Survival Island

Survival & Deep Dive: the next Poptropica Island(s)?

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EDIT #3: Along with Wind Power, there’s also a Ghillie Suit waiting to be released! And if that wasn’t enough, Survival Island + Deep Dive Island are now split apart into 3 parts on the SUI list! The second episode for Survival will be “Hook, Line, and Sinker“. Fishy? :3

EDIT #2: The Wind Power item is now gone! All we have left of the memory is this picture… or not! 😛

EDIT #1: A “Wind Power” members only card has been added to the store (thanks Squeezy Wing for the initial update), along with an empty slot where a card should be. I can’t seem to buy or use the card — how about you? These aren’t just the normal gold cards — they’re for an island (or an episode), as listed at the top of the card:


Survival – Episode 1? Things are starting to get interesting! 😀 By the looks of the card graphic, it seems like this is related to those winterscapes from the Daily Pop. Check back on this post to get the latest news.

Anyway, I’ve got two new pieces of oh-so-valuable information — the names of the upcoming islands!

The first island may have been the one who won the Dream Island Contest, but perhaps not, since they only decided the island last Friday. The fish/survival camp Daily Pops have been appearing much sooner than that — but nonetheless, Fuzzy-B was right! Without further ado, I bring you Survival Island and Deep Dive Island!

How do you know?! It’s all in the files! Listed along with upcoming SUIs like Mythology Island are the names Survival and Deep Dive. Strangely, the urls “” and “” do not redirect to Poptropica — perhaps they haven’t purchased them yet?

Even more is revealed about Survival Island. It looks somewhat like a fetch quest, where you have to find and assemble a handbook, build a fire, and push a boulder. The items in the island include an Ax Handle, Dry Kindling, Flint, a Handbook, Logs, Mittens, a Nest, a Striker, and some Wet Kindling… this seems quite vague for a full island. What are the odds that this is just a Mini-Quest?


Something about the story is obvious — there is a crash landing that leaves you stranded in the wilderness. The picture below is from the actual code… what could have gone wrong?


Gretchen Grimlock comes to mind, but in all seriousness, what are these? They don’t seem to have a Main Street, they have no island urls, and they seem very short. Survival Island anyway. Are they just Mini-Quests? Only time will tell. More about the islands in posts to come.


26 thoughts on “Survival & Deep Dive: the next Poptropica Island(s)?”

  1. I’ve always wondered about a surviving island/ mini quest coming… It’s finally coming! 😀

      1. As of now, it’s “survival1″, survival2”, and “survival3”, as well as “deepDive1”, “deepDive2”, and “deepDive3”. 😉

  2. HEY I HAVE SOMTHING VERY INPORTANT! YESTERDAY BEFORE THE ITEM WENT AWAY, THE OTHER ONE APPERARED! IT SAID “SURVIVAL ISLAND” AND IT SHOWED A COSTUME. (i forgot what it was called i think it was somthing like willie costume) here’s the swf: please give me credit if you use it. Also, is there a way to see the whole swf?

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