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Pelican Rock is the toughest prison ever built. And after you’re framed for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s your new home! Use your wits to devise an escape plan, and your nerve to pull it off. But getting out is just the beginning — because the real criminal is still out there!

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  • Escape From Pelican Rock Island is Poptropica’s 45th island, and was released to members on December 10, 2015. It was released to all on December 30, 2015. The login page featured the prisoners running across the screen, with a police officer chasing them and Escapee Dr. Hare trailing behind.
  • The location is based on San Francisco’s Alcatraz island prison. “Bay City” is a nickname for San Francisco.
  • On the hill, there is a sign for Krpata Motor Oil, a reference to Poptropica Creator Mitch Krpata.
  • The gender of many of the characters you meet depends on the gender of your character (it will be the same gender).
  • The metal shop contains a reference to this very fansite you’re on, the Poptropica Help Blog (PHB)! On the wall, there is a license plate which reads “PHB 1”.
  • The other license plates are “2STUFF”, “7 ATE 9” (as in 7, 8, 9), and “LANGE” (a reference to Dr. Lange, a Poptropica Creator whose persona is a character on Virus Hunter Island).
  • The painting given to you by Van Nostrand is mistakenly signed “Patches” – the name of another prisoner.
  • Warden Sharp, in addition to being the name of the Pelican Rock warden, is also the name of the asylum warden in the Batman universe.
  • The word flambé, as in Chef Flambé, means (in reference to food) “covered with liquor and set alight briefly”.
  • Besides the Booted Bandit, there is one other character on this island with footwear – the kid wearing skates on Main Street!
  • Depending on how long you take to finish the island, you’ll see some of your prisoner friends free on Main Street at the end! The more days it takes you to escape, the less of them will be freed.
  • Fun fact: The music in the trailer is the theme from Mystery of the Map Island.
  • Members get a Dr. Hare Escapee Costume in the Poptropica Store!

Video Walkthrough

For a written walkthrough with pictures, click on Guide at the top of this page.

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118 thoughts on “Escape From Pelican Rock Island

  1. slantedfish says:

    Pelican Rock is the toughest prison ever built. And after you’re framed for a crime you didn’t commit, it’s your new home! Use your wits to devise an escape plan, and your nerve to pull it off. But getting out is just the beginning — because the real criminal is still out there!

    Discuss Escape From Pelican Rock Island here! 😀

  2. eri1891 says:

    i am suuupper excited about this island and i have basically completed all the islands so to get a new one is very awesome but i hope its released soon!

    • Friendly Comet aka Captain Comet aka Super Comet says:

      The “DOG SLOBBER. Ewwwwwwwww” part kinda reminds me of Lucy from the Peanuts movies.

  3. Rose-Riddle says:

    Yay! sooooo excited! cant wait to see on your guys’ page to see when it comes out.
    Im guessing its comming out in December? i have no clue.
    BTW i get sorta frustrated cuz I really want the Dr. Hare prisoner outfit. – thats why im doing the Hopper Sweepstakes on poptropica to see if maybe i can win a membership award! 🙂 But i dont think i will win. 😦
    Wait….im not helping myself out here! I AM gonna win! ….maybe. 😛

  4. Friendly Comet aka Captain Comet aka Super Comet says:

    Hey, this island has a similar plot to a story I’m going to send in to the Popcorn magazine for the January 2016 edition. I’m calling it The Adventures of Super Comet: Jail and Justice.

  5. Blue Starfish says:

    OMG I missed soon much!!! I couldn’t use the computer for 2 whole months and now BAM!A whole new lot of changes!I am soon excited for this island!!

  6. Nice Coyote says:

    So, is there an official date for when the island is released for non-members?

    slantedfish: Not yet, but most likely January. 🙂

  7. shswarriors2014 says:

    Downloaded it for mobile… Can’t get past the very end… Always a cop standing right above the telephone line I gotta cross, so I’m always busted… Any idea how to solve this without going through this whole thing again?

    slantedfish: Not sure where there’s a telephone line, but watch the walkthrough video on this page to see how it plays out. 😉

    • Ronan J. says:

      I also can’t get past that specific guard. I’ve spent about two hours on that solely, but I still can’t walk in a straight line, apparently..

  8. Ninjahi5 says:

    This island is definitely briefly based off of shawshank redemption. A more ph version, but all the more based off of the movie.

  9. Alyssa says:

    Well, the thief went by, but what happens now? I haven’t been framed or seen the thief again. I have walked around, but haven’t seen the thief anywhere, what do I do?

  10. Emily says:

    Dear Friendly Fish,
    AAAAHHHHH!!!! There has been a HUGE glitch for me in the island and I was wondering if you could help. I was in the middle of dodging lights and people and stuff while escaping when suddenly, BOOM. I’m back in town. It’s just like when the bandit escaped. Please help! Thanks!

  11. WimpyKidFan says:

    Wow! One of my favorite islands! It’s pretty amazing! The story line,plot,characters, I just loved this island and was very excited to play it, counting down the days it would be available to non-members. Lol!

  12. Spidey says:

    Im playing on the mobile version and every time I try to open the prisoners
    files I get an endless loading screen? Anyone else?

  13. Anonymous says:

    The walk though and trailer shows so many awesome that aren’t in the game! It is so confusing and annoying! (Please don’t mind my spelling). I beat the game already… Its pretty simple… They need more action! Okay… You were framed by your complete double… But it just somehow makes no sence! But I like how it was a little simple because the hard islands are hard and I can’t beat them. I only beat like ten islands and I have been playing Poptropica for years!

  14. Pelican Rock #lover says:

    I like this island but they should put 3 eggs in the nest not just 1 so you can work in the kitchen get a pasta noodle have the art girl paint it like the dril lbit so you can escape

  15. Super Comet says:

    I made up a chorus to a song that’s (kind of) related to this island.
    I’m gonna break the chains that are holding me, and by the grace of God, I have been set free!

  16. Ferbthe2gadgetguy says:

    Remember the most famous(Or at least for me) escape of Alcatraz was three or four people escaping the island by night using nothing but a makeshift boat with clothes. It wasn’t know if they escapees escaped alive though

  17. Brooke says:

    You shouldn’t have a guide for this because people can have options on this island we don’t have to do it like you.

    slantedfish: There are certain things you still have to do, but the order doesn’t have to be the same.

  18. THE KING OF **** says:

    Hey,the plan for escaping Pelican Rock was based on a real life Alcatraz escape attempt.You could put this in the trivia.

  19. Lolan sjsjsja says:

    I filled the can up with water after the flower was grown, and now I can’t get rid of the water. I need the can to be filled with plaster, but it’s not possible with the water in it, Please help

    • luckyblizzards says:

      @Lolan sjsjsja- If you need the plaster, just click “use” on the item card when you’re near the plaster. It worked for me, and the cup just filled with plaster, and the water was gone. I actually found that out when I made a mistake by filling the cup with plaster, but forgetting I still had to water the flower.
      @Kaitlyn- You have to ask Van Nostrand (the painter gal), and she will paint it for you after you have given her the flower, and had her paint the head, etc etc. And Flashy- she doesn’t need anything really in gameplay exactly (unless she wants designer perfume and stuff, if you’re thinking of her ego). But, she may be referring to the safe that can be found at the end of the game in the tower. It’s referred to as the “tower treasure” by the real Booted Bandit.
      Long comment, hope it helps. 🙂

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