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Berries, our source of survival.

“Must… get… food!”

Comic Kid had been in Reality TV Island’s jungles for days searching for food. Now he was scanning the horizon for any signs of a meal. “Aha! Over there; a berry bush!” Excitedly, he runs over to the ledge where the bush was and jumps on it. “Mmm, I can just taste that sweet berry in my mouth.” He yanks a bunch of berries of the bush and starts popping them into his mouth.

Not just a treat, but a way to survive. Reality TV is going to be tough!

Blog Post Title: More than a treat
Description: These berries are more than just a treat. They’re the way to survive on Reality TV Island!
Image URL:
Image Name: berries.jpg

Because of Comic Kid’s blog post description, we can now confirm that “Reality TV Island” may indeed be the exact name of the much-anticipated upcoming island! :D

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Poptropica Membership? / Sneak Peak

While searching the Internet for Poptropica. I came across a page from the creators of Potropica, Pearson Education, with some interesting information.
The page was talking all about whats good about Poptropica. But we all know that 😛
It gave opinions from children who play, the knowledge you learn but it was only near the bottom of the page that my eyes opened wide.
This is what it said:

In early 2009, Poptropica will begin to charge for premium services – early access to new islands, for example.  This will provide an additional revenue source while keeping the core of the site free, assuring that Poptropica will publish to even more kids while also strengthening its brand and licensing value.

But what does this mean. Obviously we will still be able to do everything as a free player, but what don’t we get, not being a member.
Members getting access to islands first. Maybe this will come out before Big Nate comes out.
In my opinion i dont like the idea of Poptropica getting memberships. But sometimes games have to do this.
Ill get the membership if it comes out though :D.

Whats your opinion?

For the full page from Pearson visit here.


Sneak Peak Hotel
Today Poptropica posted another sneak peak. We don’t know what its of but it might be either Reality TV Island, a new island or the French Themed one. Thank you Shiny Leaf for telling us. This Sneak Peak was posted on the Poptropica Creator’s Blog:

Blog Post Title: Checking In
Description: This looks like a nice place to stay. Hopefully the rooms are as nice as the lobby.
Image URL:
Image Name: luggage.jpg

By what the picture can show us it that its seems to be a Hotel. Maybe a rich Hotel because of the marble columns. This is why it could be from the French Themed Island.

What do you think?

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Reality TV Island: Sneak Peek 3 or 4?

I’m not exactly sure if this is sneak peek 3 or 4 of Reality TV Island because this sneak peek could possibly be from Reality TV or Big Nate. Anyways, the Poptropica Creators’ Blog gave us a sneak peek of a few characters that we’ll be competing against on Reality TV Island. Picture below:

The image is called “realityCharacters”.

Well, from the looks of it, they are trying to put “stereotypical” types of people that reality TV shows try to get on their show. We get a sneak peek of a hippie, a cowgirl, a gangsta, and, um, a distressed fashion diva (?). I’m not really sure on some of these, lol. I hope they at least get an Asian on Reality TV Island. 😀

I think that’s about it for news. Smockers signing out: TGIF! Well, it’s Thursday at the time of posting, but tomorrow’s Friday! Yay!

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Reality TV/”Survivor” Island: Sneak Peek 2

The very first sneak peek for the upcoming island related to TV competitions* is here! You can view the image by this link:, or look at it below:

The image is called “apartment-interior.jpg (image)”. Shark Boy, one of the Poptropica Creators on the Creators’ Blog, says:

“The walls may be cracked. The lights don’t work. Chairs have holes, but as long as you have a big screen TV, life is good…or is it?”

  • upcoming island related to TV competitions: Last week, the Poptropica Creators’ Blog mentioned that after Big Nate Island, there would be another island based on a TV competition. Unfortunately, we don’t know the exact name of the island yet. Here are examples of what some people think it could be called: “Survivor” Island, Reality TV Island, TV Island, Survival Island, and lots more…
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Reality TV Island: Coming After Big Nate Island

According to the Poptropica Creators’ Blog, the island after Big Nate Island is: Reality TV Island!

The previous poll on the Creators’ Blog has helped the Poptropica Creators decide on this new island. ”Survivor” Island had won the poll, so Reality TV Island is probably based on the ”Survivor” TV show. So currently, Nabooti Island will be the first to come out after Spy Island, then Big Nate, then Reality TV.

Here is what Thirsty Whale, one of the authors of the Creators’ Blog, has to say about this new island:

”We’ve decided on our next island (after Nabooti and Big Nate): Reality TV island!

You’ll arrive in a town that’s obsessed with TV. Even the smallest apartment has a 56″ flat-screen television hanging on the wall.

You’ll get a chance to appear as a star on a reality TV show, on a faraway deserted island. You’ll have to battle it out with your tribe members, avoid elimination, and become a hero to all of the people in your home town!”

This is all that is currently known about it, so don’t ask things like ”When is it coming out???” because I don’t know.

Also, the Creators included this image in their blog post, and the picture is called “Survival Island Tikis”, so this is probably a sneak peek for the Reality TV Island: