Steamworks Island

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The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metal and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget!


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  • Steamworks Island is Poptropica’s 14th island. It was released to members on August 12, 2010 and September 9, 2010 for non-members.
  • The island is inspired by steampunk, a sub-genre of science fiction featuring steam-powered machinery.
  • Common room: Steamworks Gear Shop
  • From July 16-30, 2010, members who logged in received a Steamworks Mech Pilot costume.
  • In Sully’s Steam-Powered Paraphernalia, there’s a model of the Poptropica blimp.
  • At the Hub, there’s a ball-tilting maze game similar to the classic wooden box Labyrinth game.
  • The quiet atmosphere of this island means you will seldom interact with, or even come across, other characters.
  • The name of the mechanical companion who follows you is called Sprocket, which is also the name of a wheel-like object found in machinery.
  • When you ring the bell to wake Sprocket inside Sully’s, it will make an audible “ding” noise.
  • On the blackboard in the greenhouse, it says “Hazmat was here” – probably in reference to Poptropica Creator alias Hazmat Hermit.
  • One of the questions you can ask Sprocket after he becomes more talkative is what he does for fun. He’ll say he’s been writing his autobiography and wants to call it I, Robot – which could be a reference to several works.
  • We’re told the inhabitants of Steamworks Island have been frozen for 200 years, which calculated from present time would mean around the time of the Industrial Revolution, when all this steam technology would have been rampant.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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74 thoughts on “Steamworks Island

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    The silence of empty streets welcomes you. Metal and machines fill the lonely halls, and a growing mystery lurks behind a shroud of steam. Can you uncover what happened to the inhabitants of this ancient island? Gear up for a steam-powered adventure you will never forget!

    Discuss Steamworks Island here! 😀

  2. Shiny Hippo says:

    It looks awesome! It may be the best one yet! ;D

    I wonder if we’ll be able to create our own gadgets on this island….hmmm.

  3. Shaggy Tornado says:

    From the trailer and the pcb posts, it looks like we can costumize our own giant robot legs! Awesome, and can’t wait! 😀

  4. lone bones says:

    okay when you start steam works island you go to the rusted out robot in the booth for the clockwork cantina. you click on him and you try to fix him by connecting the gears in him (pick the second row) the order for the gears is large, small, small, small, large and when the brackets disconnect in the robot he drops the multi tool

    • lone bones says:

      then you keep walking and pick up a steam battery. Keep walking and go into the steam works workshop inside you will see a lot of display cases go to the right side of the room and jump on top of the plow. and pull the lever near the back of it this will lift the front part of it then jump until you reach the top (avoid the brown rusted platforms they fall apart when you jump on them) there you will see a broken display case with a beaker coming out. pick it up

    • lone bones says:

      now you leave the workshop and go back to the steam works cantina. jump to the ledge on it with a lever and pull it this will extend a platform coming out of the roof of the restaurant. walk up the platform and jump on the fans on top and then jump over to the bolted down window use the multi tool to un bolt it then go inside there is a type writer. click on it, it says “the captains courage has bought us some time, he said remember 0516.”

    • lone bones says:

      okay i was wrong in the sense of direction (special thanks to silver moon for pointing me in the right direction) okay then you go to the left of the main street. there are 3 items there a crab robot, a old vine, and a tool of some sort (cant get the tool until you activate sprocket). first you should try to get to the top of sully’s workshop, on top of it there is a old vine pick it up then you go to the other building you go to a ledge there by a door there is a crab robot scuttling by a door jump on the crab it will drop a key pick up the crab and the key. then jump down and go to the steam engine in front of the locked door click on it now that you have the key and work the steam box until you have the score of -5 and turn the crank that will unlock in the door. then you go inside and there you find a rubber mallet, and sprocket (sprocket is deactivated for now forget him until you get a certain item) pick up the rubber mallet and leave

    • lone bones says:

      now you solve the maze game 3 times and that powers up the elevator to the captains quarters. now you leave that room and you jump on the ledge above and to the right of the hatch, there is a lever on there pull it that will cause a platform to move jump on the platform and just climb and jump until you reach the elevator marked to captains quarters enter it. then sprocket gets caught in a lot of vines and you have to cut him free to do this shut the windows and that cuts the vines there you find out he can talk and the robot wants you to find his inventor zack then walk over to the picture in there and click on the circle under the picture there you use the combination from the mayors office 0516 this will unlock captain ziggs room and you will see captain ziggs skeleton and its holding a note saying “raised bridge to keep those things at bay” and next to him is the bridge key

  5. lone bones says:

    now you leave then go over to the hatch in street on the main area right to the main street you use the crab directly next to the hatch then sprocket will help you break the crab cooling down the hatch then you go into it. there something has terrified sprocket so he wont follow you, then you walk around the rusted pipes and then out of nowhere the ferocious Mr. Snuggles pops out and attacks you (because you aren’t the hazmat hermit) there you will use the old vine you found and use it on the hot steam pipe that will repel mr snuggles and you can continue there in the bottom left part of it there is a machine there is a circle thing in the middle click it and there will be a maze game

  6. lone bones says:

    and above where the key is a weed waker mech attach (as a added bonus you can customize the hologram of captain ziggs) this to the mech in sullys garage when its working now go over to the bridge box and use the steam battery and lower the bridge go across the bridge and that finishes this area

  7. lone bones says:

    now when you go in sprocket says look out that area on the ground looks weak jump up on a ledge and there you will see a control box click on it and put all buttons on the bottom that will smash through it and go through the crater in the ground in there there will be a bunch of red buttons sticking out of the walls click on them, there are six spread around the area then when all six are pressed go to the machine with the numbers on it ask sprocket to help hold down one of the two levers and jump on one of them. this will activate the moving platform above you.

    • lone bones says:

      now jump on the 2 moving platforms and the 2 that aren’t moving and go to the platform next to the wall, pull the lever on it and jump on the closest moving platform and wait for it to take you to the top and jump on the next platform, then climb a vine until you reach a treadmill, then make a mad dash on it avoiding the slime the plant above you is dropping

    • lone bones says:

      now once you are past the treadmill just swing from vine to vine until you reach a ledge pick up the mech motor and now you have one of the 2 items to make the mech work and go up the vine now you are inside the green house now if you go to the left you will see a chalkboard saying Hazmat was here. now you finally get to use the beaker go to the chemicals and use the beaker and collect three beaker lines of blue, two beaker lines of green, and four beaker lines of red make sure they are exact though or it wont work. and now you have herbicide good for killing most dangerous plants like mr snuggles. walk up to it and use the herbicide and he will disappear leaving a door to the maintenance closet take the key from the janitor bot this will set off a alarm but don’t worry now there will be a vine above the door climb that and go to the ledge there will be some cracked glass use the mallet and break it and exit the green house

      • lone bones says:

        now go to the ledge where you found the crab bot, solve the terminal outside the door marked living quarters now go to the left side of the room and pull the lever and jump on the moving ledge then just jump until you reach the other side of the room and step on the large blue button raising the ladder, also avoid stepping any cracked platforms those will make you fall then jump to the platform marked zacks room on the second floor there will be a section of the wall with a pipe and a lot of tiny squares solve it 3 times and then a ladder will come down. go up the ladder and exit the room and walk across the vine and pick up the mech crank now you have the 2 mech pieces. now go into the garage and put on the two items now enter the mech attach the weed wacker and on the seat is a teleporter that will take you to the mech no matter where you are on the island

      • lone bones says:

        now go over to the wind mill and hit it with the weed whacker and just go up until you can jump on the wind turbines then go to the top and use the multi tool on the gear at the top and if you look closely at the orbs on top of the building there are poptropicans in them now sprocket has unlocked the door and go inside the door the wind mill was blocking now go to your left and you will see a water pump use the multi tool on it this turns the hibernation center on unthawing some of the poptropicans finding out they have been frozen for 200 years now pick up the toxic blaster get the mech get it inside the building equip the blaster and go down the elevator there you will see 3 large plants the easiest way to defeat these is wait for them to get their angry face then duck and wait for their heads to recoil and hit themselves and then shoot them in the mouth. the first one only bites. the second one shoots gourds and bites for the gourds just shoot them or they hurt you, and for the third one there is explosive gourds over you it shoots non explosive ones and it bites for the explosive gourds just avoid having them touch you and when you beat these 3 (also beware of rising acid) plant monsters you go back up the elevator and you have finished the island.
        The End special thanks to silver moon with helping me find the crab bot

  8. lone bones says:

    now go over to the door that is covered in weeds and use the weed wacker (to use press space bar) and enter the room inside sprocket again is terrified and there will be a bunch of tiny jumping green plant monsters now go to the left and have your poptropican jump to the plat form with the furnace on it and click on the wheel then get back in your mech and jump on the platform on the ground and go to your right then jump on the next moving platform and go to your left and this is where you will find a angry gourd chucking plant just get close to it and hit it with the weed whacker once and just keep going up until you reach a really mouthy plant that keeps trying to bite you hit the second mouth with the weed whacker and then hit the main part of the plant and exit exit the the door behind it that it was blocking

  9. Dragons889 says:

    i have played all the island and finished them because of the guides here and its my first time to put a response anyway i think this one will be an awesome island.

  10. poptropical madness says:

    This island wasn’t that good. I’m starting to get sik of all the lame islands the creators keep throwing at us. Sprocket was the only part I really liked. Really, this island was to weird for me.

  11. massive cloud says:

    Please somebody help me! I’m stuck at steamworks island!!!!!! I can’t kill the last monster! I learned how to kill the first two and I can’t handl the third! Every time I run towards it the head passes through me so I can’t shoot it and when it comes back it knocks me out!!! What should I do?????????

    Hijuyo: Try watching a video to understand how it’s done. Click here for our Steamworks playlist on Poptropica Help Videos.

  12. ME!!! says:

    I have noticed the islands get more boring as I get further. Maybe I am just used to them because I have done every Island but SkullDuggery And SteamWorks. I wonder if it is just me or are the creators are lacking imagination.

  13. Megan says:

    I was replaying the island and now the mech won’t show up! Please help!

    Hijuyo: If you can call the mech to you, do so; if not, try replaying the island again.

  14. shanon says:

    I agree that…
    the freaken steam wont go through the pipes how does it come out do u just do the puzzle three times without the steam or what!

  15. Kassie says:

    Steamwork Island is awesome, regarding the fact that it is hard. I think that the Poptropica creators SHOULD make difficult, along with fun, islands. It gives it a challenging, and funny, challenge. 🙂 (Sorry it’s so boring!)

  16. vicky says:

    um.. i wish i was a member and i really need to you know.. findout how to play the isalnd your comments help but i need like a blog or something.illl go check that out instead

    Slanted Fish: Click “Guide” at the top of this page for the written walkthrough.

  17. foxgirl58.1 says:

    I have a new cheat it on shark tooth island I don’t know if it works on other computers but when you land on the island where the sign said Welcome To Shark Tooth Island theres a little sign that says GO LEFT!

  18. pancakesisme says:

    I feel like I’ve really accomplished something for completing this island with no guide when I was 8…well, I didn’t complete it, but I got all the way to the part where you find the people.

  19. Silver Pelican says:

    Weird… with the photo I have with Sprocket, the caption says, “Look what followed me home:”

    slantedfish: There are usually a couple of different captions for each photo. 😛

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