Return of the Zomberries

Hello, boys and ghouls! This is Gentle Dolphin bringing you the latest Poptropica news.

Ever since the big island purge last summer, we have been wondering when the classic islands would return to Poptropica. Just a few weeks ago, a “Flashback Friday” post gave us a glimmer of hope for one of Poptropica’s spookiest adventures. Now, a recent post by Blue Tooth has confirmed what we have been suspecting:

Zomberry Island will be coming back!!!



This is your EXCLUSIVE FIRST ALERT that Zomberry Island will be coming back with an all-new experience later this year!! Keep your eyes right here on the blog for upcoming previews, artwork, and more as our team works on a totally new level based on the classic Zomberry Island!

Awesome, right? After months of anticipation, we finally have our first returning island! There is quite a bit to unpack in this post, so let’s take it bit by bit so we can know what to expect.

Although the release date has not been confirmed, the post says that Zomberry Island will be coming back sometime later this year. It might not be October like we were all hoping, but the island will definitely be back before the end of 2019.

The most intriguing statement is that there will be a brand new level based on the classic island. Does this mean that the Creators are adding more content to Zomberry Island? If so, then this would be the first sound-updated island (SUI) to not be a straightforward adaptation of the original. (Unless you count 24 Carrot Island, which was redone for Poptropica Worlds.) Will other classic islands be given more content, as well? There’s a lot to think about here.

This whole idea to make more Zomberry content is not entirely new. Back in 2016, the Daily Pop showcased some concept art for a few possible Zomberry Island-themed minigames; you can read more about them in these “PHB Sneak Peeks” posts right here. Anyway, could this new level be inspired by one of these unfinished minigames? We’ll have to wait and see if that’s the case. 

Before the outbreak strikes again, you can prepare yourself by playing the original Zomberry Island via idk’s Old Island Directory. Don’t forget to check out our Zomberry Island Guide if you need help finding key clues and avoiding pesky zomberries.

Are you excited to stop the Zomberry plague a second time? How do you feel about the idea of the Creators adding more content to the old islands? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Thank you for reading, and have a good day! 

‚ÄĒGentle Dolphinūüź¨

A Story of Sharks, Zombies, and Robots

Hello readers!

I guess that’s my tagline now… could be better I guess. Oh well.

Anyways, while the Tribal Tournament is in full swing (go Seraphim!) the Poptropica Creators have been using the new feature Instagram Stories (which is definitely not Snapchat in any way shape or form). Check them out below! (Credit to Cool Octopus!)

So we have a Zomberry Island poster, the back of a¬†Poptropica toy,¬†the host of “Scaredy Pants”, a Zomberry, a screenshot of a video showing off the Mystery of the Map book in different languages, and the 3″ Shark Surfer and the Booga Shaman toys.

Basically, just keep an eye out on the Poptropica Creators’ Snapch-I mean, Instagram Stories, in order to see neat¬†pictures from around Poptropica HQ!

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to support your tribe in the showdown, and while I would say join Seraphim if you haven’t chosen a¬†tribe¬†yet… I feel kind of bad for Andrew at the moment.¬†The Nightcrawlers really, really, really need the help.

See ya in the next post,


Poptropica: The Mighty Action Trailer Video!

Hey guys! It’s Ylimegirl, back by popular demand!

Today I’m here to talk about a video just posted by Poptropica’s YouTube channel, entitled “Poptropica: A fun and safe virtual world for kids!” It can also be viewed on the front page of the Poptropica website.

The video is less than a minute long and shows many of the different worlds in Poptropica.

And now, time for an over-analysis/summary of it!

The video starts off in the clouds and flies down through some islands before arriving at Mythology Island’s Mount Olympus, where we see a particularly angry Zeus send out a bolt of lightning.

Then a crowd of various Poptropica characters are shown at PoptropiCon as various streaks fly around, which are revealed to be the Mighty Action Force heroes Fashion Ninja, Goldface, Elf Archer, Teen¬†Arachnid, and World Guy. (Nice of them to justify Elf Archer’s flying skills with some sort of… propeller-arrow thing, but how can World Guy and Fashion Ninja do it? I mean, even Teen¬†Arachnid is a stretch with his web-slinging based on how they’re zooming around. Is it because of the magic auras? If that’s the case why did Elf Archer need the propeller-arrow? …I’m thinking too hard about this, aren’t I.)

Next a mystical space portal opens, showing us some… red glowing eyes? Dunno what that is. Maybe it’ll be relevant in the future.

Then it’s time for Zomberry Island,¬†featuring Joe Puddy clinging to a giant blueberry rolling across a bridge. And then we get to see the Phoenix Warbird and whatever-Crawfish’s-ship-is-called fire cannons at each other. (And somehow they don’t destroy each other even though they’re approximately 10 feet apart.)

And for our closing shot, the Poptropica blimp (you can see the back view) travels over the various islands and up into the sky, revealing the title!

So, trailer! Has nice animation, but no rats. (Creators, why must you forsake us like this? You know all we truly want is rats!) They did¬†feature Fashion Ninja and Teen¬†Arachnid more prominently in PoptropiCon, meaning there might be more in store for that island and those characters.¬†It also seems to hint at what’s to come with those red eyes in space. Seriously what was up with that. Well, it was a Daily Pop, but I still don’t really know what it means.

Speaking of Daily Pops, I found three others for this video: one of Mount Olympus, a rough of the blimp flying, and a 3D model of PoptropiCon. Looks like they’ve been working on this for at least¬†six months. Well, kudos creators, all that time paid off. Looks really good!

That 3D model could possibly be a glimpse at how they’re using Unity to make a 2D game on a 3D platform.¬†And there appears to be a more fluid animation style for Zeus and a slightly different look for the PoptropiCon heroes in the video, which might end up being related to New Pop. Or it’s just easier to animate that way, I dunno. At this point I think I’m just rambling.

So, there you have it! Proof that neither I nor Poptropica are dead.


PHB Sneak Peeks: Zombie Defense Mini-Game

Whale hello there everyone! ūüź≥¬†Spotted Dragon here with a cool behind the scenes post.

Before we get started, happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! Poptropica released this cool picture of a Poptropican-ized Kylo Ren on their Twitter today. Now the real question is, how do we get that awesome lightsaber? ūüĆü‚öĒ

And now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Remember the PHB’s post with the¬†sneak peeks of Zomberry mini-games, Zombie Catapult and Game Jam? The Daily Pop also hinted at these games, as you may recall:

Well,¬†there’s another one we haven’t mentioned yet: Zombie Defense! Credit goes to idk for the info.

zombie defense

Yes, it looks like these sneak peeks are becoming a reality because what we have here is a mini-game in the making!

The zombies you see come out of the door on the bottom right and make their way up to the top left. Towards the left of the image, we can see 5 buttons for setting various booby traps. Presumably, we set traps for the zombies to stop them from reaching the end, or we just try to survive without letting them touch us.

The bar at the top shows the¬†level and wave you’re on, along with how much¬†health you have left. It also shows your prep time before the wave starts.

That basically wraps up what we have so far, so hopefully we can expect a Zombie Defense mini-game soon! Maybe it’ll appear in the new Poptropica? Let us know what you think! ūüėÄ


PHB Sneak Peeks: Zomberry Mini-Games?

Hey Poptropicans, ready for a peek into what’s going on behind the curtains of Poptropica HQ?

Many of us have¬†noticed that Poptropica has been so busy behind-the-scenes that they haven’t delivered much¬†lately. Whatever big updates¬†they’re working on, they’re not divulging ‚Ästwe’re¬†barely getting any sneak peeks on the Daily Pop, and even Poptropica’s own Skinny Moon has mentioned she’d love to say more, but can’t reveal anything yet.

But thanks to a brief tip sent in by PHB reader¬†Hyper SW, we just might have some clue of what’s going on and what’s to come! This is the heads-up that was¬†given to the PHB:

“A new game called Game Jam is coming soon! In the game you defend yourself from zomberries using different musical instruments. Due to legal matters, I’m going to keep this update short.”


Well, that’s interesting! Zomberry 2.0? Another sneak peek, this one from an anonymous PHC glitcher, is of another upcoming game called Zomberry Catapult:


Despite the Zomberry Main Street scenery,¬†we’re not sure if this is an island in itself ‚Äď it looks like Poptropica is working on a series of mini-games to keep us entertained (as we await the next island!). You may remember a few Daily Pop sneak peeks from February where we saw zombie characters in¬†what appeared to be platformer games and other mini-games. They seem to be related:

What could all this mean? Will we get to play these Poptropica original games on Home Island? Will Zomberry Island be getting an update? Or will Poptropica release a mobile app containing several these little games? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Stay popping, Poptropicans.


Poptropica TV is here!

Hey Poptropicans!

If you’re an avid player of the Poptropica app, you may have already seen the Poptropica TV stand on Home Island. If you tap play, you’ll see a quick animation¬†of dancing Zomberry zombies ‚Äď which Poptropica also tweeted out a couple of weeks ago. (Thanks to Mad Apper for the tip and picture!)

Right now, it looks like this is only for the mobile app, but hopefully¬†someday it’ll be brought to the online version as well.

Poptropica¬†TV also promises to have new videos every week, a promise we’ll be checking back on, so stay tuned!¬†The videos to come next are probably the ones on Poptropica’s YouTube channel, featuring a toon of Shark Guy and a Draw-My-Life of Gamer Guy. However, it’s been almost two months since these were announced, so who knows how long it’ll be before a new PopTV video! ūüėõ

If you’ve been checking the Creators’ Blog, you probably noticed that Poptropica has recently flooded it with posts that offer cheats and walkthroughs for some of the more recent islands, presumably to bring some traffic to their blog.¬†This master post lists all the links to their guide posts, but here they are below if you’d like to check them out:

They’ve answered some common questions about these island quests in these posts, and although the info is helpful and comes with clear screenshots, you won’t find complete walkthroughs. If that’s what you need, we have full walkthroughs¬†for every island right here on the PHB! ūüėÄ

From the Creators’ files, Poptropica has also tweeted out some more early sketches from older islands!¬†Check out this Twisted Thicket Island tree base, Wild West Island saloon, and character ideas for Reality TV Island!

You can also find pics like these in our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive.

Also,¬†have you checked out the Poptropica Help subreddit yet? It’s a growing hub for¬†all sorts of Poptropica tidbits ‚Äď think of it as a minimalistic forum, or even PHF 2.0 for those of you who were around for our original Poptropica Help Forum. Don’t just be a lurker, join our¬†subreddit!


For more details about the Poptropica Help subreddit and how it works, check out this PHB post for our announcement! It thrives on community, and all Poptropicans are welcome!

Stay popping, Poptropicans. ūüėČ

Reign of Curls, Comics, Tweets and Zomberries!

Hello Poptropicans! Slippery here.

First of all, Poptropica has announced over Twitter that the concluding episode of PoptropiCon‚ÄĒEp. 3: Reign of Omegon‚ÄĒwill be released on March 19th for members and on April 9th for all. Just keep in mind that these dates are only tentative and may¬†change. If you want more news about the final episode, check out the island page here on the PHB.

PopCon3-ScreensaverNext, Poptropica¬†tweeted Popstorm #17! It’s all about curly hairs. Pretty awesome.

PopStorm 17Poptropica has also uploaded weeks 29 to 32 of the Poptropica Comics series (not to be confused with Mystery of the Map, which you can read in its entirety on the PHB’s Comics page!) and you can check them out on Funbrain! Oliver and Jorge will continue their adventures with the Veggiestein and the characters from the Wizard of Oz. Thanks to¬†Fairy Tale for the tip!

popcomics2932Also, Poptropica revealed their plans for the app for this year. It includes multiplayer games, common rooms, and more items on the store. ¬†And in case you haven’t heard yet,¬†we can use our own accounts by the end of the year! Sounds exciting for me. Check out these tweets:

They also tweeted a couple of interesting Realms:

Last but not the least, Poptropica uploaded a brand new video and it features the Zomberries from Zomberry Island. They also tweeted that Poptropica Realms will receive an update with Zomberries in it! Hmm, very puzzling. Anyway, enjoy the video of these zomberries grooving on the funky beat of DJ Saturday Nite at the karaoke bar! Very funny.

That’s all of the updates! Hope y’all had fun. Any thoughts? ūüôā