Ghost Story Island, Membership

Win this epic suit!

Ready to catch some ghosts on the new upcoming island titled Ghost Story Island? Can’t wait to capture some spirits? Your zeal has been temporarily relieved! A new minigame is out, and find out how you can win this costume:

It’s a members only, limited edition suit! It looks pretty high tech and epic if you ask me. My favorite part is the techy helmet. What’s yours?

Only members can obtain this suit, and with a special game. All members can, starting from today, can play a game to hunt down ghosts over Poptropica. You can easily access it by going to the map and to the “Spooky Centeral” icon for the minigame to start. The icon for the game is by the Ghost Story Island location.

Upon arriving you’ll be in a massive labratory. In the middle is a female scientist building a yellow apparatus. Talk to her and say “Maybe I Can Help.” She will give you an EMF detector that will flash when equipped if a ghost is in your area. Then you will obtain a plasma net to catch them and a log to keep track of ghosts you’ve caught.

What are you waiting for, then? Go to the islands and find some ghosts! The game will begin, and there’s a fabulous end reward.

Happy Hunting, EP out.