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The Monster Carnival Files: Ringmaster Raven

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This file has been updated to the information from Monster Carnival Island. The red text is the updated info, the black is old.

Up until Monster Carnival is released, I’m going to post a series of “files” that go into detail about certain elements of the island as we know it. The first file will be about Ringmaster Raven; who he is, and what his goal is.


The Wayback Machine

The Daily Pop above, from February 2011, was the first glimpse we got of a ringmaster playing a role in the mysterious Monster Carnival. Nothing seems suspicious about him; he has a hat, a bowtie, and a staff. He seemed perfectly fine — until the Haunted Amusement Park page was posted on the Creator’s Blog.

This idea page is obviously for Monster Carnival Island — they changed the name sometime after. The page plainly reads “Ringmaster has cursed/enslaved zombie carnival workers“. It also says that the ringmaster has lost his prized possession — a bullhorn. Very strange. Remember that this was in the early days of Poptropica, and elaborate stories were not going to happen in a long time — so a simple story about a ringmaster that has lost his horn is understandable.

The bullhorn is a very specific item, and may be used to hypnotize his zombie slaves. Of course, the zombie plot will not be used on the upcoming island, since they already released Zomberry IslandRingmaster Raven does not have a bull horn in the new island.

The teaser trailer that was released along with the initial announcement of Monster Carnival shows a raven-like man with a top hat appearing out of nowhere. Most of us assumed that he was the ringmaster. We did not know just yet that his name was Ringmaster Raven.


The first time his name was released was on a extra poster on the Island Tour of Monster Carnival. The poster says “Featuring Ringmaster Raven’s Circus of the Bizarre”.


When we look at some of the Daily Pops we had been pondering about, we now understand the reason why ravens appeared so much in them!


In the island, the ravens are not turned against him — in fact, they are monsterizing machines!

On February 8 2014, the members only item Ringmaster Costume was added to the Store. It features a costume similar to Ringmaster Raven’s, with a feathery (and sinister) design.

The other two members only cards are somewhat connected to Ringmaster Raven as well — hypno power and raven swarm! Perhaps hypnotism will be a part of the island after all! 😀 The island does feature some hypnotism. It does not feature zombies, however. 😛

Ringmaster Raven’s origins are unknown as of now, but this post will be updated after the island comes out, so check back when that happens to get the full story. 🙂

You are here for the full story of Ringmaster Raven, right? Well, here it is:

Many years ago, the Circus of Bizarre had come through the very same parts that they are in at the time in the island. It had a very strange attraction featured with it — the Bird Boy. He was a mutant; half boy and half raven. Or perhaps it was just because he had an odd nose (a nose for that matter 😛 ). When the circus left the town, they forgot Bird Boy, and he was orphaned there. The towns people hated Bird Boy because he didn’t fit in. Then, soon after Bird Boy had been in the town, an auto repair store burnt down. The supposed culprit was Bird Boy. There were other suspects, some more likely to have done it, but the townspeople wanted Bird Boy gone. So they drove him out of town.

Years later, the carnival comes back to town, this time with a new ringmaster. This carnival seems… different than before. It turns out that Ringmaster Raven is actually Bird Boy tryin to get revenge on the town by hypnotizing all of them, and turning them into monsters, like him.

At the final battle, you hypnotize him into a chicken using mirrors. The carnival now has a new attraction — the chicken man!

chicken man



30 thoughts on “The Monster Carnival Files: Ringmaster Raven”

  1. I doubt the Creators are releasing MCI today. The other two gold cards aren’t even in the store yet… Besides, I think they’d release Mythology Island’s SUI before Monster Carnival… that’s what happened with the Time Tangled one and then Mocktropica.

    Anyways, Ringmaster Raven intrigues me. I want to know more about him…

    1. WAIT! This is a bit off-topica but PERFECT for Monster Carnival island….
      Its called……. AFRO GUY INTERVIEW!!
      Me:Whats your favorite food?
      Afro Guy: I could eat pizza everyday!
      Me: Do you live near the ocean?
      Afro Guy: Not even close! (Poptropica HQ hint)
      Me: Can you fly?
      Afro Guy: Only in my dreams (Just be glad he doesn’t fly in Poptropica O.O)
      Me: Where did you get that outfit?
      Afro Guy: I got it from the store (I don’t think so)
      Me: Have you ever been in an earthquake?
      Afro Guy: No, and I hope I never will! (Probably because he is CREEPY! O.O)
      Me: Are you good at skateboarding?
      Afro Guy: Yes, I shred asphalt!! (Never knew he could skateboard)
      Me: Do you like my hair?
      Afro Guy: I think you may need a haircut! (That was mean Afro Guy!!)
      Me: Have you ever gotten lost?
      Afro Guy: I am lost right now. (YOU ARE LOST APPEARING RIGHT THERE!)
      Me: Are you good at football?
      Afro Guy: No, but I like to watch it. (COUCH POTATO!!!)
      Me: That was Afro Guy Interview! *hits delete key on keyboard and deletes Afro Guy*

      Hope you liked it and sorry for being off-topica

  2. I don’t think that Raven’s robots are turning against him, but he is just moving to the next area sneakily while you get attacked.

    1. OMG! I wanted the poster costume, not a human one!
      P.S – personally i feel sorry for Raven when he was a boy and the outcome that has happened to him now… And for a bonus quest, instead of rescuing the Doctor, (see guide) we could have found out who REALLY burned Honest Gabe’s.

  3. this is cool but i was scared here just a bit only and i cant say that i know all and i cant play this without some people. I think Ringmaster Raven is good but some says that he is bad idk why but he’s good

  4. The scariest thing for me was the puppet man in the haunted museum. He was so scary! I couldn’t even do it for a while.

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