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Pop drop: Goofball Island is here! 🤪🕵️‍♀️

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It’s playtime, Poptropicans: Goofball Island is here and available to all players! Head to the map to get started on this wild ride.

Looking for a little help in this adventure? Check out our Goofball Island Guide with pictures, trivia, and more! 🥳🥸

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Catch some Crazy Costumes and Clubhouses 🤪🎩🏠

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s almost time to goof off because Goofball Island, the second 2020 Dream Island winner, will be released in a mere two days! Get silly and get ready to save this colorful island from a monochrome fate! 🤪🔍

To celebrate, Adventure Outfitters stocked up on some new items ranging from stylish to silly. The costume gallery features a new fashionable fall look: the Frosty Flannel. All players can purchase this grey get-up for 250 credits.

In stark contrast to this subdued look, the rest of the store boasts a wide array of wacky articles fitting for the upcoming release of Goofball Island. Our returning items are the various fast food costumes, the autumn clubhouse décor, and the Pie Pal Follower. There are also three new items: the Rawr-in Hat (100 credits), the Eye See You googly eyes (100 credits), and the Hatters Gonna Hat cuckoo clock hat (250 credits).

Think some goofy gear is enough to build anticipation for Goofball island? Heh heh… WRONG!!! The Pop Creators also invited players to join the Goofy Clubhouse Challenge! Players are tasked with creating the wackiest clubhouse with the only limit being their imaginations and their in-game wallets. The homeowners of the three nuttiest abodes will win an unspecified amount of credits.

Once you’re done decorating, go to the submissions page and enter either a short video of your clubhouse or your account username so the Creators can take a gander themselves. Act fast because this challenge ends on Monday, November 22, at 8pm PST.

While you deck your dwellings with daffy decorations, don’t forget about November’s ongoing costume contest. You can enter your outfit designs until Friday, November 19th, at 8pm PST. Maybe you could design a bonkers costume based on Goofball Island? The possibilities are endless!

Now let’s check out some social media shenanigans! The Creators made a Youtube short all about dressing up our beloved pets, which is appropriately accompanied by “Who Let The Dogs Out” by Baha Men.

Over on Instagram, the Creators shared some more awesome fan content! There’s plenty of cool stuff from Poptropican doodles to Popsona drawings to poppin’ dank memes.

That’s all for now. Are you looking forward to Goofball Island’s release? Do you think it will be a laugh-out-loud joyride or a foolish folly? Will you get into the silly spirit and dress up yourself and your clubhouse? Let us know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading, and have a good day!

—Gentle Dolphin 🐬

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Look out for Goofy Goobers 🤪🔍

Hey Poptropicans, get ready for gaggle of goofing off with a sneak peek for Goofball Island, Halloween cosplays, and more. Let’s pop right in!

The upcoming Goofball Island, the second of three winners in last year’s Dream Island Contest, is “coming to Poptropica very soon and will be available to all players,” according to a new Creators’ Blog post. For a teaser, they even dropped this sneak peek full of contrasts:

As we know from earlier, the island is all about how an evil scientist turns a town full of fun and laughter into one purged of its color and cheerful character. We definitely get a glimpse of that in this new pic showing both a black-and-white side with a detective trying to figure things out, while on the other end it’s all bright colors, with an eccentric mayor-like character who appears to be officiating a competition about “Cats” (or perhaps he has just won 5th place, as his ribbon shows). Neither of them appear to be the evil Dr. Blandston, but what are your impressions on who these people might be?

Curious for more Goofball Island greatness? Check out the PHB’s exclusive interview with its designer, Thirsty Flame, for an inside look at this whimsical world! Plus, check out previous sneak peeks of the island here.

Wacky wonders aren’t just on islands yet to be discovered, but happening all the time on social media! The Pop Creators recently featured a few on their Instagram story, including both doodles and Halloween cosplays of iconic villains Dr. Hare and Binary Bard from a duo of grown-up friends. Cute! 🐰🃏

While the recently released first episode of Mission Atlantis is currently only available to members, all are able to watch the Haxe adventure in this new playthrough video from Poptropica. Sea for yourself!

That wraps up this update. Stay tuned for more news on Goofball Island as they come, plot your entries for this month’s costume contest and Community Creations, and pop on, Poptropicans!


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Inside look at Dream Island winner: Goofball Island 🏝🤪

Hey Poptropicans, we have a very special guest with us! Thirsty Flame (aka Blank Slayte, or BigMarioFan99 on DeviantArt) is one of the winners of Poptropica’s 2020 Design Your Dream Island Contest. In this post, he’ll be sharing about his winning idea, Goofball Island. Smile and wave!

The first glimpses of Goofball Island were revealed in September 2021.

Hello, this is Thirsty Flame, and I’m glad you asked me for an inside look about my island idea: “Goofball Island.”

I want to get this out of the way first, to those Poptropicans who are aged 13+ and seen some of the NSFW stuff I post on Twitter or DeviantArt, this island will have none of that. I mostly try to be safe for all ages, and most of the stuff I post is alright.

Crazy Club concept for Goofball Island from the Poptropica Creators

Now onto the island! To be honest, I haven’t really thought about how the island will be played, like levels and all that. All that I submitted was a visual (see below), and the basic plot of the island:

In a colorful and bizarre-looking town populated by joke-loving and silly citizens, the evil scientist, Dr. Blandston, has invented a device to take away the town’s color and goofiness. It’s up to you to defeat Dr. Blandston and destroy his machine before he can turn the entire island into a dull, gray, land.

Plot of Goofball Island by Thirsty Flame
Goofball Island concept art by Thirsty Flame

I would like to imagine the island would play similarly to something like 24 Carrot Island, Mythology Island, or Monster Carnival Island. But, considering how new island quests like Fairy Tale Island use “side missions,” I’m not sure how Goofball will play out.

Still, I can tell you how I came up with the idea for Goofball Island. It was around the time the first Dream Island contest was happening in 2013, and I had gotten the Poptropica Island Creator Kit book to help me draw and write ideas that I had. My only problem was that I didn’t know how to send it, so I never entered my original idea.

See what other books Poptropica has released in our Merchandise Guide.

My original island was called “Toon Island,” and the plot was mostly the same one I used for Goofball Island, except someone was stealing Poptropicans’ sense of humor and you would find who’s doing it and stop them. I came up with ideas for the visuals, such as what the island would look like on the map

…as well as the medallion, two versions of the villain, and how Poptropicans look before and after their sense of humor is taken. Basically, for Goofball Island, I reworked my “Toon Island” idea and renamed it to “Goofball Island,” since I doubt they would’ve accepted an island named “Toon Island.”

Shortly after it was announced that my island won, I came with ideas on what I thought the logo for island would look like and reworked the medallion idea as well. I hope I’m close to being right with what Poptropica ends up creating.

With the official sneak peek of the island that was shown recently (and at the top of this post), I can say that it was exactly what I was hoping for, and I’m excited to play it when it comes out.

I do want to point out something in that sneak peek, specifically the building labeled “Bosko’s Car Fixing & Embroidery.” Coincidentally, I have an original character named Bosko, who is a mechanic. I made this character well before the second contest was announced. I’m not sure if this was a coincidence, or if they found my DeviantArt page and are using some of my characters.

“Bosko is Toon City’s best toon auto mechanic and can fix any toon car that rolls into his garage. Sometimes he’ll have some strange cases, but he will always get the job done.”

Either way, thank you for your interest in how I came up with Goofball Island! I hope it will be one of Poptropica’s memorable islands.

Hope you enjoyed this guest post by Thirsty Flame/Blank Slayte. If you did, you might also enjoy other posts in our My Dream Island series, including an inside look at another Dream Island winner, Secret of the Jade Scarab.

The Poptropica Help Blog welcomes interesting Poptropica insights from anyone in the Poptropica community with thoughts to share. Interested in writing for the PHB? We’d love to hear from you! 📰✨

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Grins and grooves for Goofball Island 😁🌳

Hey Poptropicans! We’re not goofing around with this announcement — we’ve got sneak peeks for the next Poptropica island!

Poptropica’s been busy lately with side quests and other specials, but they haven’t forgotten about making islands. The latest one in the works is Goofball Island, which was announced as a winner of the 2020 Dream Island contest. Take a look at their wavy wonders!

As we see in this first ever sneak peek, the “land of Goof” is lined with curving everything, from trees to lampposts — and even slanted fish on the Crazy Club? We’re not sure what this grinning building is all about, but we get another look at it through this sketch (sans “Toof”-paste):

Are the dancing creatures and poofy trees giving anyone else Dr. Seuss storybook vibes? In any case, that silly energy fits in here, as the plot is all about an unusually cheery town that’s about to have all its color wiped out by mad scientist Dr. Blandston.

Back to that first picture, we find some curious things of note, like the fact that our boy Ned Noodlehead from Super Power Island is hanging out by the Crazy Club, likely just as a stand-in for scale. We also see a building for Boskos Car Fixing and Embroidery, which seems a strange combo. And wacky faces are everywhere, from the clouds to the gate gnomes and birds (real and inflatable). 🤓🤪

Besides the announcement of this winning island idea back in January, this is the first time we’re hearing about Goofball Island, and it seems to be shaping up to be quite the adventure! Stay tuned for the latest news on this upcoming island, and let’s hope they (don’t) goof it up!

Poptropica’s Instagram story has been busy too, with last calls to enjoy Hoptropica birthday goodies and a slew of fan art, including a couple of drawing process videos. Hippity hop before they drop!

That’s it for this update! How hyped are you for Goofball Island? Have you made the most of Hoptropica’s birthday visit? Share with us in the comments, and keep on popping on, Poptropicans! ✌️