GHD guides, P-Con Ep. 3 postponed & more Realms

Hey everyone! Have you checked out Galactic Hot Dogs Island yet? The Creators just released their official video walkthrough! But if you prefer a written guide, we’ve got one with pictures right here that will help you on your quest. 🙂 You can see the video walkthrough below:

PoptropiCon Ep. 3 postponed

You may or may not have noticed, but the Creators didn’t release PoptropiCon Ep. 3: Reign of Omegon yesterday (Feb. 5) despite what they said earlier in this tweet:


So, I decided to contact them, and they said that the island will probably come out next month because they are swamped over at Poptropica headquarters.


I hope they can get the final episode out soon! I want to defeat Omegon!

More remarkable Poptropica Realms creations

Lately, the Creators have been posting a lot of creations made on Poptropica Realms by Poptropicans all over the globe. Check out this or this post for some recent batches. Plus, here are two more remarkably amazing Realms they recently tweeted:

Wow – my favorite is the pirate ship! Anyway, that’s all for now! Tell me in the comments what you think about PoptropiCon Ep. 3 being postponed, and your thoughts on the Realms creations. 🙂


Remarkable Realms & PopStorm #13 (eyebrows)

Hey guys! This week, the Creators have been sharing a ton of Remarkable Realms creations (mostly over Twitter), so just sit back and enjoy! 😀

Amazing work! For more on Realms, check out our Poptropica Realms Guide. Other than Realms creations, the Creators have also shared PopStorm #13, which might raise some eyebrows… if Poptropicans had eyebrows.

popstorm 13

In other Twitter-related news, a recent tweet from Poptropica reveals that they are indeed planning for a Poptropica show someday, as we’d suspected!

And finally, the PHB’s Galactic Hot Dogs Island Guide – written by our very own Brave Tomato and Blake – is now up! Speaking of GHD, the comic’s font is called Arnold 2.1 (thanks to Poptrickia for the random tidbit of info!). You can download it for free here.


Well, that’s it for now. Until next time! 🙂


Strange Things: Magic, missing Daily Pops, & Realms to all!

Hey guys! A lot of strange things have been going on in Poptropica lately.

First of all, there is a new ad popping up called Strange Magic! The ad can be found on islands such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Main Street or in between places. All you have to do to earn your prize is watch its movie trailer. Girls get Fairy Wings and boys get a Staff and Imp costume.

If space bar is pressed while wearing the wings or staff, a short scene will play out where an imp will appear on screen and your Poptropican will fly.

strange magic

Speaking of “strange”, if you’ve checked out the Daily Pops recently, you may have noticed that sneak peeks haven’t been posted on their usual schedule. In fact, there haven’t been any new sneak peeks at all this week, and a couple of days in the past couple of weeks have been skipped as well.

There have only been 9 sneak peeks in January when there should’ve been 17 at this point (one for every weekday). Here they are below:

The most recent image was Head Games: What’s in the box? and was uploaded on January 16. It seems to be for Galactic Hot Dogs Island, but that’s not the point. 😛

Even though the Daily Pop schedule has been sporadic this month, the PHB has all of the images that have been uploaded ready for you to view on our Daily Pop Sneak Peek Archive. 😉

Lastly, as you may have seen in the updates to HP’s Poptropica Realms postPoptropica Realms is now open to all! Check out the PHB’s Realms guide for an in-depth look.

realms carousel

Lots of stuff has been added to HP’s Realms post below, including some strange hats relating to biomes that can be found in Realms, its theme music, and a video tour from HP himself. 🙂


Realms announcement, GHD interactive ad, & more

Hey guys, BT here –

Yeah, I know. I haven’t posted since November. Yell at me all you want.

Anyway, remember how the official Poptropica Twitter page teased us with something called Poptropica Realms? Well, the kindly Creators over on the official blog, fresh from their winter hiatus, have just officially announced this updated version of Land – starting with a video trailer:

Although not revealing much new, the trailer looks like it would hype willing players (even non-members!) to take the challenge to see what they can do.

Also, there is an official tour page for Realms, which hasn’t changed much from the Lands page besides the new title and video. This is intriguing – and although it’ll be open to everyone, members do get bonus benefits according to the official description:

Everyone can create and explore Poptropica Realms, but only Poptropica Members can unlock its true power! With Membership, create even more new Realms, and share your creations with the Poptropica Creators. You’ll also get exclusive props and decorations to make your Realms truly unique.

We know we’ll get to create new worlds and planets to share with people, but I wonder what other new things Realms will give to the table that Lands didn’t already…

The Creators have released yet another Galactic Hot Dogs sponsored quest video on their official YouTube account, this one for a new ad that’s on Main Streets.

Thanks to Slippery Raptor for the pics & insight into the ad –

The exterior of the advertisement shows the Neon Wiener with a smoking large hole behind it. When you enter, a short clip will play, showing the Neon Wiener blasting off into space.

Inside, you can talk to Humphree on your right and F.R.E.D on your left. Moving along, there are a couple of dummies (Cosmoe and Humphree for boys; Princess Dagger and Evil Queen Dagger for girls) you can Costumize from. To your right, Princess Dagger and Cosmoe are guarding the Mega Dog. By clicking on the door to the right, you’ll shoot lasers with two Jacks, Cosmoe, and Princess Dagger.

Isn’t GHD Island supposed to come out some time this month? Hmm…

In other news, the first Arabian Nights episode, How Bazaar (“and robbed from afar!” Okay, I need to stop lyrical connections…) is now available for FREE on iOS devices!

(For Android users, “How Bazaar” has already been released.)

One more thing before I go – according to Poptropica’s tweet, this is “Early concept pencil art. For something. Something February-ish.”

Could it be the cover for the Poptropica comic graphic novel? Is that guy in the blimp… cutting the rope from the protagonists? Uh-oh…

On that note, BT out!

Happy Holidays! Creator’s tribute, a geological park, & more!

Happy holidays from the PHB! It’s been a great year and being part of the PHB has been absolutely amazing. You guys really welcomed me and it’s just been really awesome. 😀

Of course, the Creators want to wish us a happy holiday too!

happy holidays

This is by Kory Merritt, the artist for the Poptropica comics. Hehehe, I love the Neon Wiener (Galactic Hot Dogs spaceship) in the background.

But that’s not all! Another Poptropica Creator, Dr. Lange, unexpectedly made a tribute to the PHB.

phb art

This is just the best way to top off the year. I love this so much!!! Thank you, Creators! 🙂

They also recently tweeted a couple more behind the scenes pics. First up, “a paused project….

bts comic

Well, it looks like a comic to promote an island, like the Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic comic series from before. For what island, I’m not sure. However, it does look a bit like the abandoned geological park idea that surfaced in the Daily Pop in July 2013, around the same time sneak peeks for the underground cave island showed up. Could they be related? Will this ever be a complete island?

The Creators also shared this Poptropica Realms sneak peek (see below). The caption: “Just grabbed from a Poptropica Creator’s computer when she snuck out to do some shopping.”

poptropica realms

I personally can’t wait for Poptropica Realms! 😛 In the meantime, members can still play with Poptropica Land – and if you need a guide, we’ve got one right here!

That’s it for now! Happy holidays everyone!


Caveman follower, Poptropica Realms, & more

Hey Poptropicans! There’s a new ad on Main Street for Night at the Museum 3: Secret of the Tomb, in theaters Dec 19 – just watch the video trailer to get your own Caveman Follower!

caveman follower ad

(It’s supposed to be on Night Watch Island, which would be clever considering the name of the film, except that for some players like me, ads never seem to appear on older/classic islands, although they can be found on SUIs like Shrink Ray!) You can also Costumize the nearby Sir Lancelot.

Meanwhile on social media, Poptropica has revealed a logo and name for what appears to be the second coming of the Land feature: Poptropica Realms. This might even involve the “create your own worlds (planets)” sneak peek unveiled earlier! Hmmm, indeed.

pop realms

They’ve also posted PopStorm #10, titled “anticipation”, and featuring… a birthday boy, chasing after – a burger on wings…? Just what exactly becomes of these PopStorms? Interesting, though.

popstorm 10

The Creators also posted another YouTube video, this one showing off the latest Galactic Hot Dogs prize pack (more details here) as well as the GHD ad game on the Poptropica app (more details here) —

Lastly, to anyone who’s called Poptropican people “ugly”…

it is only natural to envy my looks

True story. Anyway, that’s all for now! 😀 Stay popping, Poptropicans.

Ads: Bonita Femur costume (girls), Street Hawk remote (boys), & more Land WOWs

Hey Poptropicans! There are a couple of new ads on Main Streets: one for boys, and one for girls. To get to either ad, just click on its respective banner in the home page carousel when you first log in, or the button on the ad card you may automatically receive upon logging in.

For the girls-only Monster High: Freaky Fusion ad, all you need to do is click on the billboard to receive two prizes: the monstrously fashionable Bonita Femur costume, and a printable Wish List.

(Thanks to Magic Fire of The Poptropica Package for the pics & insight. By the way, if you’re brought to an ad-less Main Street – like I was – try visiting a SUI. If you still can’t see it, it may be because you don’t meet whatever mysterious criteria have been set for the target audience, be it age, gender, or location.)

For the boys-only Hot Wheels: Street Hawk ad, just watch the video for your prize: a Hot Wheels: Street Hawk Remote Control! Press spacebar and the car will turn into a plane that will fly around your screen and exit upwards. Your character will be left in awe, saying, “Wow, it went 200 feet!”

(Thanks to Slippery Raptor the pics & insight! He recently joined the PHB team, but you can also check out his Poptropica blog here.)

Also, the Creators recently recognized a few more Land creations that have impressed them, which you can view on the official blog or below (click for full size):

The good news is, everyone (not just members, as is currently the case) will get to play a bigger, better version of Land in early 2015! 😀

Anyway, that’s all for this post – be sure to catch up with everything else in the posts below! This post’s bad Pop-pun is: stay popping, not flopping. :mrgreen: