic book ‘Big Nate’ is a about a boy who aways gets into detention. But the only reason, in the game, that they went to detention was to access the room and help out a friend in a quest. I don’t think this would encourage a child to get themselves into detetion but i can see it could be a problem. Hopefully your niece will look at the game as a bit of fun and not something you should do in the real world. Try make your niece understand that you shouldn’t get in trouble at school.
    But don’t make your neice stop playing the game. This will only make your neice want to play it more. Poptropica is a fun, safe, entertaining, full of fun facts game. It is a game that all children their age are playing. Hope this is usefull.

    1. I disagree when adults get so worried about everything encouraging kids to do something bad. If you just calm down you will see that everything will be alright. Besides detentions no fun so I don’t nessacarilly( sorry about the spelling) will make her want detention. NO OFFENCE INTENDED BY THIS MESSAGE.:)

  24. Astro knight’s island rocks! Scary Tomato, Codien, and all the other poptropica team, thank you very much for making all the island GuIdEs for us, free! You guys rock!

  25. Ive been waiting for Reality TV island but they keep making new islands. Ive always wanted to be on tv even if it is fake. it would still be cool.

  26. poptropica is 8)

    I’ve finished all of the islands on poptropica and I can’t wait for this one!!!

    I just can’t wait:D

  27. I’m sure there will be more islands, I mean, why would they just stop? They actually got to a point where they can make $MONEY$ of the website. I have finished every single island myself, and being on TV and all, wow, this will be like that show, total drama island on cartoon network. I hear reality TV island will come out around September 10th. Either way, can’t wait!

    ST: Currently, we don’t know the exact date of Reality TV’s launch, but according to Poptropica it will be released this summer. I think September 10th is just an unconfirmed rumor. 😉

  28. It is suspected that Reality TV Island has been cancelled, as the “Coming Soon” icon has disappeared from the “Poptropica main map”.

  29. Reality TV island is going to be awesome!!!! But, sadly it was put on hold due to Counterfeit island. It might come out somewhere in march or late February, But I can’t be positive. I hope it comes out soon though!!! I can’t wait!!!!! You get to be the star of a survival show!! It’s gonna be a hit i tell you!!!!!!! Maybe as big as Spy island even. This is the most successful year ever!!! I already completed all the islands, except Super Power Island and Astro Knight island. All of them are REALLY fun, and I bet Reality TV island will be too, because your actually in a survival show, on national TV. Who wouldn’t want that?

  30. Nabooti came after Big Nate, then astro-knights, then counterfeit, THEN reality tv island. I think its supposed to come out in March.

    Hijuyo: This is an old post, so the details are from what the Poptropica Creators told us at the time. RTV is released to the public on March 24th, 2010. 😉

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