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Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your hometown in the online virtual world, Reality TV Island.

Reality TV Island


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  • Reality TV Island is Poptropica’s 11th island. The island was released on February 24, 2010 for members, and March 24, 2010 for non-members.
  • Reality TV Island is based on the hit reality game show Survivor. In 2008, the Creators’ Blog had a poll asking what type of island players would like to see, and one of the popular options was called Survivor island.
  • Some of the contestants are characters encountered on the previous ten islands: Betty Jetty, Black Widow, Director D, Dr. Hare, and Ned Noodlehead.
  • Common room: Billiards
  • The TV show Bucky Lucas was on (and the one you later appear in) is called Reality TV Island, just like the island’s actual name.
  • Like Monster Carnival, Reality TV Island disappeared for a short while from the Poptropica Map. Fortunately, it did eventually come back. However, it kept getting delayed, and was originally intended to be released in the summer of 2009, before Counterfeit Island, which ended up being made available online before RTV Island.
  • Papa Pete’s Pizza is a parody of Papa John’s Pizza. Players are supposed to deliver the pizza to Bucky Lucas. (Tip: You can save the pizza box to your costume closet while you’re still holding it, if you want to keep it to wear later!) There is also a Papa Pete’s Pizza car in Zomberry Island.
  • The Tabloid contains references to other Poptropica islands: Super Power Workout, Shopping for Sharks, Dancing with Director D, Secrets of the Mimes, Cooking with Dr. Hare, Battle of the Bards, Dating the Black Widow, Black Widow in Style, Spy Sports (as in Sky Sports), and [not an island] Poptropica Planet (likely a reference to Animal Planet). The front page advertises “The Bard’s Secrets to Success” and “Dr. Hare: Is he still in space?”
  • You can squash the cockroaches crawling on the motel walls.

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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59 thoughts on “Reality TV Island

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    Have you ever wanted to be the star of a reality TV show? Well, now’s your chance! Duke it out with your fellow contestants and avoid elimination to win the show’s grand prize and become a hero to your home town.

    Discuss Reality TV Island here!

    • Orange Hammmer says:

      A series of mistakes created a weird Guest Poptropican glitch. I was a twenty time winner, but afterwards I was back at one time and I’m unable to precede forward and all the contestants turned into Afro sevenlets, with eyelashes. This was a long time ago. I used to have this Alligator Follower and when I was doing Mountain Race, Allifollow was standing midair without doing anything. I suddenly disappeared. Allifollow passed the finishing line when Invisime was still running. I looked up friends because I’m going to another site, but my name was Guest Poptropican and the list is not available. I had to go back, but there’s the alligator, named Guest Poptropican, and he’s Poptropican sized and standing upright. I saved him. I had to log out and log back in.

  2. Green Boa says:

    Awesome! Here are my favourite parts…
    The games, you can do them over and over!
    There are some pretty sweet outfits!
    Hippie man, OBVIOUSLY
    Watching the TVs, cool 8)
    you can write and doodle on your application! 😀

  3. orange cactus says:

    i love how dr.hare has escaped space since he appeared in one of the tournaments i was in. director d, the black widow, and betty jetty have escaped jail and prison! ned is on the double to stop them as he is here as well. those are the other island characters i know of.

  4. Happy hamster says:

    I need help! Where to you get the postage stamp? I’ve been looking everywhere for it and have had no luck whats so ever.

    Hijuyo: You’ll need to talk to Bucky Lucas in the motel for the stamp. For more details, please refer to our RTV Island guide.

    • rorytheblogger1 on his mumsys account says:

      Where I got stuck. However, a kind chap on the PHB chat ( who will know who they are )helped me out.

  5. clubpenguin4607 says:

    This island is kinda like big nate- simple as ABC. Just do short tasks and compete, and win. 😉 Big nate was easy too. But I think Reality TV was a bit easier.

  6. cheerfull rock says:

    can you complete the t.v quest more than one time?

    Hijuyo: You can re-do the challenges by going back to the helicopter, and your RTV medallion will be updated with the number of times you’ve won.

    • Justin says:

      You can do any quest more than once. I have replayed almost every single island and have done a few of them 10 times!

  7. Popular Cloud says:

    I like how the creators put extra touches on things in the island. For example, the RTV helicopter is really cool because you can jump on it and spin around over and over again! 🙂

  8. Wild Kid (magyk) says:

    I found out something really interesting… you can see the future items in the TVs of reality tv island.
    I saw someone carrying a puppy as a hand item,
    and several new swords and wands. I think these items might be for cryptids island!

    -Director Kid (magyk)

  9. magicspark/storm/mudkipgirl says:

    Okay, you know the scenes they play on an endless loop on Reality TV island? Right, well, I’ve seen the following (REALLY WEIRD or just plain weird or unusal) items in the characters’ hands:
    Zeus’ master bolt
    Froot loops wand (this wand appeared to me about 9 or 10 [lost count] times)
    Barbie add puppy
    Triton’s surfboard
    Zeus surfboard
    Paintbrush (that turns people different colours) from that addvertisment for that movie with whatshername (selena?) Gromez
    mask from Time Tangled
    Milk bottle from advertisment (can’t remember which)
    Many spears, sword and gun/lazer/ray thingys
    Tinkerbell’s wand
    Torch from Time Tangled cave
    Fire extishgisher
    various fish
    garden gnome
    Hades scepter thingy(appeared many times)
    Apthrodite mirror
    dyamite stick
    Froot loops wand (from a different froot loops add)
    snowball launcher from Phineas & Ferb add
    book from Astro knights
    money bag from super power island
    red bowl
    glass from 24 carrot with black liquid inside it
    broomstick (haunted house)
    pumpkin bag
    lightening bolt
    Apollo flute
    oracle of delphi grass (time tangled)
    handcuff from super power
    another form of the froot loops wands (they had many different looking wands for the froot loops adds. Every add had a different wand)
    Pom-pom (this was held by a person who did the flying emote :/ )
    shovel (nabooti)
    fire work rocket
    duct tape
    blue feather
    black torch
    boweling ball
    toilet plunger
    gold key

    many of these appeared more than once and no doubt there probibly are more strange items. I just got bored of watching the TV screen at bucky’s house

    • koalaberry511 says:

      I was there too, and I caught this being shown on tape:

      an axe
      a sword in someone’s backpack
      someone with hypno vision
      a girl in a golf cap
      a person with no hair… and then hair
      an old person wearing a skull shirt
      a hammer
      someone in a cowboy hat
      someone in a flowered shirt
      balloon boy

  10. proton10 says:

    you get the postage stamp from the famous guy. Go to the office order pizza. but then after it says where then say the one where the famous guy is then knock then he’ll say something about autographs and then he’ll give you a stamp later.


    Ummm, does anyone know Hip Hop? What do you think about him? He is the b-boy in the red jacket. I know him, but what about you? Is he cool? Wait. He likes to break dance, right? Oh, yes. Of course. I didn’t see him carrying a radio. Any comments about Hip Hop? Huh?(:

  12. the37thsentinel says:

    I found a glitch which allows you to redo challenges. It does not work with votes. If you get a challenge you do not like , or are losing, hit the back button on your browser, then click reload to get to the “Start Challenge” screen. You must do this before someone wins the challenge or you will end up on the voting page.

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