Viewer's Showcase

Viewer’s Showcase: January 2014

Hi Gs,

We have some real talented viewers in this community.  Turns out you are one of them!

vs copy


When all else fails, MasterPinpey’s art always leaves me marveling.  Most of my inspiration comes from her art, as well as my style.  Here’s comparison between Pinpey’s art and mine:


See any resemblance? 😛 You can check out MasterPinpey’s deviantART here, be sure to check her out — She is a lot awesomer than I.

Also, Silver Wolf, who was in this category last month, did a cute little pic of my Cuddly Kid account.  I think that deserves some recognition. 😉



The Nameless Adventures is a fan fic created by none other than Nameless UnDEFiNed.  The newest season just came out recently, and it is not a bad read!  The story starts here, and the newest chapter is here.  Get ready for adventure, spunk, and out and out DEFiANce!


Blog of the Month

This blog has been selected because it is so genius!  Poptropica With Scary Plug is a neat little treat: it includes PopFash!on, Glitcheats (wonderful wordplay, in my opinion), and this little dude:


This blog is so inspiring, and I wish you many happy readers, Scary Plug With Poptropica! 😀


Since the new “Poptropican’s 911: Revived” magazine is coming out soon, I’m wondering if I should discontinue Viewer’s Showcase.  I mean, there is fan art, stories, and blogs in the magazine, and that’s what I do here… although this is a little bit more specific, tell me what you think; should I quit, or should I carry on? 🙂



15 thoughts on “Viewer’s Showcase: January 2014”

  1. Thank you so much hp! And I think you should carry it on because these are what you choose, instead of what everyone else thinks c;


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  2. Thanks HP! 😀 And congratulations everyone! 😛
    P/S: Like Clean Shark and Spotted Dragon said, the “Keep Calm and Feed Narfs” thing is hilarious!
    PP/S: I think you should keep it up! Nice post!

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