Arabian Nights Island

Arabian Nights trailer & release date for members!

Hey everyone! The Creators just announced that Arabian Nights, Ep.1: How Bazaar, is coming out next Thursday, October 2 for members! An awesome trailer video was recently released as well:

Wow. Those Forty Thieves are not to be messed with. (But being the plucky Poptropicans we are, that’s exactly what we’re going to do, isn’t it?)

Remember how I said Arabian Nights Island shouldn’t have been made? Well, it turns out, I can’t wait for the island! With all the sneak peeks we have shown you here on the PHB, I hope you are ready for Arabian Nights Island and can’t wait for it too! The PHB will have a guide up as soon as possible after the episode comes out, so stay tuned. And here are some recent Daily Pop pics for the island:

Oh my gosh, the island just looks so great – that trailer gave me the chills because I want to play that island so bad! Wouldn’t you agree? :mrgreen:


25 thoughts on “Arabian Nights trailer & release date for members!”

  1. Phff, House of Cards was better. -rolls eyes-
    Haha, but I did have mixed feelings about this at first. I wasn’t on Poptropica during the whole Dream Island contest, but I totally would of won. Spencer Island would have been beast. 😦

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