Mission Atlantis (Ep. 2) for members & Survival (Ep. 3) for all!

Surfing for our Mission Atlantis guide (now with Ep. 2)? We’ve got you “tidally” covered.
Or if you need the PHB’s
Survival walkthrough (includes Ep. 3), click here!

Video guides are also available on our island trivia pages! (click for: Survival & Atlantis)


Hey everyone! I just wanted to quickly inform you that Mission Atlantis Ep. 2 (Fortress of the Deep) is out for members! No demo for non-members though. You can check out the guide here. 🙂


There is some good news for non-members as well – Survival Ep. 3 (Distress Signal) is out for all! For help on the island, check out the PHB’s guide, which has lots of pictures! Hope it helps!


So, members, how is it in the world of the deep? And non-members, what kind of signals about the new releases are you getting? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the official PHB chat, the PHC! 🙂

15 thoughts on “Mission Atlantis (Ep. 2) for members & Survival (Ep. 3) for all!

  1. ★ Brave Tomato ★ says:

    I’m finisher number 28!! 😀 That’s the best ranking I’ve had in any island so far! And I was number 30 on Virus Hunter. Aw yeah!

    Anyways, I’m not as into this story as I am with Survival. I like Survival better, just my opinion. However, that cryptic part at the end though…

    • HPuterpop says:

      Pulled from the guide:

      You can do so by moving close to the hydromedusa culmination, thus making one of them follow you. Lead it to one of the 6 outlets and then let it find its way to them. After connecting, each outlet will unlock a different door in the maze. Inside, you will find more outlets (to connect the hydromedusa), glyphs (to take snapshots of), and puzzle keys (to pick up).

      Click for the full guide. 🙂

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