Poptropica Original syncs across devices, usurping Pop Worlds

It looks like the Creators have been hard at work on something, at least, because they’ve just announced a major app update: You can now log into your Poptropica.com account on the Poptropica Original app!

To update (or download, if you don’t have it yet) your Poptropica app on your mobile device, simply head over to the App Store (for Apple) or Play Store (for Android) and install the latest update. Then, you’ll be able to access pets, new shop items, and your Island save data!

Actually, it’s now much the same as the online version of Poptropica, but with this major difference: there are less islands on the app than on the computer. But hopefully, over time, more will be added…

Another difference on the app is that we don’t have clubhouses yet (or friends, for that matter). But again, maybe those things will come with time. There is a coming soon sign on the clubhouse door, so we’ll see.

It’s still a pretty impressive update from the Poptropica dev team, but it raises a question: with Poptropica Original now able to sync across devices, what will happen to Poptropica Worlds, which was the first Poptropica app to do just that? (And, in fact, was created in order to keep up with the latest tech…)

Play across multi-devices!

With the recent change to the home page last month, Poptropica Worlds was quietly removed from view, although you can still find a link to play it if you search the internet. Having gone a year without being updated, perhaps it’s safe to say there are no plans to continue with Worlds?

In other news, Poptropica’s Milk It campaign is still going strong! It turns out the Photo Booth was updated as well, with one new background and four new props related to the act of drinking milk.

Anyway, that’s what’s popping in Poptropica! Will you be playing on the Poptropica app more? What islands should they bring to the app? What do you think should happen to Pop Worlds? Let us know what you think of these updates in the comments below.



Mary POP-pins returns to Poptropica

Hello, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with a practically perfect Photo Booth update for the movie everybody’s talking about—”Mary Poppins Returns.”

It’s just one new backdrop and three new props (including two human characters 🤷‍♂️). Fly a kite with Mary and Jack in front of a neat backdrop in this latest update. Check out my snapshot below featuring a festive Lucky Joker:


In addition to the Photo Booth update, an advertisement for the sequel film can be accessed via the island map. Simply watch the video, and you’ll receive a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Balloon Power which makes everyone around you float.

So, have seen the movie yet? What did you think of it? Let us know down in the comments (but no spoilers!).

Thank you for reading as always, I’ll talk you all in the next one. And to those who celebrate… have a Mary Christmas from the PHB, and from the Creators! Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

Myths from the photo booth contest crypt

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and I have a double feature post for you guys today! Stay tuned for information about one of our Islands of the Month and a new Halloween-themed contest hosted by the Poptropica Creators!

To start this post off, here’s a reminder that Mythology Island is the other of two Islands of the Month (besides Monster Carnival). People who play this very popular island for the first time will win 500 credits (one more island win will reward 300 credits!).

Not only that, the Creators promise to release old concept art on the Creator’s Blog some point this month. If you’re having trouble with the island, check out the video walkthrough by Captain Crawfish or the written guide from the PHB!


In addition, the Cyclops and Icarus members-only item cards have returned to the store for a limited time only! Everyone’s favorite community liaison, Skinny Moon, has already modified her Halloween costume to add features from both these costumes. Looking spooky!

Speaking of Halloween treats, there’s a gravestone on Home Island beside the Arcade that leads you to the Haunted House mini-quest when clicked on!


Plus, the Creators have their own brand of Halloween contest-ry going on with their second annual Halloween Photo Booth challenge!

The Creators have challenged you – yes, you – to compose a spooky Halloween-themed Photo Booth and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #PoptropicaFun! You can also post entries on the Creator’s Facebook page.

Their favorite Photo Booth entries will then be re-posted on said accounts, and along the way, more one-month memberships will be given out! So don’t tarry, and make a Photo Booth picture today to share with the Creators!

If Photo Booths are not your thing, but you still want a chance to win a one month membership (along with being featured on the PHB costume page), then check out the PHB’s Halloween-Autumnal Costume Contest (sponsored by Poptropica)!

This is the last week you can submit your entries before the winners are announced on Halloween, so enter while you can!


Hope you guys enjoy the rest of the month, and stay tuned for anything else that’s new!

BT out! 

Charlie Brown Clothing, Pig Pen Power, & Delightful Desktop Photos

hey hey hey

Hey everyone, Spotted Dragon here! Did you like all that alliteration in the title? Eh, I tried. 😛

Anyway, there are just a few Poptropica updates that you should know about! First off, when you log in to Poptropica you will be greeted by two cool prizes. One of those prizes is a Charlie Brown Shirt and the other is the Pig Pen Power prize (which also just gives you the costume shown on the card, including the dust).

In other news, the Photo Booth has finally been updated for the desktop version of Poptropica! It now includes the Valentine’s Day items and props mentioned in a previous post that first appeared on the app.

Well, I hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day weekend whether you’re taken and not mistaken or just single and ready to mingle. 😉


P.S. Be sure to check out Part 1 of Blake’s Valentine’s Day Special! So far, both Sam and I have been shipped with a cactus… who knows what will happen next? 😀 Stay tuned for Part 2 coming on Valentine’s Day!

Love is in the air, Mystery of the Map everywhere!


Hey guys, Slip here!

February is already here! Deadpool and Valentine’s Day are coming too! Speaking of Valentine’s day, looks like we guessed it right, Poptropica has a brand new Valentine’s Day-themed booth and is now available in the Poptropica app!

Once you open the photo booth, Poptropica gives you a heart-warming card greeting! (Aw, we love you berry much Poptropica!)


Moving along, there are new Valentines related props, backgrounds and characters on the app! This includes the Heart, Cupid, some UFOs, candy hearts and teddy bears! Check them out in the gallery below. Don’t worry guys, it’ll be added to the desktop version and KindleFire version next week!

On the other hand, Poptropica also released the promotional website for the Mystery of the Map graphic novel (coming 3/1) and features a slide and video about it!



You may have also seen the new advertisement in Home Island regarding the graphic novel, which also directs to the site above. Are you excited for the graphic novel?


Speaking of Poptropica, did you know that they have a giant Back Lot poster in their Headquarters? You can also have one here! (This was posted on their Facebook page and Instagram account.)


And that’s all of the updates we have today! What do you think of the recent updates? Leave a comment below! Oh yeah, here’s a Valentines card for all of you.


-Slippery 💦

Photo booths, panoramas, and panda-moneum

Hey guys, my name is Brave Tomato and here’s my first update post since… Pelican Rock was revealed to be surprise-released later that day… okay, sorry I haven’t posted much. Being a senior in high school is fun.

Well back to the point of the post. As of Tuesday, the Photo Booth is now available on the iOS Poptropica app! Now, anywhere you can get decent reception in the world, you can put your mobile characters and other well known characters on a screen together making up poses, props, and all sorts of hijinks. Sorry, the update is not available for Amazon and Android users yet, but it will be soon!

app photo
In other news, something interesting had been found in the past two Daily Pops:

… And all of a sudden I feel like a bunch of eyes are looking right at me through the computer screen. Don’t worry, the “Olympus has Risen” one is not what you think, evidenced by the next day’s “Bloon” Daily Pop. This feels like it would be an updated version of an Island Tour video or clip or whatever, giving close-ups of island icons and such. There are comparisons to storyboards not too unlike when they were preparing the Shark Tooth animation. (Speaking of which, what happened to Poptropica TV?)

Finally, the Creators are using their social media connections to create a different kind of advertising – for Kung Fu Panda 3. Players are encouraged to go into the Home Island arcade (common room) wearing the Baby Pandas headpiece, and Pop Creator Skinny Moon will be grabbing screenshots and posting them on Poptropica’s social media. Here’s a tweet with several of the pics she took:

You can find more pics like this on Poptropica’s Twitter feed now, and keep an eye there for if/when Skinny Moon announces when she’ll be in the common room! If you’d like to get in on the action, just know she’s been practicing her head-to-head gaming and has so far achieved a 2-star battle ranking.

So that’s just about what’s new in Poptropica! Smile with those cubs for the camera, snap a Photo Booth pic, and get ready to see another new perspective on the world of Poptropica!

BT out! 

Photo Booth Mugshots now a Reality

Attention all Poptropican prisoners –

This is not a drill. (It’s actually a hammer! 🔨 )

If you are a prisoner of Pelican Rock, promptly make your way to the new Photo Booth at the Main Street preview of Escape From Pelican Rock Island, which comes with new prison-themed templates, characters, backgrounds, and props. Try not to smile when your mugshot is being taken.

You will meet a host of other characters at our high-tech photo station, including the Booted Bandit, Big Tuna, Florian Fosbury, Patches, Ratchet, Tex Brannigan, Warden Sharp, and Escapee. Who are these people and why do they exist as both male and female? Stop asking so many questions, prisoner!

(You may have noticed in the EFPR Island preview that the NPCs’ genders are the same as your character’s, and it looks like this may continue in the rest of the island as well considering the Photo Booth characters. Check out this Daily Pop from last month for more!)


Lineup: That’s him, third from the left.

Poptropica also tweeted out another batch of early sketches of Reality TV Island characters. Here’s both the new one and the one they shared earlier (click to enlarge images):

Speaking of Reality TV Island, congratulations to Quick Dragon for being the first resident of the small Pacific Island nation of Vanuatu to place on the map (#1,817 worldwide), earning a shoutout on the Creators’ Blog! Beat the island today and you too can have a spot on the map.


Meanwhile, I’m still here waiting for Poptropica to recognize my homeland of Hong Kong as its own entity (at the moment, I have to settle for China on my Friends profile). It has its own political sphere after all, and many other sites list it as a country – I urge Poptropica to do the same. 😉

Check out the posts below to know what else is going on in Poptropica!

Thanks for popping by, Poptropicans. :mrgreen: