“Adventure Pig” App Review with Poptropicans!

(This is a guest post co-written by Poptropicans Tall Cactus and Marshmallow about the new game Adventure Pig, released by Poptropica’s parent company, StoryArc Media. Enjoy!)


Hey, PHB readers! Tall Cactus here (I’m the one on the left above, and Marshmallow is on the right). If you have gone on Pop recently, you may have noticed the Adventure Pig ads. You know, the app being made by StoryArc Media, Poptropica’s new-ish parent company. Adventure Pig released to the Netherlands and Ireland less than two months ago, but now – good news, it has released worldwide!

And, don’t forget about me! Marshy’s here too, with more information on the new app! After downloading, and seeing the StoryArc Media logo, you might recognize the background music from somewhere familiar: it’s the starting music to the Poptropica app, with some trumpet mixed in there too.

Yeah, and the clicking noise is the exact same as the Poptropica app’s. Oh well, the music that actually plays during the game levels sounds original, at least.

You also get to choose your age at the beginning of the game, possibly to set the difficulty throughout the game. You can choose ages 1 through 99, so I’m pretty sure this is available for the whole family, as the description of the game says. There are 150 levels in all, and they seem pretty basic. Your goal is to get the Adventure Pig to land safely on the landing without touching the mud. You click on items underneath the pig to have him fall all the way to the landing at the bottom. There’s also a chicken next to Adventure Pig… you might get an extra star for having the chicken land safely, but we’re pretty sure if the chicken lands in the mud, it won’t affect your score.

It’s actually a bit harder than it looks, at least for me! (Marshmallow seems to be much better at it.)

You can download Adventure Pig from the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store for Androids. There is a free version of the app, and an ad-free that costs US$1.99. For the purpose of this guest post, I went ahead and downloaded the free version, but free to buy the full version if you really love the game. There are currently 4 chapters, with 40 levels total.

Even though I’m still stuck on Level 4 (don’t judge), you can see that up ahead there are some different settings for your pig to land in, such as Swine Dining in a restaurant and Pig Apple (Big Apple) in a city like New York. Sounds cool!

You can even find a list of StoryArc Media people – some of them Poptropica Creators as well (Nate Greenwall, Mitch Krpata, Jen MacLean, Jennifer Wood…) – in the credits! Others on the list may or may not be as well, but we’re not so sure.


Another thing is, the graphics of the game are actually really nice looking, except for the pig and chicken’s creepy eyes, of course! That, Marshy had to keep pointing out. While it looks similar to Poptropica, it seems a little different. Is this what the New Poptropica’s graphics will be like?

Final Thoughts

Tall Cactus: While this game has great graphics and can be a challenging puzzle game, I’m kinda bored by it. There isn’t really a story for it or anything. Then again, this is a game that’s meant to be played for short periods of time, and it’s probably meant for younger kids (it says ages 9-11 in the App Store description). So if you’re bored somewhere, you want a challenge and you like pig puns, this game is for you. But if you’re home for a long period of time on your desktop computer, you should just play more Poptropica.

Marshmallow: It actually seems like a pretty fun spin of a simple game mechanic, because there are games pretty similar this on the App Store. So, I would say, nice job, StoryArc Media! But, please, make level 7 a little easier. I’m already stuck this early in the game! 😛

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Tall Cactus and Marshmallow! 

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Adventure Pig Through the Looking Glass

Hey Poptropicans!

There’s a new ad on Home Island for Disney’s Alice Through the Looking Glass, a film coming to theaters this Friday. Watch the trailer and you’ll win a Cheshire Cat Follower! Girls will also get an Alice Costume while boys will get the (Mad) Hatter Costume. Creepy, or snazzy? 😸🎩

Anyway, thanks goes to Purple Claw and Cool Dolphin for the pictures.

In other news, pigs can now fly! Wait, what? That is, in Adventure Pig, the latest creation from Poptropica’s new parent company, StoryArc Media. Despite the similar graphics, it seems it is not related to Poptropica after all. This physics-based mobile game can be downloaded on iOS and Android, but only in Ireland and the Netherlands (it will be made available worldwide soon!).

Check out the trailer video, which uses music from Poptropica’s Monster Carnival Island:

By the way, if you’ve been keeping up with our ASG page (Avatar Studio Gift) here on the PHB, you may notice that we frequently add new ASGs to our collection! Recently we’ve added a couple of pieces of Crisis Caverns Clothing (from the upcoming underground island!), Dummy Dress-ups (which are not cloneable ASGs, but dummies you can copy from!), and lots more in other categories! Check it out!

But that’s not the only cheat-ridden way of accessing cool costumes these days! The PHB’s Cheats page now lists another tool that can allow you to easily modify your character’s clothing, account items, and much more – but in the interest of keeping it in the down-low, we don’t want to say too much here. Those of you who use the PHC may already be familiar with it as it’s been around for a while. 😉

If you’re interested, look for it on our Cheats page (hint: it starts with an “i” and ends in a “Pop”).

Until next time – stay popping, Poptropicans!


Brand New and a New Brand

Heyyo Poptropicans, it’s Ultimate iPad Expert here. I know I just posted today’s PMFM (which you should totally check out, btw (shameless self-promotion)), but Poptropica has just announced some really big news.

We’ve all been wondering for a while what Poptropica has been up to, and it seems we now have an answer. Later this year (when exactly, they have not said), a brand new Poptropica is going to be released! New and improved, as they say.


But what are these changes, you may ask? Well, the Creators are still pretty secretive, but they revealed a few details on their blog:

New look! The new Poptropica will still be Poptropica, but it’ll be improved. Newer! Shinier! More features, more options, more FUN — on a new app and a new website!

New avatar! We’re exploring new designs, new movements, and new looks for the Poptropican avatar. Don’t worry, the essential elements that make a Poptropican a Poptropican will still be there! But we’ll change things up a bit — in a really good way.

New stories! We’ll be bringing you new stories for your Poptropican to experience! And we’re exploring the idea of a unified story that connects all of Poptropica in a way that we’ve never done before. I know that sounds pretty mysterious, but that’s all I can say for now…

New stuff! Like SHOES! And pets! And so much more!

New social experience! We’re developing a way for Poptropicans to have a fun and safe social experience within Poptropica. It’s going to be awesome.

I’m especially looking forward to the unified story element. Bringing all of the islands and characters into one awesome universe. And, of course, the prospects of a new social experience is really awesome.

I’m super excited to see where all of this goes. I know some people may be skeptical, and frankly I am too, but this really could be something awesome. Really it is just a lot to handle. 😛

That being said, Poptropica wants to have what you want. They’ve been reaching out to us, the Poptropica Help Blog, to tell us they want to hear your feedback on things they’re working on. Over the coming months, the Creators will be revealing more details about this new Poptropica and we’ll be ready to share that information with you when the time comes. If you like or dislike something, feel free to comment on our PHB posts and let your voices be heard! The Creators do sometimes read and respond!

Do stay tuned to the PHB for more details on not only the new Poptropica, but more updates in the future.

In other news, the minds behind Poptropica themselves have created a new parent company to encompass the many different properties they have created (namely Poptropica, Funbrain, and Galactic Hot Dogs).


StoryArc is their new company. I’ll let their site description speak a little more about themselves:

GalacticHotDogsAboutStorytellers. Entertainers. Educators. Creators. Put them all together, and you’ve got StoryArc Media.

At StoryArc Media, we create fun, engaging, interactive experiences that light up kids’ faces and brains. Every day and all around the world, kids enjoy our online games, mobile apps, books, and more, including Poptropica, Funbrain, Galactic Hot Dogs, and Mystery of the Map.

Parents and educators think we’re pretty cool, too, because while StoryArc Media creations are oodles of fun, they also educate and reward players. And our online games and apps for kids under 13 carry the KidSAFE seal, so adults can be assured that children are exploring in a safe environment.


The newly created StoryArc Media website (www.storyarc.media) contains a list of the main team leaders, including a few familiar faces. The newly formed company is headed by Jen MacLean as the President and CEO. Jeff Kinney himself is the chief creative officer of the company, as well. They stated the following in regards to the company:

StoryArc Media is the realization of our storytelling history and extension of the success of our many gems – including Poptropica and Funbrain – with an ample dose of hilarity, respect, and learning, that children love and parents and teachers value. From a brand perspective, StoryArc gives us a solid platform to expand our storytelling to every touch point – school, home and on the go – and seamlessly weave our fans’ favorite characters and stories across the platforms of today and tomorrow.

-Jen MacLean

Our brands are a springboard for kids to explore the world around them and to develop their imagination and creativity. We know reading for fun is the secret to growing a life-long reader and that content today is being consumed across all media – print, digital, and mobile.

-Jeff Kinney

There is also an announcement video on the new StoryArc YouTube channel, which you can check out below:

If you’re interested in checking out any more videos from the big bosses, click here for Jen MacLean or click here for Jeff Kinney.

Last but not least, if you’re interested in more about the company, you can check out their website. And, feel free to check out their social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

And that about wraps up this super important news. Feel free to comment your thoughts on all this, unless you’re still in a state of confusion. 😛

Meme King out. 👑

• Ultimate iPad Expert •