Mystery Train Island

Finished? Already?

Well, you know the drill. One or two days after a new island is released, the creators put up “The Top 10 Finishers” of that island. The new Mystery Train Island has just been out for not more than a week. It took me a full DAY to get from beggining to end. I wonder how long it took these people…introducign *drumrollll*…THE TOP 10 FINISHERS OF MYSTERY TRAIN ISLAND

1. Messy Ghost
2. Smart Sky
3. Spotted Lizard
4. Shaky Chicken
5. Scary Peanut
6. Mighty Bird
7. Zippy Brain
8. Funny Lobster
9. Brave Rider
10. White Lightning 
Congratulations to Messy Ghost, Smart Sky, Spotted Lizard, Shaky Chicken, Scary Peanut, Mighty Bird, Zippy Brain, Funny Lobster, Brave Rider, and last but not least White Lightning! These people sure finished fast! I wonder how long it took to finish it for these awesome gamers…probably less time than it took me xD
Anyways, there’s the top ten for the new island. For everyone that is still stuck on the island, please reffer to the island help page for the guide to Mystery Train Island, map, and all your resources. Hope it helps.
EP out!

25 thoughts on “Finished? Already?”

      1. poptransport

        fill in the empty text boxes
        1st box:Train
        2nd box:FerrisWheel

        Restart island before you do this or you might be kicked out.

      1. The Creators’ added in that part when they released it for Non-members. Members didn’t get to play. They added in Twisted wizard in the Games section though.

  1. How fast do these people beat the island? I mean, come on! I thought I was going to make the list, but I wasn’t even close! These people must have supercomputers! Oh well, I’ll make it next time for sure!

  2. Luckies… I just finished red dragon lol. Any word on poptropica “houses”? I think it’d be neat, but it’d cost too many credits. And I got rid of my membership a couple of months ago Sooo…

    (don’t hog all the celebration cupcakes- i want some too! :mrgreen: )
    Also, introducing, i think, was spelt wrong. I should know. it’s one of the few words I constinatly spell correctly (believe me, i give spellcheckers a run for their money….. often the computer is left having no idea :/ )
    You might want to fix that up.
    Now, if you’ll excuse me, but I need to ninja into the celebration party and steal those lemon cheesecake cupcakes…..
    Mmm……. 😉
    Aw, fruitcakes!!!! Now I’m hungry for cheesecake!!!! }:(

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