March Madness, Red Dragon Island

Red Dragon and April Not-Madness!

Hey folks, Cobalt here! So, while the PHB is still working on bringing you some grand-scale changes around here, over on Poptropica we’ve got a winner for March Madness!

Crazy, right? Anyway – I just dropped on in to let you all know which members-only island is finally open to all again! It’s…


Red Dragon Island! The month-long voting chaos is over! But I am a bit sad Nabooti isn’t playable to non-members for sure now… Team Nabooti, let’s riot!

No, I’m kidding. Don’t.

So, non-members can once again enjoy traveling to ancient Japan via magic tree house! Be sure to check out our Red Dragon Island Guide for a walkthrough.

Well, that about wraps this post up! Make sure to smash that like button, and drop a comment down below! Cobalt out!

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// puts on ninja mask

Arabian Nights Island, Daily Pop, March Madness

March Madness Tie and Purplish Pictures

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have some more rather maddening news dreamt up for you all.


So, you all remember March Madness, right? Well, it’s still going on – but nevertheless, the Creators have decided to grace us with knowledge of the competition’s three frontrunners. The statistics are as follows:

  1. Red Dragon Island – 19.8%
  2. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island – 19.8%
  3. Wimpy Boardwalk Island – 15.1%

And believe it or not, Red Dragon and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are only one vote away from each other! So everyone get voting, because March Madness ends on March 31. Your votes mean more now than ever, and remember you can vote once in every common room!

Just a reminder, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island is currently free for all for a limited time (until when, we don’t know) – so if you do want to get the most out of this, maybe vote for another island so we can play both for free? #RedDragonIslandFTW


In other news, have you seen this semi-recent post on the Daily Pop? It’s the only sneak peek we’ve gotten so far this month…


Super mysterious, right? For what could this sneak peak be? Could it be for an upcoming island cutscene, or perhaps an animated short/special?

The possibilities are endlessly intriguing, so I would like to hear from all of you Poptropica theorists – what do you think this is, and where do you believe it be featured further?


Update: Last but not least, check out this pic Poptropica tweeted of the Arabian Nights Island Poster – where we can see it as a painting in real life!

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk


March Madness

March Madness and Pi Power!

Greetings Hawk-tropicans! This is Giant Hawk speaking, and today, I have some rather maddening news for you all.

In all of your minds, what was the worst thing that ever happened to Poptropica? To some, it’s the onslaught of unoriginal islands that were released recently. For others, it’s the game’s departure from Pearson Inc. But for quite a large number of people in the community, it was the idea to make sponsored islands members only.

After all this time, the Creators have not only listened, but are responding to that bit of criticism. Introducing… March Madness! (thanks to PHC user AAA for the tip)


From now until the end of the month, March 31, you as a player can choose one members only sponsored island to be released for all again!

These choices, and you may have realized, are Nabooti Island, Big Nate Island, Great Pumpkin Island, Wimpy Wonderland Island, Red Dragon Island, Wimpy Boardwalk Island, and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island! (By the way, courtesy of Charlie the ChocomonkeyCharlie and the Chocolate Factory Island is currently open to all for a limited time!)

To enter, simply go to any of the common rooms (or multiverse rooms) on Poptropica, click on the poster you’ll find inside, and cast your vote. Best yet, you can vote indefinitely – so choose your favorite and get to voting!


Bonus points: What island’s common room am I inside for the picture above?

In other news, Pi Day is almost upon us! And Poptropica is celebrating with a not so mathematically inclined new card. Simply log on, and you’ll collect this Cream Pie Toss item power. (Special thanks to WimpyKidFan for the heads up and the pictures coming up!)

UPDATE: Poptropica commented on this post to inform us that the pie item card was not supposed to be released until Monday, March 14 (Pi Day – 3/14). But hey, if you have it sooner, enjoy it! 😋

With it equipped, simply press spacebar to unleash your creamy vengeance upon Poptropica!

So, I can already tell you, my votes will be going towards Red Dragon Island – because honestly, I want to do cool ninja stuff again. But what about you? What island will get your support this month?

Until next time…

— Giant Hawk