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Clues? Sounds like fun

How’s everyone doing? Sizzling in the Summer sun? Poptropica+Summer= recipe for awesome. Well, at least that’s for me. Yep, living the life in the dog days.

Enough about Summer now. We got two new updates from the PCB that I need to get covered. First up is a new Mystery Train clue:

Gasp! It’s…it’s really him…it’s Brad Pitt :D! Oh, wait, nevermind. It’s just Mark Twain, the classic American author.

This image and new post shows a lot about the upcoming island. We now know there will be intterogations on this wild island. To s0lve crimes you’ll need to examine clues. To catch a criminal, you’ll need to think like one!

If you examine the image closely you’ll see a section marked “Clues” with pictures. There are two in total: Mark Twain apparently is a clue and what appears to be a square device and apparatus with a tube sticking out of it is another clue. Strange. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out more!

In the meantime, anyone can currently play the Mystery Train mini game “D.C. Diner”! This post of tips and tricks was featured on the PCB a day or so ago. Still stuck on the D.C. Diner game? Fear not, the creators have new tips and tricks to ease your problems in this Diner Dash related game!

Things sure get hectic in the D.C. Diner. Here are a few tips to keep your restaurant in ship-shape.

Keep moving.

Don’t just stand there waiting for your cook to fill an order. Head back to the table and see if another customer has a new order. Every second you’re standing still is a second wasted.

Stand in the right spot.

You can fill up drinks and bus dishes withough having to stand next to the soda fountains or the dish bin. But you do need to stand right in front of the chef in order to place a dinner order. Try filling up drinks from across the screen, or bussing dishes while you place multiple orders with the cook.

Choose your upgrades carefully.

The hostess is a big help, but you probably don’t need her in the earlier stages, when only a few customers at a time can fit at the table. But fast drinks — that’ll shave seconds off your time from the start.

Take calculated risks.

Every customer will always order a drink first. Then they will order either the chicken or the burger. Knowing this, you can take some calculated risks. Keep an extra soda and root beer on your tray. Get the chef cooking a burger and a chicken before anybody has ordered their dinner. You might end up needing to dump something in the trash, but when these risks pay off, you’ll save lots of time.

Hopefully some of these tips will help. What tricks have you found to keep the D.C. Diner running smoothly?

This new game is fun, hectic, crazy, out of control…overall just AWEZOME. Some parts of it may be difficult and may stand as an impediment or obstacle in your game. The creators have summed up some sweet tricks to help you out. These include: keep moving around your enviroment to deliver food quickly and not waste time, standing in the right position and away from the soda fountain to quickly fill up bus dishes or drinks, choose upgrades carefully and to know what time to make certain upgrades such as how the creators stated you won’t need a hostess until later on, and lastly make calculated risks.

Don’t always assume a customer is going to order the same thing. It might mean working in advance and making the chef cook two types of burgers earlier so that you can deliver the customer’s food quickly and efficiently.

Are you a D.C. Diner master?

What role do you think Mark Twain plays in the new island?

Discuss your thoughts in the comments section!

27 thoughts on “Clues? Sounds like fun”

    1. And here are my tips for the mini-game:
      1. I kept losing the game when I upgraded to “fast drinks”. I won when I chose “Hostess”. On the first upgrade chosing “fast drinks” can work too if you are annoyed by waiting.
      2. Standing around is B-A-D. Keep busy at all times.
      3. Here’s a valuable one that I used a lot. So when the customer leaves and their dirty dish is there, pick it up and wait for another customer to order something from the chef. Then run up to the chef, tell him what you want and while he’s making it, wash the dish!
      4. And, uhh, I think that’s it. How do you dump stuff in the trash?

  1. This trailer has risen my hopes about this island.. Anybody catch the near death experience, when somebody is throwing scissors at you? I wonder if the criminal will be a famous person or some random train passenger.. Maybe, Mark Twain will be framed for stealing Thomas Edison’s Movie Projector, when its really some other criminal who doesn’t want to be caught. They try to eliminate you by throwing scissors at you, but luckily had an inaccurate aim.. But, I think E.Vile Island will be better though… (Please Reply People πŸ™‚ ) -SC

    1. That’s a good theory. But whoever owns those scissors needs to buy a knife. I mean, I don’t want my Poptropica avatar to die by knife in the chest, but come on, bad guys need to have good weapons. πŸ˜€

  2. Ohnoez! If this is a history involved island… Well, I’m dead.
    During history… Well, I remember we spent four months on the whole Emancy Porclamation thingy, and by the end of those four months, I had no idea what that was!
    Well, I don’t blame the school. I blame me.
    I was texting, sleeping with my eyes open, reading a book, fantasizing myself burning history books, and drawing. What can you say? I have attantion problems.
    Oooh! Squirrel!

      1. Well, I did get the vague impression that the Statue of Liberty had a model after I was done with the island.
        Of course, it might have just been built from scratch.

    1. I used to be good in school but now I’m not really. And don’t worry Jennelle!! You’re not the only one who fantasizes about burning history books. πŸ˜‰

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