Virus Hunter Island

Checking on those Contagious Predictions


I don’t know how many of you remember my earlier post called A Contagious Prediction. But I did make some very observant (if I may say so myself) observations about what Poptropica’s newest island (Virus Hunter) would be like. Let’s take a look at what I thought.

  • There is a man named Joe Stockman
  • Joe lives on Virus Hunter Island (the cards say so)
  • He won a trip abroad (travel rating card) and (You Won! envelope)
  • On his trip abroad, he acquired a foreign disease
  • It is our job to cure that disease
  • The common room could be Bob’s Place Barbeque (coupon)
  • Lastly, maybe the disease isn’t a real disease… what if it’s… nanobots?

I also mentioned that Green Square is a reference to RedBox but that has nothing to do with it. And I said that the Daily Pop sneak peek of a home was Joe’s home, which it could be, but was never incorporated into the island.

Heres where I was right.

  • Joe Stockman is in fact Patient Zero, the man who acquired a disease on his trip abroad.
  • And yes, it is our job to cure the disease (by zooming around his body like we’re Captain Kirk)

Here’s where I was wrong.

  • The common room was not, in fact, Bob’s Place Barbeque. It was a town hall.
  • And the virus was just a deadly plague, not robotic of any kind.


In an even earlier post I mentioned the lockers found in the apartment with the names of the Creators on them.

It turns out that was incorporated into the island.

So that’s it. Remember, this was back in April, so good job, me!

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