Crisis on Infinite Caverns: Exploring and Analyzing

Hoi, I’m Koi.

idk sent in a lot of Crisis Caverns screenshots, so much so that I already have a draft of Part 2 coming out tomorrow. Today, I’ll be analyzing them to find out what Crisis Caverns could’ve been. Or… what could be?

Palace Interior

Interior, crocodile, alligator – I drive a Chevrolet movie theater.


So, we all know this was the Mole King’s throne, or at least what was intended to be so. I really, really like the color palette and aesthetics the caverns had, especially the palace interior. I wish this island was a reality.


Palace Exterior

If you can tell, at the very left of the scene – there’s a hole. This area doesn’t seem to be quite finished developmental wise, but my bet is that it leads to the inner palace.

Orange Orbs

First off, we can see a few orange Orb (Legends). It seems if this was finished, the rocks would have a professional glow, and not just an orange circle with low opacity. That, or it’s indication for the coder’s to make it function or something.

Power Drill

It seems to align perfectly with the drill itself, so it’s definitely a generator of some kind.

Cavern Crazy

Really not much I can add here, but the only crisis in these caverns is that we never got to play it.

 To Be Concluded…

– Koi (◑‿◐)

35 thoughts on “Crisis on Infinite Caverns: Exploring and Analyzing

  1. idk says:

    Just want to point out a simple mistake in the post. I actually claimed that something else was the power source for the drill (which can be found somewhere in here: I think the rocks are related to the magnet ability that was shown in the “Wheel, what do we have here?” post.

  2. Lucky Joker says:

    Why did ‘Crisis Caverns Island’ get cancelled? Was it because of the leaked photos? Perhaps it will be in the New Pop? I just wish they would give us something to hold us over throughout all of this waiting or maybe an answer.

  3. FairyTale says:

    I’m in love with this island’s design. Too bad that it got cancelled. I wish the creators would bring back this island. If Skinny Moon ever comes in Discord again, I would like to ask her if this island is going to be back or not.

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