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PHB Sunday Special: Revisiting the Islands

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato, and I’m here with this little post to self-advertise tell you guys, in a quick little post, about my YouTube series, Revisiting the Islands.

Revisiting the Islands is about me, guided only by my memory of the island, revisiting past islands for nostalgia’s sake. Add in some occasional voice acting, some instances of snark, a few raging moments, and a few idiot moments, and there you go- Revisiting the Islands in a nutshell.

So far, I have uploaded videos for the first nine islands in the game: Early Poptropica – Astro-Knights, and I have Counterfeit Island and Reality TV Island finished recording and I’m planning to upload soon.

Below is my YouTube playlist of all my RtI series:

Besides RtI, I’ve also recorded my first impressions with new islands as I play through them for the first time. These are usually uploaded the same day that new island is released. So far, I’ve done first impressions of Spoiler Alert, and then Reign of Omegon – Careful What You Wish For.*

*Please note that with Spoiler Alert, I recorded it with my iPad, I forgot to record Galactic Hot Dogs and Lair of Thieves, and up until after Mystery of the Map, I had a really bad microphone from my laptop.

So, here is a link to my Youtube channel, and if you have a YouTube account, subscribe to me if you want! 🙂

This had been a self-advertisement report on a YouTube series I’ve been working on.

BT out!


14 thoughts on “PHB Sunday Special: Revisiting the Islands”

  1. LOL.WKF dude people account breached someone with them. And they foolishly mishandled it. I’m over it man.It’s just a pair of eyes. I’m kinda sick of hearing about zombie drama.

  2. Secondly, items get leaked when people know about them. As of June to July, there was a massive search party for them. And once somebody had it, boom the account breaching and leaking came.So a lesson to people who want to keep things rare,NEVER PUT RARES ON MAIN ACCOUNT.

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