Atlantis Ep. 2 & Survival Ep. 4 medallions are uploaded!

Hey everyone! I was on Poptropica, and I noticed in the island medallions section of the profile that the medallion for Episode 2 of Mission Atlantis has now been uploaded!


Of course, since the second episode has not been released yet, the medallion has not yet been won. I checked yesterday, and the medallion wasn’t there at the time, so it must’ve been added earlier today. My guess is that the episode will be coming out either tomorrow (June 19, 2014), Friday (June 20, 2014), next week Thurs/Fri (June 26/27), or if not, then very soon! Like last time, I don’t think we will be faked out about the new episode. Stay tuned to the PHB for when more details become available.

UPDATE: The medallion for Survival: Episode 4 has been added as well, but only partially, as the image itself is not in the circle. This means the episode is most likely coming out very soon as well, maybe even on one of the days I predicted above. It’s also possible that Survival: Ep. 3 releases to all when this happens. (thanks to Aquafish & Cℓαяα Oѕωαℓ∂ for the tip)

survival ep4 medallion

Also, for the PHB’s walkthrough for Survivalclick here! You can also check out our video walkthrough here. And if you need our guide for Mission Atlantis, we’ve got you “tidally” covered. 🙂

By the way, don’t miss out on recent PHB posts, including HP’s review of Survival: Ep. 3, my own review of what I thought of the winning CYDI entries, and Fuzzy-B’s post about the recent Daily Pop sneak peeks of a possible Poptropi-Con!



15 thoughts on “Atlantis Ep. 2 & Survival Ep. 4 medallions are uploaded!

  1. Perfect Dragon says:

    Do u guys think Survival episode 3 will come out for non-members the same day Mission Atlantis episode 2 comes out for members?

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