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Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island: Early Poptropica!

Early Poptropica Island


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  • Early Poptropica Island is Poptropica’s 1st island. It was the pilot island released when Poptropica first opened in September 2007.
  • Common rooms: This is the only island with two multiplayer rooms, the Soda Pop Shop and Arcade. The Arcade only appears when there are no advertisement buildings.
  • There is a hidden Hypnotic Costume within the green building of Poptropica Towers. To learn more about this easter egg freebie, check out our Glitching page.
  • The sign in Early Poptropica says that the settlement was established (Est.) 1982, though Poptropica was only released in 2007.
  • You can change your skin color with the pigment balloons at Poptropica Towers.
  • The 8-bit pilgrims is likely due to the pixel art style of early video games.
  • Early Poptropica Island used to be the only island without a logo, until the first revamp of the official Island Tour pages. The words Early Poptropica were written on the Map with Poptropica’s title font, Ghostkid AOE.
  • This is considered one of the easiest islands to complete, along with Shark Tooth Island.
  • The Pop Art Museum on Main Street features the characters and works of artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, and Georges Seurat. The museum is also visited during the Counterfeit Island quest. Its name does not quite fit with the exhibit, which does not contain any works from the pop art movement.
  • The Purple Giant is an obvious reference to Jack and the Beanstalk.

Video Guide

To see our written walkthrough for Early Poptropica Island, click on Guide at the top of this page.

Quick Guide

Note: For a more in-depth walkthrough, please see our Early Poptropica Island Guide.

  1. Go all the way right to the Early Poptropica settlement and talk to the three pixellated men who will tell you that their pig, bucket, and flag is missing.
  2. Go down the well next to the man who lost his bucket. Get the Glow Stick from this Storage Cavern.
  3. Go back to Main Street and down the manhole in front of the Soda Pop Shop. Inside the Pit, go down and grab the Prized Porker. Still in the Pit, go left and you’ll be in the Dark Room.
  4. Use your Glow Stick to help you navigate the area until you obtain the Golden Egg. Then go back to Main Street.
  5. Go left to Poptropica Towers. Jump up to the top of the blue building and climb up the vine until you reach the skies.
  6. Run right until you see the Purple Giant’s feet. Talk to the giant to give him the Golden Egg, and he will let you continue right. Jump off the vegetables in the Giant’s Garden and pick up the pixellated Water Bucket.
  7. Continue right to the Aircraft Graveyard and grab the Jet Pack on the yellow table. Put it on and go back to Main Street. Fly up to the top of the gray water tower and grab the Signal Flag.
  8. Go back to Early Poptropica and return each of the items to the person who had lost them. When you return the Signal Flag at the end, a boat will arrive. Talk to the pixellated man on the boat to receive your reward. Congratulations!

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90 thoughts on “Early Poptropica Island

  1. Slanted Fish says:

    Poptropica’s oldest inhabitants have a problem: someone’s been stealing their stuff! To return what’s rightfully theirs, you’ll explore creepy sewers, pitch-black caverns, and even a giant’s garden in the clouds. See how it all began with the very first Poptropica Island: Early Poptropica!

    Discuss Early Poptropica Island here!

  2. Quiet Goose says:

    It started it all. when i first found Poptropica thats all they had. it is the easest of all the islands.

    Scary Tomato: True. 🙂

  3. Nice Fang says:

    Although this island didn’t have much of point to it, it was fun. Plus when I first joined, like Quiet Goose noted, this island was all they had.

  4. trusty clown says:

    I got stuck because I went to far and I ended up behind the rocket in the aircraft graveyard. So how do I get out? Please I need an answer because I haven’t played on poptropica for almost a week because of this. Can you please help me?

    Scary Tomato: I’m not quite sure what you mean, but if you’ve got the jet pack, just click and hold the sky with your mouse button and you can fly out. If not, jump around to nearby areas and then walk out. 😉

  5. lala says:

    I was one of the people who first started this too. This was the only island and there was nothing else, you had to wait a bit till shark tooth island came(that was the second island).

  6. hard fang says:

    scary tomato when I click costumize charecter in early poptropica then i click on one of poptropica first settlers it dosen’t work and i want look like a settler whhhhaaa i think there is a glicth or is it just because the charecter is animated 😦 😦

    Scary Tomato: I don’t know why, but Poptropica just doesn’t let you Costumize the settlers. 😦

  7. Maroon Hamburger says:

    I finished all 8 islands before i found out about the blog. Also, I never cheat on an island, except when I couldnt find thye jail on Superpower island.

    • Maroon Hamburger says:

      I hope u guys can help me with astroknights, u guys will help me also in my class, i am 2nd best at poptropica, my best friend ryan is 1st.

      • Fearless Paw says:

        I’m the only person at my class who plays Poptropica. I got some other people to try it (They protested sayiing it was “babyish”,) and they didn’t like it.

  8. Fierce dragon says:

    I think that early poptropica is easy (I finished it in 15 minutes).Here is a hint: you must find a pig, a bucket,and a flag. You will need other items to get these items; some of these items are: a golden egg, and jet pack.

  9. Sleepy Fox says:

    I’ve had the same account since the day Poptropica came out. P.S. I have always finished every island the day it came out. (Sorry if I sound like I’m gloating)

  10. Director Lion ( Gentle Lion) says:

    It is possible to jump over the shovel without a jetpack! You have to jump on to the left side of the pumpkin then jump! You should be on the shovel! (It may take a few tries, but it is possible!) 😉

  11. Calm Spinner says:

    Early Poptropica (for me) was the second easiest island. I thought Shark Tooth was the easiest. But everyone has there own opinion.

  12. purple paw says:

    Early poptropica- the first island

    Jeff Poptropica (aka Uncle Poptropica) woke up early in the morning. He had set off to sea 3 days ago on a fishing trip but got lost and cant find his way back. He only packed food for one day but he made do. His fishing pole had fallen into the water and he hadent caught any. Jeff was running out of food and begining to loose hope. Then in the distanse, he saw a small island. Jeff eagerly paddled over to it. He begin to regain hope. he reached the island. it was a fairly large island and he got onto it. That night he slept under a palm tree. The next day woke up went to the edge of the island and watched the ocean. Little did he know that a blimp was approching behind him.


    • purple paw says:

      he herd a noise and wirld around. The blimp came right tword him! He ran out of the way just in time as the blimp hit the ground. “sorry,” said a man as he climed out of the blimp “didnt see you there”. “thank godness!” jeff said “ive been stranded here. could you call for help?” the man called for help and soon boats arrived. It started raining and soon a horible storm came. They had to turn around. they biult a small shed from wood. It was cozey inside, and thats when he had an I idea that would chang everything. “I could make this a place to live”. jeff said “huh?” said a boat driver “I could live here”. “and I could start a whole town”. He ordered bricks and cement and architects and soon houses were being built. In about a week people started looking at houses and buying land and building more buildings and the next day, he said “I think Ill call it: Poptropica” “it will be named after me” and with that, Poptropica was born.

    • purple paw says:

      More boats were suposed to arrive tommorow afternoon but that night there was another horible storm came and blew the signal flag away. The signal flag was the thing that told the boats it was okay to come. The pig ran for cover. the next day a booming voice said my “MY EGG IS GONE!!! MY EGG IS GONE!!!” The voice scared all the people back into there houses. “MY EGG IS GONE!!!” the voice said agian “I WILL TAKE THIS TINY WATER BUCKET UNTIL MY EGG RETURNS”

      • purple paw says:

        then a young poptropican found all the island and returned them. The pig hopped around in its pen happily, the water buket brought water up from the well and the signal flag was hung up and the boats came. The next day he took one of the boats out to sea to lounge around.

      • purple paw says:

        orange tummy the reason the ending was odd was because it is going to be continued under shark tooth

  13. CaitlinW43 in PT says:

    Thanks for that, I did the first half on my own but I couldn’t of completed this Island without help, though I actuly completed SPY first I now think this is the easiest Island EVER!!

  14. 1piplup2bu says:

    i cant find the signal flag its not on the water tower its not in my inventory and the man doesnt have it where the heck is it! its not on the water tower every time i look and its not in my inventory is this some kind of glitch??????

  15. Little Cloud says:

    Has anyone noticed the exit in the Giant’s garden.If u use the exit,u drop out of the sky right on to the water tower. ;D -hope this helps!

  16. Popular Cloud says:

    This island was even easier than RTV! I love getting the Jet Pack and jumping on the clotheslines, they turn you upside down! 😀

  17. Rory dosen't care if WordPress chose not to log him in automaticly today. says:

    You can finish this island in less than half an hour, I think. ^_^

  18. Prickly Dolphin says:

    One time, I got stuck inside the wall when I was flying too much in the Soda Pop Shop. I couldn’t get out. Then I got out. I like the jet pack.

  19. 15wongnh1 says:

    The Airplane Graveyard in the clouds may be a reference to tales of missing planes that got lost in the clouds and were never seen again, or the tale of planes disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. I’m not sure if this may count as trivia, but it’s just a thought of mine.

  20. raqk says:

    I was looking through the network tab on early poptropica, and after completing the island and looking at get_scene it said I was in jamestown. jamestown happens to not only be the first colony in poptropica, but also the first permanent English settlement in the Americas, although it was founded an unknown time way before 1982. and ive also been thinking, that jamestown may actually be separate from early poptropica, as guest leaving jamestown to the main street scene would see the early poptropica sign, indicating that early poptropica is that way…

  21. JT says:

    I don’t really like Early Poptropica. It’s just too easy and took me just TEN MINUTES! I only want islands as hard as Astro Knights, which I haven’t completed even though I’ve been trying to do it for 5 years.

  22. archana12345678910 says:


    Slanted Fish: Yes, more info on that here. Please stay on subject (Early Poptropica) with this page, though.

  23. lorsieab2 says:

    Lol, I thought it was just me that got black hair when i got the first photo. I thought that it was a glitch (since on my Poptropican her hair is brown). I was thinking I had to restart the island again just to fix it! Until I saw the photo on this page xD

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