Game Show Island

Introducing… The Experts!

The new and exciting Money Ladder game for the upcoming Game Show Island is a blast! Members and non-members alike can participate in this quiz game. The PCB has a new post detailing the “experts” in Money Ladder. If you didn’t know who they are, it’s noted to be informed that these “experts” are robots who specialize in certain fields of study.

This first one is the Starlet. The Starlet is pretty much a culture junkie. This includes information such as movies or music…etc. Anyways, if you’re stuck on a cultural question, just consult The Starlet:

Next up is The Professor. He lives up to his name. The Professor is an expert on history and language. If you’re stuck on a problem, for example, that asks the first island of Poptropica, you’d want to ask him.

Finally: The Athlete. The Athlete is a robot that specializes in knowledge of sports such as football or baseball. If you’re presented with a sport related question like “How many points is a touchdown worth?”, you’d want to consult him.

Keep in mind that each expert has a specialty. It wouldn’t be wise to consult The Professor on a sport related question or The Starlet on something like history. You’ll have to determine what category the question falls into, then consult your expert based on what you determined.

With these experts, getting another high score on Money Ladder will be made so much easier.

EP out!