Night Watch Island, Sneak Peeks

From behemoth to infant, this coffee shop delights

What keeps you going? Perhaps a gargantuan mug of fragrant cappuccino? Captain Crawfish posted this new sneak peek of a coffee shop, with windows showing a backdrop of palm trees (perhaps part of the movie/theater island). There’s even free wifi! Such a cozy place.

Coffee shop

If you’re still struggling to relax yourself, maybe this motivational poster will help.

Motivational poster

Because there’s nothing more inspiring than a soaring eagle with the caption “motivational poster”… well, at least it isn’t discouraging! 😛 But, y’know, if you’re still looking for something to make yourself feel better, there’s a booth on Night Watch Island that will feature your stunning (and not at all derpy) Poptropican’s face on a magazine of your choice – like the gaming mag Final Boss Weekly.

Final Boss Weekly

So, what makes you happy? It may sound cheesy, but in spite of everything, don’t forget to enjoy the gift of life and smile. 😀

And while we wait for the Creators to tell us what’s going on with the new sneak peeks, check out the PHB’s 8 million hits special – the Ongoing Story Creation, in which everyone is encouraged to continue the tale of Jumpy Jumper (JJ) and the mysterious Island X as it’s written in the comments section. Keep on keepin’ on!

Night Watch Island

Suit up, wear hats, and let’s go to the mall… today

Night Watch Island is so full of free stuff, it’s hard to decide what you want! Check out the Carnival Costumes and In The Now stores for lots of great new costumes and some handheld items from the mannequins! Plus, you can even get a moustache – how awesome is that? 🙂

Carnival Costumes

That’s not all! At the Hat-o-Matic, you can design and wear your very own custom hat and even support your Tribe with it. Pick up a new scent at the Eau de Toilette and have it follow you around as you go. Get your face on the cover of a magazine at the We’ve Got You Covered booth. At the Sizzling Tanning Salon, you can even give yourself a tan. But don’t leave the mall without taking at least one ride in the elevator, ’cause there’s some cool music playing in there.

Keep exploring Twin Palms Mall to see what other sorts of things you can discover, and make the most of what it has to offer! There are plenty of strange things in store (and in tanning bed)…

Tanning salon

If being a mall cop proves to be a challenge for you, check out our Night Watch Island Guide (with pictures) for the complete written walkthrough and cheats to help you finish the island. Night Watch releases to everyone on March 14, just two weeks away! Let’s go to the mall! 😀

LEGO Poptropica, Night Watch Island

Promo Code for Big Carrot, 33 medallions to collect

Well it’s that time of a new Island’s release where we are reminded that there are now *insert current number of Islands here* Island Medallions that we can earn!

33 medallions and counting!

The battle for bragging rights becomes ever more heated. With 33 Islands to explore and complete on Poptropica, earning every Island medallion is no easy task. But if you can do it, then you can show off your 33 shiny gold medallions to all your friends! They will seethe with envy.

So how about it? Are you up to the task? Head to Poptropica to earn the medallions you’re missing!

avatar image

So how many medallions have you won so far? Are you up for the challenge to get all 33?

Anyway, enough about that, onto the bigger news! Remember when the creators released the Dr. Hare Lego wallpaper celebrating getting 1,000 supporters for Dr. Hare’s Lair on Lego CUUSOO? Well they reached their next goal of 2,500 supporters and there is a new prize! The Big Carrot Costume!

LEGO CUUSOO update — the carrot’s on us

In the quest for 10,000 supporters for our LEGO CUUSOO project, Dr. Hare’s Lair, we’ve reached an important milestone: 2,500 supporters!

As thanks, we’re giving away a brand-new costume to anyone who wants one. Simply log in with your existing Poptropica account and enter the promo code DRHARE2500 to claim your free Big Carrot outfit.

If you’re one of the more than 2,500 people who have cast your support for Dr. Hare’s Lair on LEGO CUUSOO, wear this outfit with pride. If not, wear it with deepest shame. And then visit our project page to find out how you can help us reach the finish line!

(Wondering how to redeem a code? Find out here.)

avatar image

Pretty sweet right? All you have to do is redeem the code DRHARE2500 to receive this awesome costume! We will have to wait till 5,000 supporters to see what we get next.

What are you hoping the next free giveaway is?

Night Watch Island

When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call

NightWatch banner

Your favorite Poptropica Help Blog, of course! That’s who you call! We’ve got you covered (and not just the booth from Twin Palms Mall) with lots of resources. (If you’re not a member, there’s a demo available and the island comes out March 14.) Enjoy! 😀

Also, congrats to the top 10 finishers! Continue down the post if you want to see their lovely faces! 🙂  Continue reading “When there’s trouble on Night Watch Island, this is who you call”

Night Watch Island

What do you find at a mall after hours?

Night guards, cat burglars, escaped animals, and (best of all) new clothes!

Before I go any further with this post, I just want to say sorry for not posting in a really long time!  Life’s been really busy for me lately.  Hopefully I’ll be able to post a little more often from now on.  I might be a little clueless about what happened while I was gone, but, hopefully that will wear off really fast.

Anyway, to continue what I was saying before that flimsy excuse of an apology of mine, apparently there are, to quote Black Widow, “tons of new costume pieces” on Night Watch Island.  I’m not sure how true that is, though.  After all, I haven’t played Night Watch yet, and I don’t completely trust the Creators.  I mean, after they tried to trick us into thinking that they were going to add noses to all of our Poptropicans, I haven’t bothered to believe them one hundred percent.

And since I’m having trouble thinking of what to say next, I’ll just let you go ahead and look at the Creators’ post for yourselves.

Cat burglars everywhere!

Night Watch Island is available now for Poptropica Members, and one of the best things about it is how many new things are available for you to costumize. We’re talking tons of new costume pieces that anybody who plays Night Watch Island can get.

But there’s one costume that won’t be around forever: the Cat Burglar costume, available only in the Poptropica Store. It’s only for Poptropica Members, and it’s only around during Early Access for Night Watch Island!

If you don’t want to miss out on the Cat Burglar costume, or on being the first person you know to play Night Watch Island, then find out how to become a Member today!

avatar image

I still don’t know whether to believe them or not…  It’s hard to tell when the little section about it is inside a post that basically advertising the Cat Burglar Costume.

Hopefully those of you that have played Night Watch Island have noticed all these new clothes.  That way I won’t have to sit around and wonder whether or not to believe the Creators.