Behind the Scenes of Poptropica


Take a peek at some of the files that make up the behind-the-scenes of Poptropica and what makes the game tick. Note that capitalization does matter in these URLs! Due to sheer volume, we cannot include every file in existence on Poptropica’s database, but here are some you may find interesting.

NOTE: If there is a block on the soundtracks, get around it by changing any one of the slashes in the url (/) backwards using the other slash (\).


Poptropica’s musical composer is Jeff Heim — and now you can listen to his masterpieces without having to log in! Also, check out his Poptropica set on Soundcloud.


Arabian Nights Island

Lunar Colony

PoptropiCon Island

Super Power Island

Survival Island

Mission Atlantis

Shrink Ray Island

Monster Carnival

Twisted Thicket

Time Tangled

24 Carrot



Poptropolis Games

Virus Hunter

Virus Hunter: Nano Combat Training


Mocktropica: Mega Fighting Bots


As well as music, you can view the backgrounds of scenes just like you can view items! Note: These are shockwave files.

Early Poptropica

Monster Carnival



Poptropolis Games

Spy Island

Vampire’s Curse

Interactive Overlays

Interactive overlays are made up of platforms and interactive things you can click on. There are also animations in these overlays, as well as objects that change over time (e.g. the glitches on Mocktropica slowly disappear, etc.). Pretty neat stuff!

Monster Carnival


Poptropolis Games

Backdrops & Foregrounds

Backdrops and foregrounds are the things that give depth to Poptropica’s graphics. Backdrops lie in the back part of the page, while foregrounds are always in front of you. Here are some examples:

Monster Carnival


Poptropolis Games

Vampire’s Curse


Just some miscellaneous parts of Poptropica.

XML Files

XML files take Shockwave files (swfs) and put them to use through commands. XML is sort of like HTML for Flash. Sometimes you can find some pretty neat stuff in these files!


These are some sound effects and ambient sounds that you may hear alongside the main music.


Each character/avatar on Poptropica is made up of many body parts, including clothing items, and while there are far too many to list them all, here are a few examples.


There are links to Poptropica SWF (Shockwave Flash) files, eg., where you can see various Poptropica item cards. Replace “13″ in the URL mentioned with different numbers for more item cards! Items in the 1000s = island medallions, 2000s = advertisement items, 3000s = Poptropica Store items.


  • The “Did You Know” bar was updated from “.gif” to “.swf” 8/20/10.
  • Every time a new island is determined, a domain is bought by Poptropica with the name of the island.  For example, redirects to Poptropica.
  • Islands on the map can be selected via the “Tab” and “Enter” key.
  • There are lost items on Poptropica outside of the game.  Learn More
  • Creators upload Daily Pops a day early! That means you can view them a day early by going to the right url. Start here, and change the url to the date of tomorrow (Whenever that may be! 😛 ). Enjoy! (However, the Daily Pop hasn’t been updated since mid-2016.)

For more Poptropica goodness, check out our Pop Plus page!

And if you’ve found some cool links, feel free to share them in the comments below.

74 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes of Poptropica”

    1. um hp and fishy i had an idea

      how about we have a new years party to celabrate what the phb crew has done this year and what poptroica acomplised this year also

  1. I came here for the music! I love them! Here are a few thoughts on some of the tracks:

    Dismal Future: This one is CUH-REEPY. *shivers a bit* Makes me want to save the future. If that’s the length they can go music wise for the bad future in Time Tangled, I’m scared to hear what music will be in store for some island moments that are creepy without sound! *shiver*

    Bright Future: Holy cow, such contrast! O.O

    Time Tangled Main Theme: Very… Whimsical. Not my favorite theme, but its still pretty cool.

    24 Carrot Main Theme: Some people criticize this piece to be too creepy, but I don’t see a problem. Well, the town is in economic shambles thanks to a certain grown man in a bunny suit. The sky is brown and everything looks down in shambles… so the music should set that creepy tone.

    Train Finale B: From the sound of that title, it sounds like this piece will be reused in Mystery Train during the final confrontation with the culprit. It does have the finale feel…

    Spy Main Theme: Very spy-esque. Enough said.

    Poptropolis Main theme (first half): Oddly enough, this is my favorite island theme right now. I feel an Olympian vibe off of it!

    Virus Hunter Main: Very science-y.

    Techno Jam: This sound might just be vague coming from the radio, but I was drawn to it for some odd reason.

    Mocktropica Theme: Has a pleasant vibe off it it (and the glitchy version is funny XD)

    Night Theme: For some reason, I like this one. It’s unique. I don’t know how to describe it…

    MFB Battle: Orchestral Variation (Boss Battle): I like this one… I just do. Epic…

    MFB Battle Intro: Oh HECK YEAH! This one just rocks! And the cutscene this goes with is just epic…

    1. Same here, I love the soundtracks.

      Dismal Future: Creepy, and awesome. Love it. Gives me chills as well. 😛

      Time Theme: One of my favorites. :3

      Carrot Theme: I think it’s a pretty awesome track! Eerie, but very suiting, you are right.

      Train B: Had the same feeling. And I love this one, especially.

      Poptropolis Theme: I like it, it isn’t my favorite, but certainly a cool track. I also like Poptropolis for the Glory.

      VHI Theme: One of the bests. I love it.

      Techno Jam: You too? It’s sorta catchy.

      Mock Theme: Yup, I like it. I sort of wonder if this was an alternate Time Tangled Theme at one point…

      Night Them: As I described it in a post, MONUMENTAL. 😛

      MFB Orchestral Variation: VERY epic. Genius, in fact.

      MFB Battle Intro: IKR? The cutscene is very epic, you are right. 😛

    2. Dismal Future: Creepy, but honestly, I love it. I could listen to this all day.You can hear the Poptropica style and rhythm to it; it’s a beautiful song. Also, I love how the regular Poptropica main theme is overcome and slowly fades into the “creepy” part of the song. Very unique. It shows that the future does have hope by you saving it, which is why the Poptropica theme is established into the end.

      Bright Future: Too much bright. Too much. >.< It's not gonna be a utopian society!!! TOO BRIGHT. O.O

      Time Tangled Main Theme: I agree. Whimsical. What would have been astounding is if they somehow incorporated songs from different time periods.

      24 Carrot Main Theme: I LOVE this theme!!!!! LOVE IT. It's amazing! It goes with the circumstances well, and is just PERFECT!

      Train Finale B: Why do I love all the songs from 24 Carrot? I don't know. They're just…amazing. The instruments… The beat, the rhythm. You can tell they spent a lot of time on this. ❤ Unique.

      Spy Main Theme: They add their own touch, I'll admit that. It's just….the same classic spy theme. I wish they would have created a…fresh, unique song.

      Poptropolis Main theme (first half): c: It has that Olympic feel, but it has that hint of Poptropica. It remind me of a song from a Wii game…

      Virus Hunter Main: I don't like this one. I just don't. Science is my favorite subject; I want to be a doctor. This island just doesn't feel right, nor does the music. :/ It gets quite annoying, also.

      Techno Jam: Meh. Good beat, but my ears hurt from the high-pitched noises.

      Mocktropica Theme: Too peppy, even for the glitched one. The Creators are lost and working as hard as they can, and the island is glitchy.

      Night Theme: Could have been made glitchy. :/

      MFB Battle: Fell in love. Perfect for an intense, final battle.

      MFB Battle Intro: I hate it. </3 I'm a rock lover, and this song makes it seem like they're making fun of rock.The cut scene is great, though.

  2. My fave was Normal Mocktropica music beacause it sounded really beatuiful!

  3. I love them all, but I especially love the Train Ending B from 24 Carrot. I just love it. For Virus Hunter Main theme and Boss Battle, meh, I wish they had worked harder with the VHI soundtrack, as both were just re used from the trailer. Dismal Future freaks me out, and I love it. I just need to not listen to it before I go to bed… And Mocktropica, LOVE EVERY BIT! I especially love the night theme and the MFB boss battle theme. And Spy, just classic spy, but Poptropicanized. Love it.

  4. I don’t know if anyone else has said this or not, but the Virus Hunter Deadly Virus brings me to an error page. The link for it is here:

    1. Wow, that means they’ve uploaded the art for the Vampire’s Curse SUI. I’ve uncovered most of the other VC backgrounds, backdrops, and foregrounds – check them out on the page; I’ve listed the more interesting ones. I also added most of the Monster Carnival ones in there. 😀

      1. Yurp, they’ve uploaded all the backgrounds from all the islands listed on the “SUI Page”. Sadly, they don’t list the soundtrack yet. >,<

  5. Here are my thoughts on Mythology Island Music
    Main Theme: Don’t mind me, just strolling around because I like this music
    Hades’ Realm: My uncle LOVES that
    Poseidon’s Realm: Pretty and peaceful, might spend the day at the beach
    Labyrinth: Is this a sacrifice or what?
    Apollo’s Flute: Sounds way better than his poetry
    Epic Boss Fight: IN YOUR FACE DAD!!!!!!!

  6. My thoughts:

    MFB main theme: it sounds like the sonic theme, but overall its PURE AWESOMENESS!!
    VHS romantic: too short and boring. Sorry to those hoo like it.
    Survival 4: Well, its… Interesting… Kind of creepy and suits the environment.
    Survival1: Really natural and says, no, SCREAMS “Survive and get it over with.”

  7. My thoughts:

    MFB main theme: it sounds like the sonic theme, but overall its PURE AWESOMENESS!!
    VHS romantic: too short and boring. Sorry to those hoo like it.
    Survival 4: Well, its… Interesting… Kind of creepy and suits the environment.
    Survival1: Really natural and says, no, SCREAMS “Survive and get it over with.”

    1. No, it doesn’t do anything, sadly. It’d be cool if it did, since there are advertisement cards. I’d probably go back and get some Open Season stuff d:

    1. Some of the names of the files may have been changed, and we can’t really keep up with all of them. 😉 Try finding the sounds.xml files for each scene! 😀

    1. That’s the way the file naturally is. It stinks, but you can use a SWF Viewer / Player to see the entire thing.

  8. Here’s my thoughts:
    Mocktropica: AWESOME!!!!
    Time Tangled: I’m okay about that
    Mocktropica Boss Fight: AWESOOOMMMMMMEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I like the prepare for liftoff, which today is in the shrink ray island trailer. I also know that the space chase is in survival island/ episode 5 today.

  10. I love the music for Virus Hunter, Mocktropica, and Monster Carnival. Tv turns on. A TOUGH SECURITY GUARD, A RETIRED- NO. May the random force be with you.

    1. Btw my name in the previous comment Is a reference to MLP😝

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