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From the hit graphic novel comes the zaniest Poptropica adventure yet. Hop aboard the Neon Wiener for an intergalactic voyage with Cosmoe, Humphree, and Princess Dagger!

Start your adventure now: read Galactic Hot Dogs season one on Funbrain!

ghd for all


This photo (there is only one for this island) can be found in your album. Click to enlarge.


  • Galactic Hot Dogs Island is Poptropica’s 42nd island, and it was released on January 30, 2015 for members with a demo for non-members. It came out to everyone on February 19, 2015.
  • Galactic Hot Dogs is a graphic novel series published on Poptropica’s sister site, Funbrain, and it is written by Max Brallier (who also authored the Poptropica: Cryptids Island book) and illustrated by Rachel Maguire. Visit Funbrain to read the comic books online – for free!
  • Common room: Intergalactic Arcade
  • You can customize the trio (Cosmoe, Humphree, Princess Dagger) from dummies inside the Galactic Hot Dogs Store on Main Street.
  • The speech bubble options you get when you play with the loudspeaker reference a few things: the River City Rodents, a fictional Poptropica sports team whose name first appeared on Shrink Ray Island; random nonsensical-sounding tongue-twister movie quotes like “rubber baby buggy bumpers!”; and the rebel blockade runner, a fictional spaceship from Star Wars.
  • Boba Fleigh, the blue bear you trade odd ingredients with, is a play on American celebrity chef Bobby Flay.
  • The food trucks at the cook-off all have science-related names: Thebe’s Taco Truck (Thebe being one of Jupiter’s moons), Milky Way Maki, Fission Fries (also a play on “Fish’n’Fries”), & Absolute Zero the ice cream stand.
  • This is the first island to have only one album photo.
  • Even before the island’s release, Poptropica has promoted Galactic Hot Dogs in various ways, including video ads, prize packs, a mini-game on the mobile app, and more.
  • The story after the point you’re awarded the Island Medallion at the end of the island is continued in the first GHD book, Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway.
  • Now Available! Free F.R.E.D. follower in the Poptropica Store! Members get a Galactic Space Suit and a Galactic Hot Dogs poster customized with your avatar!

Video Guide

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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46 thoughts on “Galactic Hot Dogs Island

  1. ★Brave Tomato★ says:

    …eh… honestly, for the first time in a while, I’m not really enthusiastic about this island. I know that Mr. Brailler wants to promote his graphic novel and series and stuff- I just never really got into the GHD series so… yeah. It’s just my personal opinion, and I’m happy to see those who did like the comics are happy that this island is coming out. As for me, it’s not so much my thing. I know that those who did like the comics will like this island. And I’m glad you guys get to have fun with that. ^_^

    • Strange Cat,Weirdo says:

      What she said. I don’t really like GHD,but good for you,GHD fans!

      I really don’t like commercial islands in particular,btw. This is the first one to come out since Wimpy Boardwalk. And no,CatCF doesn’t count as a commercial island.

      • doctor geek says:

        I don’t enjoy plots for commercial islands either, but of course, Red dragon island is an exception. However, I like remixed ideas (Like Potropicon’s mighty action force= Marvel’s Avengers.)

      • ❄ Christmas Clown ❄ says:

        Yeah,same. The Wimpy Kid islands were terrible. Big Nate was good for me,as I was in the middle of reading when I played it. CatCF was a good try,I suppose,and Red Dragon…some tasks were tedious,but I liked the ninja part.

  2. Slippery Raptor says:

    Galactic Hot Dogs Island is the first island to have the word “island” in its logo and officially named with the word “Island” after Survival, Mission Atlantis, PoptropiCon and Arabian Nights. Maybe this is due to the past island being episodic. 🙂

    • yamacomur says:

      I was really confused too. But I finally pressed a place to continue. The island has some parts from the comics too! Like when you do a thing a comic page shows up and stuff like that

  3. Tyson4924 says:

    I finished it either 187th or 178th and I finished it 11 times,really you can add me and see
    I would give it a 8.7 out of 10 it is actually a great idea and an excellent plot but why I can’t give it a 9,most of the parts were just too difficult! 🙂

  4. Eleanor says:

    I’ve only ever liked commercial islands twice Red Dragon and great pumpkin. Those I loved! But the others I only completed for the medallion. I have completed all current islands except for GHD.

  5. Popcornaholic says:

    I hope this one is like the big nate island. I hate the new series islands! They should start making the islands good like they used to be when Jeff Kinney owned the game! I love ghost story and 24 carrot and mythology and night watch and all the others. Why aren’t they as good anymore?

    • Tyson4924 says:

      Wait,so Jeff Kinney doesn’t own the game any more?!?!?!I do agree with you though,some of the commercial islands like Big Nate,Great Pumpkin,Wimpy Wonderland&Boardwalk,Red Dragon were AMAZING!This was good and decent but not as good as the islands I mentioned.My favorite islands are Twisted Thicket,Poptropolis Games,S.O.S island,Vampire Curse,Super Villian,Night Watch,Mocktropica and Monster Carnival,why,I love their plots!

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Regarding the ownership of Poptropica, they recently explained it on Twitter: “Actually the owner is a company called Pearson. Jeff created Poptropica. He doesn’t own it. Jeff’s the creative genius behind Poptropica. President figures it out as a business, and stays out of Jeff’s way.” See this PHB post for more on that.

      The official Poptropica Twitter is probably run by Poptropica’s president/publisher, Jess Brallier – who seems to be the father of (or at least related in some way to) the author of Galactic Hot Dogs, Max Brallier. 😉

  6. Nice Icicle says:

    I am pretty bummed out about poptropica now. I hate the idea of episodes. I hope this one is not an episodic island. I hope this island is not like the other commercialized islands.

    • Slanted Fish says:

      Our Galactic Hot Dogs Island Guide is already up; you can access it by clicking “Guide” at the top of this page. Demos for Poptropica islands are a sample of the island, which lets non-members play up to a certain point before needing membership to gain full access (or, wait a few weeks and the full island will be released to everyone for free).

  7. Fairy Tale says:

    Hey,isn’t GHD supposed to be the 42nd island because in the Arabian night island trivia,you wrote it’s the 41st island.

    slantedfish: Thanks, it’s been fixed. 🙂

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