Hellos & Goodbyes

New author, Sporty Boa, slides in

“Sporty Boa” by napstachill

Greetings, everyone!

Yep, I’m Sporty Boa, the Poptropica Help Blog’s newest author, and I’m just as surprised as you are! What can I say except that I’m feeling extremely humbled, blessed, and honored to be chosen by the PHB team to be, well, part of the PHB team.

Who am I? Sporty Boa’s the name, but you can call me SB for short. I’m just a teen with big dreams, big hair, and a huge love for Poptropica!

Besides playing and blogging about Pop, I also busy myself in other hobbies such as sports (mainly basketball), reading (Bravelands & Warriors are some of my favs), and playing video games. And I can’t forget to mention that I have three amazing pets (two cats and a bunny), plus other animals I take care of outside my home. (I really love animals!)

Shout-out also to my family, who’ve always been there for me and actually introduced me to Poptropica! My sister was the first to show me the game when I was just a nerdy third-grader, and as for my younger brother, Fierce Flyer… let’s just say he’s found his place within the community. Excited to blog with ya, bro! 🙂

Anyway, when I first started blogging on the Sporty Boa Blog, my slogan was: “Great experiences make great stories.” For me, Poptropica was more than just an awesome game — it was an awesome experience, one that I just can’t wait to share with you guys.

Thanks again to everyone, the staff and the readers, for accepting me as the PHB’s newest author. Boa out!

Hellos & Goodbyes

Thanks for everything.

Hey there, Poptropicans.

It’s me, Purple Claw, and I have some bad news to tell you: I’m leaving the PHB. I’ve lost interest in Poptropica for a while now, and while I still love the original game, Poptropica isn’t something I’m obsessed about about anymore. I hope you understand.

I remember when I found out about the PHB about two-and-a-half years ago. I read this blog every day and it was always a secret dream of mine to become an author here. During my time in the Poptropica community, I’ve run my own Poptropica blog (which was nominated twice for Best Active Fansite at the PHB’s Poppies Awards) and I’ve made so many new friends. I couldn’t be more grateful.

I don’t want to make this too long, so I’d just like to thank everyone who supported me in the past, and also thank the PHB team for giving me this amazing opportunity. With that said, you can still find me on Discord, my DeviantArt, or Twitter. I’ll be active there.

And for the last time here,

PC out.

portrait by Fishy
Hellos & Goodbyes, Pop 5

Pop 5: Poptropica’s Greatest Scenes (and a Goodbye)

It’s Happy Lobster here, with a new Pop 5: about the best scenes, gameplay-wise, to have ever been created in Poptropica.

#5: Topsy-Turvy Bonus Quest, Super Villain Island

While island bonus quests are only available to members after completing the main island quest, Super Villain Island’s one probably tops all other bonus quests. The player gets to experience Mythology Island scenes from a much more thrilling point of view — all the colors are completely inverted, the player can only move upside-down — overall it ensures for an exciting play.

#4: Kerplunk, Game Show Island

Kerplunk is a game show within Game Show Island, and it fully incorporates the ethos of Poptropica: running and jumping around. There are plenty of fun obstacles here, from running across slime-covered, turning platforms and trying not to fall off or get hit by slime, to dodging kicking mechanical shoes, to trying to land on a tiny hovering platform when thrown up by a massive inflatable — all while trying to be as fast as you can!

#3: Mademoiselle Moreau chase, Mystery Train Island

There are many obstacle cchases within Poptropica: being chased by Mr. Silva and his shrink ray in Shrink Ray Island; goblins in Twisted Thicket; Myron Van Buren and his dogs in Survival – just to name a few. But this chase, where you are both chasing Mademoiselle Moreau and being chased by policemen in Mystery Train Island, beats all the other chases, with excellent obstacles that vary immensely, unlike most of the other chases in Poptropica, and superb game art.

#2: Fortress levels, Red Dragon Island

Armed with multiple ninja weapons, this section of Red Dragon Island requires great skill to pass through it. With samurais swarming all over the fortress, you need to be quick in action – from jumping to swinging to sneaking unseen. The fortress offers even the most experienced Poptropican players an excellent, exhilarating challenge.

#1: Binary Bard battle, Astro-Knights Island

Astro-Knights Island probably features the greatest boss battle in Poptropica. The player has to fight Binary Bard from the perspective of his owl, Merlin, to try and save Princess Elyana, while dodging his eternally-swinging swords, shooting laser and flying stars that follow you around – while trying to actually damage Binary Bard by getting close enough to him and trying not to die from his relentless attacks. The design of the cathedral and Binary Bard’s knight automaton is simply spectacular, and is no doubt one of Poptropica’s defining scenes.

And with this Pop 5, I am also leaving the PHB.hl3.png

I’ll keep this short and sweet, but no I longer do I have the same passion for blogging about Poptropica as I did in 2016, when I joined the Poptropica community as well as the PHB. This doesn’t mean I dislike Poptropica, but I also have other things to focus on in life. I’ll still be in the Pop community to a small extent, like posting some Poptropica art on my DeviantArt account, or very occasionally going onto the PHC chat on Discord.

I’d like to thank the ever-helpful PHB team, as well as other members of the Poptropica community during my time here for their amazing support.

Thanks for understanding.


Hellos & Goodbyes

A new author flying in: Fierce Flyer

Hello everyone, Fierce Flyer here!

add me: muuuuuuuuuuu4

As you can tell by the title, I’m the newest author to join the Poptropica Help Blog. I’m extremely honored to have been asked to join the team, and would like to make the most of this wonderful opportunity.

I go by Fierce Flyer, or Fierce for short (but I promise that doesn’t mean I’m mean! 😛 ). I’m a teen (13 years old!) who loves drawing, writing, sports and reading. You may know me from my Poptropica blog, Fierce Flyer Adventures (FFA) or from my presence on Discord servers such as the PHC. You can add me on Poptropica with the username: muuuuuuuuuuu4 (yep, I know that’s a lot of u’s).

I first got into Poptropica thanks to my older sister, who would always get back from school and hop onto the computer, where my brother and I would quickly pull up a chair to watch her conquer the Islands. So many fond memories brought me back to the game about a year and a half ago. Since then, I began blogging with Fierce Flyer Adventures. Throughout this time I met amazing people, became familiar with the Poptropica community, and found a bunch of friends.

If you’d like to know more about me, you can check out my “My Place in Poptropica” (MPIP) story and/or my blog. You can also reach me via Twitter (@FierceFlyer55) and Discord, both of which I use frequently!

fierceflyer art

Once more, thank you to the PHB staff for giving me this opportunity, which I’m truly grateful and excited for. I’ll try my hardest to bring quality and entertaining posts to the Poptropica community. I can’t wait to begin!!

🛫 Fierce Flyer 🛬

Blast from the Past, Hellos & Goodbyes

2017 Rewind: A Whole New World 🚀


Hey, Poptropicans! It’s finally the end of 2017—what an eventful year for all of us.

To continue an annual PHB tradition, I, Slippery Raptor, present to you… the PHB’s 2017 Rewind! This tradition commemorates and reflects back on to the biggest Poptropica highlights of the year, from the game to the community. It also serves as a yearbook of sorts for the PHB community.

Time flies by us so quickly that we may barely notice when we’re already at its end. Good thing we have this Rewind series to turn back the hands of the clock!


Prepare yourselves as we walk down the memory lane and flip through four chapters of 2017. Now, take a deep breath as we enter a whole new world. Here we go…


Poptropica Worlds was this year’s most-awaited update from Poptropica, but before we talk about its grand release, let’s go back all the way to January

It all began with a video teaser that announced the forthcoming of the New Poptropica, now with a new name, “Poptropica Worlds,” with hints from the Creators of the features to come with the new update. This was, then, followed by a series of leaked images and scenes from Crisis Caverns (which was then rumored to be part of Poptropica Worlds, and it was)!

Another month went by, and Poptropicans became even more restless and impatient for the new game to come. On the PHB, Slanted Fish wrote an opinion piece on the long wait for the overhaul project that was, by that time, already under significant delay.

Finally, Poptropica released an FAQ page for a bunch of queries pertaining to Poptropica Worlds! To further quench the fans’ thirst for more updates, they even showed previews on Google Play on what to expect in the impending update:

Soon after, Poptropica teased out some more Poptropica Worlds art: a glimpse into a player home and the new avatar style. Excitement continued to grow with the release of an exclusive pre-beta kit sent only to a select few in the Poptropica community, including the PHB team, who were invited to share its #NewPopDrop contents with everyone. The kit contained a massive behind-the-scenes look at what was to come in Worlds.


The final sneak peeks came as silhouettes of various items were posted on the Creator’s Blog and Poptropica social media person Skinny Moon promising that there were “more to come.”

It finally brought joy to the world and the whole Poptropica community when Poptropica Worlds was released in late May, first on Android, and then on desktop shortly after. What an amazing milestone it is for everyone that Poptropica Worlds had finally come! (We wrote a review on the new game in comparison to the old: check it out!)

In June, Poptropica Worlds featured its first advertisement in-game: Cars 3, with a similar approach to how one type of ad worked in the original Poptropica—watch a video for a free item. Sadly, we’ve yet to see any ad games in Worlds.

Also in June, we put out our review for the newly-released Crisis Caverns Island.

July came with a handful of updates for Poptropica Worlds. First, the remastered 24 Carrot Island was welcomed in with brand new characters and a more enriched plot! (Check out our review here.)

We also had a big summer update that featured the first home expansion, color-changing outfits, and brought back the Colorizer—one awesome way to celebrate summer!

What happened next? Well, in August, Poptropica finally released a video trailer for Pop Worlds! It included lots of sneak peeks and references to the original Poptropica and future updates to come. Exciting! The PHB also got a stellar new logo this month.



When I woke up when September ended, the Ye Olde Shop had made its way to Home Island. Also new on the shore were weekly gameplay livestreams from a new Poptropica Creator, Stephanie!

Onto the last three months of 2017! October brought a new mini-game to Poptropica Worlds: Dr. Hare’s Revenge—quite odd for his disappearance in the initial release, but good thing he was later added in a recent update!

November passed with more Poptropica videos, and then December came with the final update of the year: a hare-raising Dr. Hare update! We got another room expansion for our houses and finally saw the winning designs of the past year’s costume contest added to the shop on Worlds.


It may not be quite as eventful as Poptropica Worlds this year, but we still received a handful of updates on the original Poptropica. So let’s cover some of the other, non-Worlds happenings around Poptropica HQ—and the fandom community!

Fast-forwarding in February, the first major update we got from Poptropica was the announcement of the #MyPoptropicaCostume contest winners, wherein the Mermaid and Hip-Hop costumes were both declared grand prize winners!

We also celebrated Valentine’s Day with a #PoptropicaLove contest using the Valentine-themed Photo Booth, all set to spread the love to the community.

In March, with the snow still falling in Boston, Poptropica added a brand new game to Home Island: Snowpocalypse! The game is a crazy snowball fight with characters from various islands we know and love. Here’s Zeus getting pelted:


Moreover with the madness, Poptropica also decided to bring back classic costumes and power cards to the store! Not only that, we also saw the arrival of the Home Island Movie Theater—although, it wasn’t at all what we were hoping for.

In April, the PHB conducted a big interview with longtime Poptropica Creator and author of several Poptropica books, Mitch Krpata, which you can read here. Along with that, for Wimpy Kid Month, Poptropica also hosted some Wimpy Kid/Poptropica giveaways. And the third Poptropica graphic novel, The Secret Society, also dropped—along with our review, which you can read here.

Jumping to July, Mitch Krpata once again came into the limelight with an interview on a podcast called The Oddball Show, where he talked about Poptropica (among other things), and which we recapped here. We also bid our farewells to beloved Poptropica Creator Skinny Moon, who left her position to continue her previous career as a freelance copywriter and social media strategist.

In August, Poptropica challenged players to be a part of the #FreeThe15 challenge that rewarded us with 21 new items for our homes on Poptropica Worlds.

Then in September, we celebrated the highly anticipated 10th birthday celebration of Poptropica, which came with grinning monkey hats—both on Poptropica Original and on Worlds! The festivities also included a membership contest with quite a peculiar task. Nonetheless, the party raged on as Poptropica finally unveiled the concluding chapter to the graphic novel tetralogy, The End of Time. (Check out our book review here!)

pop 10years

Not much happened in October, though the Poptropica Comics did return with Jorge and Oliver still onto their mischievous misadventures. November came with a Thanksgiving giveaway that made us search for missing followers around Poptropica.

In December, we concluded the year with the re-introduction of the mini-game Legendary Swords to Poptropica Original. At first, the re-release was members-only, but the Creators later opened it for everyone.

Wowie, what a 2017 for Poptropica! Let’s head into the next chapter…


Our community has been witness to many events this year, both fun and serious, and it’s these things that make us a formidable community. Let this chapter help us recall the memories we’ve shared in 2017.

In January, we welcomed a brand new post series to the blog: Community Creations! This monthly series features the creative works of Poptropicans that revolve around a given theme each month, with PHB staffer Spotted Dragon spearheading each round. Over the months, we’ve seen some amazing fan art. Here is just a handful:

In February, we conducted our third ever PHB Readers’ Survey and got some pretty neat results. Thanks to all of you who participated!

March came along and, prompted by a PHB post by Perfect Sky calling for giving more love to smaller Poptropica fan blogs, a movement began, known as #SaveTheCommunity and later #PopBlogsMatter. To that end, the Poptropica Bloggers Network (PBN) headed up by Purple Claw and Hyper Gamer—which is dedicated to helping smaller Poptropica blogs—saw a revival, and fan blogs outside of the PHB continued to flourish.

April brought along yet another April Fools’ prank from the PHB: PopFeedz! This was a joke site we made that took the PHB as we know it and spun it into a more Buzzfeed-esque version of our site. Lots of you really liked it! You can check out the original over on popfeedz.wordpress.com.

popfeedz prank

In May, something pretty exciting happened for the PHB and other fan sites: VIP status! There hasn’t been a ton happening in this department, but it’s nice to get that recognition after so many years.

June was a fulfilling month: we launched our Write for the PHB campaign, to empower all of you with the how-to of contributing to our site. We also had a PHB special that featured Popsonas of the PHB staff. The month concluded with us coordinating Poptropica’s first-ever Pride Party, in which we celebrated love in its many forms.

Then in July, the PHB’s birthday month, we hosted our annual Poppies Awards! From nominations to the awards ceremony, we had lots of fun and hope you did too. To celebrate some more, we also put together a collection of Greatest PHB Posts and walked through a gallery of PHB headers over the years. Happy 9th birthday to the PHB!

In August, we explored the intersection of Poptropica and Age with a mini-series of posts from PHB founder Slanted Fish (see part 1, part 2, and part 3 here). We also wrestled with the almost-pay-to-play direction that the New Poptropica seemed to be going. Also, we took on a new PHB logo design, plus a new, slicker URL: poptropi.ca!

September, of course, was the big month: Poptropica’s 10th birthday! We shared some reflections about the game’s impact on us and threw a big party on Poptropica. Also, we enjoyed a massive compendium of amazing Poptropica wallpapers from our friend napstachill—seriously, check it out!

October was filled with fright as we hosted our 9th annual Halloween costume contest, which took entries from both Poptropica Original and Worlds, with both games putting out their Halloween costumes at the front of their stores. Also, we were finally introduced to Dave, who had been making videos for Poptropica’s YouTube channel for quite some time.

November passed with some more videos from Dave and livestreamer Stephanie, and we also hit a biggie: 30 million views on the PHB! Thank you all so much!

In December we held our annual Holiday Party, with a special guest: Unwilling Santa Zeus! PHB staffer Lucky Joker also debuted one of our biggest blog specials ever: 100 Years of Fashion, Poptropica-style.

This year on the PHB, we also had a ton of posts for many of our series: Poptropica Portfolio, Pop 5, Pop Petition, and My Place in Poptropica. Be sure to check out those post categories while you’re here—and maybe even make a new year’s resolution to Write for the PHB in 2018!


To continue a tradition from last year’s Rewind, I now invite you to the Tributes, a section dedicated to keeping the memories of the PHB staff who left us this year:

Ultimate iPad Expert 📱 — 2015–2017

uipeBefore he joined the PHB team, Ultimate iPad Expert served as an admin on the Poptropica Wiki. A meme entry for HPuterpop’s fan art contest led to inspiration for more memes, and soon enough, Poptropican Meme Face Mondays was born. PMFM lasted a whopping 70 rounds, and UiPE himself earned his legendary moniker, “Meme King”—plus the 2016 title for Best PHB Author! Wherever he is now, I trust that he’s living his ultimate best. Long live the Meme King!

Perfect Sky ⛅ — 2016–2017


Long before she became a member of the PHB staff, Perfect Sky was renowned for her Poptropica movies on YouTube. Besides her creativity, she is known for having a passionate heart for the Poptropica community who is never afraid to stand for what she believes in. She’s someone with a heart of gold and we thank her for everything she has done for the community. Thanks for making the skies perfect, PS!

Slippery Raptor 💦 — 2014–2017

slip cutout

I’m sure you’re least expecting this thing to happen here, right? But, this is really happening. Prepare your tissues.

This is the end for me, everyone, and I would just like to extend my deepest gratitude to the whole PHB staff (both current and former) for giving me this opportunity. Being part of this community and blogging here has simply been a surreal experience. Before I joined, I remember dreaming of joining the staff by spamming the comments section with “Can I be an author here?” It’s so funny that, years later, I found my place here, and would actually stay for a few years more than I had expected.

I’m also thankful for the whole Poptropica community: you all are so amazing, crazy talented, and even so silly sometimes. I’m so happy to have witnessed so many changes in Poptropica and in our community that I felt very much involved with, and that’s something I won’t forget. Thanks to all my friends out there! I hope I can still drop by on Discord here and there.

Just to briefly explain my departure: I have a lot on my plate right now, with college around the corner, academics and organizations to balance, and other things. I also cannot deny the inevitability of growing up and my feelings of “outgrowing” the game. Another factor would be the arrival of Poptropica Worlds, which is not a bad thing, but it isn’t quite the same as the Poptropica I grew up with—plus, updates have been more scarce. I do hope you understand that and trust me, it’s something everyone will go through eventually.

To the next author who will succeed me, I hope you enjoy being a PHB staff member! And to everyone else, stay awesome as you always have been doing, and continue the awesomeness we’ve started. I don’t want this to be too much of a long, melodramatic piece, but I hope you’ll all keep moving forward for me. Carpe diem—seize the day. I wish you all the best of luck!

May God bless you all so much. Thank you, and that will be all.

2017, everyone! What a crazy rollercoaster ride—filled with ups, downs, and even loops! In the midst of all the good and bad that have crossed our paths in the past year, let’s put them behind us and look forward to the new year. As we all transition to a whole new world in Poptropica Worlds, I do hope that you’ll enjoy every update yet to come.

Thank you all for riding with us in 2017. As we ring in the new year, a new chapter in the PHB’s life begins as we look forward to our 10th birthday in July. We wouldn’t want to miss it for the world!

We here at the PHB hope to continue what we started back in 2008: our unwavering passion towards Poptropica and its community. We hope you enjoyed 2017 as much as we did! See you in 2018, Poptropicans!



– ❤ from the PHB