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For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?



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  • Vampire’s Curse Island is Poptropica’s 25th island. The countdown started on February 28, 2012 and released on March 1 for members with a demo for non-members. It was opened to all on March 22, 2012. The login screen had fangs hanging from the lowercase p’s in ‘Poptropica.’
  • The villain, Count Bram, is named after Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula.
  • The movie posters outside the cinema in Main Street may be a reference to the recent popularity of the Twilight series.
  • At the end of the quest, Katya and Christopher kiss – a Poptropica first. They’re standing a bit of a distance away from each other and leaning their tongues in together. It looks pretty awkward.
  • Common room: the barn (unnamed)
  • Garlic is used to combat vampires, and it is used to create the antidote in the quest.
  • In the graveyard, there are graves for Mr. Renfield, Quincy P. Morris, and Lucy Westenra – all characters who died from Bram Stoker’s Dracula.
  • The Latin text on the coffin in the Mausoleum says “meminervnt omnia amantes” and translates to “remember all the lovers”.
  • In the outdoor areas of this island, you may see the dark sky flash and rain pouring, accompanied by thunderclaps and the sound of rain falling.
  • Count Bram’s laboratory has a drawing of a Poptropican with four arms and legs in a style much like Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man.
  • Poptropica Members can play a bonus quest after completing Vampire’s Curse Island. The vampire is gone, but his curse lives on. Prepare to discover even more hidden secrets of Bram’s castle — if a dangerous vampire hunter doesn’t get there first!
  • Members get an additional Vampire’s Curse Island gear pack, which includes Garlic Breath, Bat Gum, and Vampire Count and Countess Costumes. The Vampire Costumes were only available during Early Access.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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110 thoughts on “Vampire’s Curse Island

  1. slantedfish (hi.Juyo) says:

    For centuries, a truce has existed between the people of a remote mountain village and the vampire who lives in the castle high above. Now, that truce is shattered, and Count Bram has captured a young villager. Can you rescue her from his evil clutches — and avoid being struck by the vampire’s curse?

    Discuss Vampire’s Curse Island here! 😀

    • Incredible Thunder says:

      I was playing the guide to this and I was like “this needs creepy halloween music” so now Im listening to this creepy piano song and I’m feelin’ the mood XO LOL

    • Barefoot Dragon says:

      I am totally stuck, and this is a bit embarrassing…

      So, I completed the island in, like, 15 minutes, which was easy. But, now I am STUCK and cannot get out. Please help! I have tried at least 100 times to get back to my blimp, but I am stuck in the cliffs….


    • Kara says:

      use the crowbar on the rock that is stuck. then cover all the fountain holes that you can. if you aren’t a member, this is the end of your quest until March 22, 2012.

      • Kara says:

        oops, i forgot where to find the other 2 rocks! to the left of the 4th fountain you’ll find rocks stacked on each other. jump to the 3rd rock level and you’ll find another boulder. the last boulder should be near where you freed the stuck rock.

  2. Old S says:

    If you plan on playing this island, after you talk to the villagers in the village, you go right to Brum’s Castle, BEWARE! Werewolves are everywhere. It will give you the creeps. Like, I decided to try, and I just got tired of trying, so I went to Wimpy Kid Island, Then my dad came to ask me a question, and I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo scared. I told him “… I probaly wouldn’t have been scared if I hadn’t tried to play Poptropica’s new island, Vampire Curse,” Magic Onion said, calming down, “For some reason, werewolves are involved.” I didn’t answer his question, either. I’ll answer him before my mother (a.k.a. Queen Magig Onion) gives me a heart attack.

    • micheala says:

      if your talking about the one you need to unlock the door in the library… after you have lit all the candles in the chandeliers, by the left bookcase you should find a glass eye you need to find a way to get to the stuffed lion head above the left bookcase. Put the glass eye in that lion head and he will give you the key.

      If your talking about the one you need to save Katya…
      after you get the book and the mandrake root (the book Katya tells you about Root Causes and the plant before you get to outside the castle) to get the mandrake root you go outside the castle and out the way you came and STOP before you get to where you flooded the ditch. turn right (you should be looking at a wall w/ things going up and down it) you should already have the arrow off the wall in the armory if you dont, go get it . Then shoot arrows in those spaces but hurry cause the arrows dont stay in very long. you need to get to the top of the wall by jumping up using the arrows to jump on but DO NOT stay on because they cant hold your weight very long. jump to the plat form and you get the plant. Go back to the castle. To get the key you go back up to where katya is. to the right where the key is there will now be a silver cane there that you use to get the key out. then you have the key. HOPE THIS HELPED

    • Max says:

      Have you fired the cannon 3 times? One of the cannonballs went into the main room. Roll it in front of the fireplace. When it starts glowing, use the poker (the metal stick thing) to roll it to the dumbwaiter. Pull the lever and the cannonball will go inside of it. Then go back to the lab-place with the tomatoes and stuff and pull the lever on the dumbwaiter there. The cannonball should come up.

      • Incredible Bubbles says:

        Obviously, he has, because he couldn’t get Count Bram’s notebook otherwise. He probably hasn’t moved the dumbwaiter yet.

      • momo says:

        i accidentally hit the dumbwaiter downstairs when i first started the fire and now i can’t use the one upstairs. what do i do?

    • happy247 says:

      You have to get the bucket, which is located where the little plant is, then go to the place where you filled the ditch up with water and fill the bucket up. Then go to the plant and click on your back pack and press “use” and you will pour the water on the plant and the plant will grow into a giant bean stalk.No need to thank me, but your welcome.

  3. Incredible Bubbles says:

    Am I allowed to put a link to this website on

    Hijuyo: A link is fine, just don’t copy and paste content from our website to another.

  4. Kelly says:

    On accident i hit the dumbwaiter lever in the beginning.. now i can’t press it again in the down stairs or upstairs. What do i Do?!?!?

  5. Shaggy Tornado says:

    To all the people having problems with the dumbwaiter: You are supposed to put the heated cannonball on the dumbwaiter. If you shot the cannon 3 times, roll the cannonball near the fire and it will get hot. Then use the fire poker to push it to the dumbwaiter. Then go to the lab and bring it up.

  6. Incredible Bubbles says:

    I’m 4 and a half stars!
    3 and a half when I’m in the common room but my stats say I’m 4 and a half battle ranking stars!

    • Momma23 says:

      Don’t worry about it – just heat the cannonball and push it with the poker to the dumb water. Then when you go to the lab, the lever works.

  7. Momma23 says:

    Load and shoot the cannon 3 times so you make a hole in the ceiling. That gets you to the attic where you will get a bucket. go outside the castle to the fountain to fill it. Water the plant and you will have a vine that takes you up to the lab and Count Bram’s room. The potion is 3 garlic, 3 wilted wolfsband and 1 mandrake. Good luck!

  8. Jake Bunker says:

    I know how to beat the island, wait a second…

    Time for guides!
    Main Street:Crying woman there, so you talk to her and she’ll say that Kayla and Christopher are kidnapped by Count Bram! Go right.
    Werewolf Territory:Talk to Chris who will leave. Go up to fight a werewolf(I know it’s crazy, but I’m sorry, it’s how they created it)! Hide inside the tree and use the branch to hurt the werewolf. Exit and go on until you…oops! There’s that wolf again! Nuts! Wait, wait, hey! We got a log! Go back and cut the rope on the bridge to defeat the werewolf. Climb the steps so you can go right and enter the next area.
    Cemetery:Enter the open-housed place.
    Old House:Grab the crowbar and the novel and exit.
    Cemetery:Collect the broken rain gutter from the other old house and step on the pipe so that water will fill up the small gorge. Swim across and enter the portal.
    Outside the Castle:Use the crowbar to get the rock nearby unstuck, then push the two rocks nearby to the fountains. They should cover the first and second fountains. Head to the right of the fourth fountain to find ledges you can climb up. Push the rock at the top down and the fourth fountain should be covered, sending the water on the third fountain higher. Ride up it and enter the broken window.
    Castle Library:Use the Log and the novel to make a fire. Push the ladder nearby to the left near the left bookshelf. Grab a candle, put light on it, then quickly climb up the ladder to a ledge. Go up to the chandelier with the candle still lighted to light it all up. Do that to three other chandeliers to light up the whole place. Look by the left bookshelf to find a glass eye. Go to the tiger on the left bookshelf and put the glass eye on to encounter an armor key. Use it to enter the locked door.
    Armory:Get the crossbow, then go to the cannon and put a cannonball inside. Go to the right.
    Library:Get a candle and light it up and enter the armory.
    Armory:Light the rope on the cannon to fire it, but making the cannon change direction. Do the same process two more times to go up more in the armory. Get the bucket and head back out.
    Library:Go to the chained door, and use the crowbar to exit.
    Outside the Castle:Use the bucket to get a bucket full of water. Head left out the portal again.
    Cemetery:Equip the crossbar and go right to find a wall. Shoot arrows on there. Hurry, because the arrows don’t stay on there very long. When you use enough arrows, hurry and climb on an arrow. Hurry and jump up again because the arrows can’t hold your weight that long. When you get to the top, you’ll get a Mandrake Root. Head back through the portal.
    Outside the Castle:Enter the castle.
    Library:Enter the armory.
    Armory:Head up the cannon again to get to the place where you got the bucket. Use the crossbar process again to reach the top of the armory. Use the crowbar to let out sunlight from the window. Also, use the bucket to water it, and it will grow huge. Exit out the window.
    Outside the Castle:Make your way down and enter the castle again.
    Library:You’ll have a cannonball in here, but guide it to the fire to get it red hot. Use the poker to bring it into the dumbwaiter. Head outside.
    Outside the Castle:Find a way to get up to the giant plant again and climb up to the lab.
    Lab:Get the Garlic and Count Bram’s Notebook. Push the lever up here to find that red hot cannonball. Guide it so it is underneath the wolfsbane. Wilt it with the cannonball to get Wilted Wolfsbane. Click on the thing that looks like a telescope. Use the garlic three times, wolfsbane three times, and mandrake root once. You’ll get a syringe and you may exit through the door.
    Outside the Castle:Enter the door nearby.
    Cage Room:Go to the left to find a pin. Click on it so you can look for the
    Cage Key. Grab it and unlock Kayla.
    Castle Rooftops:Use the Garlic and follow Kayla to the top. Use the syringe on the crossbar to hit the vampire and will stop the curse.
    Library:You’re back here. Watch the last part and collect the Island Medallion. If you’re a member, then do the bonus quest. Unfortunetly, I am not a member, so I can’t help with the bonus quest. Hope this guide finally ends it all!

    • cleanshark says:

      The answer is so obvious! Just do Poptransport on this or go to your homepage and click on a thing that makes you go to a different Island!

  9. shy melon says:

    in vampire curse when i light the candle and go to the cannon the candle is full but not light up wat do i do]

    Slanted Fish: The candle may have run out of flame, or it’s not touching the right spot – it needs to touch the rope of the cannon.

  10. monmon512 says:

    i cant get out of vampires curse!! my candle wont stay Lit in the armory!

    Slanted Fish: It should if you’re fast enough. Try a faster computer or web browser, and make sure your flash is updated to the latest version.

      • Jake Bunker says:

        For those of you who are stuck with the candle part are on one of the hardest parts. Push the ladder to the left and climb up and jump from ledge to ledge onto new chandeliers. The hardest part is the last one. If you make a wrong move at the wrong time, then you’ll have to try again. I bet my candle would only stay lit for a second longer if I hadn’t done it! Try again.

  11. Jake Bunker says:

    Out of the library? After the candle part or after you get the medallion? If on the candle part, go to the right to find a locked door. Use the crowbar to open it up. If you need to get out, head out the castle, then head left, through the arch, then swim across to the left, then go on the ladder formed from the bridge. Jump far to the left and you should be on a branch. Jump again and head down and continue left to the main street.

  12. Avenger Black Widow says:

    This island is pretty easy with this awsome guide, I passed it in one hour! Thanks Super Thunder and Shaggy Tomato

  13. HELP ME! says:

    I’ve finished the island and am trying to get back to the city. I’m stuck in the area where the wolves were. (Hint: You don’t get smaller. EVER. Not once will you get smaller in this particular island)

  14. Jake Bunker says:

    You don’t need to go through that door unless you’re doing the Bonus Mission. Jump from the ladder you made by a bridge. You should get on a branch. If you jump left far enough from there, you reach the safe zone. Don’t go down!

  15. Scary Lightning says:

    Guys there is a cheat for this. When your about to finish the island equip the crossbow. Now, when you leave the island you get to keep the crossbow until customized away!

  16. Silly Stomper says:

    I’ve beaten it already! I love it! IT”S SO FUN 😀 Christopher should have gone after Katya :3 It took me a while to figure out where Katya was… O.o

  17. weird frog says:

    i’m stuck were u need 2 get water 4 the plant but how do I get back 2 the place were I filled the ditch with water? I got the bucket already but I just can’t find that place!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Roxanne says:

      You need 2 get outside to the water gush you came though the window with. Then don’t move, and click on the bucket from ur inventory and it should fill up. Hope it was helpful.

  18. Roxanne says:

    I’m having trouble getting my flying tomato head body out the door. It’s not letting me go down. HELP ME! PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASE!

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