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Quippy has arrived with bundles of friends and all things Greek

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here, and today I’m sharing with you some modernized features and new additions to Poptropica. Let’s see what it’s all about. (Note: the following updates are for the Haxe version of Poptropica only!) This post has been updated with more content since it was published!

The friends profile, which was first introduced to the game back in 2012, has been altered to receive an “upgrade” – as the creators put it. Seems borderline plain to me, but what do you think? Take a look for yourself:

So how it functions… The left button at the top right corner with a house icon directs you to your clubhouse. To visit a friend’s place, click on the “visit” button next to the person whose house you wish to drop in on. (Note: The decorations in any of the clubhouses I go to don’t match the ones I see on my Flash account. Maybe Haxe clubhouse furniture arrangements aren’t compatible with their Flash versions?)

Regarding actual friends, there seems to be a limit on the number you can have. I don’t know what the amount is exactly, but when I tried to add more by clicking the + button, it informed me that my limit was already exceeded. I guess in all fairness, this new friends page is still in its beta mode, so it’s not a surprise it’s a little faulty. We’ll see how, or if, these features get updated in the future.

UPDATE: The Poptropica Creators made a quick video walkthrough on the friends beta, showing the current features, which are (the long awaited) changing of your character’s display name, adding friends by username (so you aren’t just friending strangers, as this narrator put it), and visiting their clubhouses. Check it out:

They also shared on the official blog that “In the official release, you’ll be able to remove friends AND you’ll be able to hang out in clubhouses together!” If all goes well, we can look forward to future Poptropica parties in clubhouses! 🥳

Next, we have a follow-up on a post from yesterday. Our favorite droid, Quippy, has finally arrived (better late than never!) to Mythology Island’s (Haxe) common room – and even came appropriately attired in an ancient Greek chiton and laurel wreath.

There are 4 item cards including a Lightning Staff and Icarus costume (which are both members only), along with a Cyclops costume and Mythology Surfer outfit (available to everyone!).

Also, a new limited time bundle for the island is available for 1000 credits in the Pop store, which appears as a pop-up if you access the store through Mythology Island. The bundle includes a Greek God Growing Power, as well as Wings of the Gods and a Pet Leaf Crown. I’m quite a fan of these items, I must say – especially those wings!

UPDATE: The store itself also has an individual Greek Goddess Outfit and an Aphrodite Love Power. (Thanks PercyJackson1010!) With the special vanity mirror, when you press space bar, all the characters around you will be struck with hearts for eyes. 😍

UPDATE: Check out the related video the Pop Creators made, which introduces the limited time bundle and the Quippy on Mythology Island!

So what do you think about the updates? Do you like them, is it a hard pass, or are you some where in between? I’m pretty so-so about it in whole, but I’m willing to cut the creators some slack. At least they’re listening to us more these days!

Well, that about wraps up the coverage for today. I thank you once again for reading and I’ll talk to you all in the next one. Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

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Colorful and warm assortments hit Poptropica’s stores and social media 🌈

Howdy, Poptropicans! How are ya? It’s Lucky Joker here, and today we’ll be taking a look at this month’s member gifts, the latest updates in all of Poptropica’s stores, some social media shenanigans, and more. It’s a lot to go through, so let’s pop into it!

The three items for the paying members are: a Walkman (which is a modified, black version of the 80s Walkman from American Girl: Courtney’s Island), a slaying Rainbow Furry Jacket, and an adorable Llama Follower.

Considering the creators completely skipped over October and missed the opportunity to give us some cool, spooky-themed goodies (*ahem*), I think these items act as a bit of a payoff because this is a pretty cool bunch in my opinion. 😁

Remember, if you buy a membership at any point within November, you’ll receive these awesome exclusives automatically!

Another month means another rotation of the Poptropica store selection. The current stock is made up of 15 costumes, 7 followers, 5 powers, 5 pranks, and 14 miscellaneous items (for a grand total of 46 items) — 17 of which are exclusive to members. Not bad this time for the non-members! (Items marked with a * are members only; all items listed below.)

  • Costumes: Stylin’ Outfit*, Cool Outfit*, Glam Gamer Girl, Sweater Weather, Comfy Vibes, Warm Vibes, Day of the Dead (girl [designed by yours truly]), Day of the Dead (boy), Lightning Knight, Soccer Player (boy), Soccer Player (girl), Karate Master (girl), Karate Master (boy), Sky Hawk Warrior, and Xenon Trooper
  • Followers: Elephant Follower, Noodle Guy Follower*, Dolphin Follower*, Deer Follower, Charlie the Chocomonkey*, Atlantis Drone, and Mini Dr. Hare*
  • Powers: Binary Rain*, POPGUM (Cinnamon Fire Flavor), Meteor Shower*, Bobblehead*, and Electrify
  • Pranks: Sticky Notes, Sneezing Power, 8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power, Inside-Out Power*, and Love Potion*
  • Miscellaneous: Party Popper* (which was a member gift back in August), Flamingo Floatie*, Watermelon Purse*, Drone Flying Follower*, Popsicles*, Hover Scooter*, Fox Mug, Unicorn Mug, Autumn Scarves, School Backpack, Notebooks, Marshmallow Roaster, Hiking Shoes, and Silly Streams

In addition, some new items (1 face and 4 body) have been dealt in the pet barn shop. They are: Round Glasses, Red Scarf, Magic Cloak, Pearl Necklace*, and Green Cloak. Only 1 (marked with *) of the 5 new items are members only, so that still leaves a good selection of cuteness, once again, to players who don’t have a membership.

Very adorable, am I right? (Of course I am.) My bunny, Clover, will totally be rocking the oversized spectacles and green cloak — and I think my lizard, Ivy, will love those pearls.

If all that wasn’t enough, we’ve also been given a different array of clubhouse décor including an armoire, a funky bookcase, and a diverse variety of appealing wallpapers. Neato!

On the topic of stores, it’s been found that the new release of Mythology Island doesn’t have a Quippy store, making it the only island on the Haxe version of Poptropica to not feature the little common room droid. It may show up later though, like how it did on Time Tangled Island. I guess we’ll wait and see.

(UPDATE: Quippy has made an appearance on Haxe’s Mythology! Stay tuned for a follow-up post soon here on the PHB.)

In other news, the Poptropica Creators featured some more awesome community works of art on their Instagram story yesterday. Check ’em out below!

Also, on the Creators’ Blog, Poptropica has (hopefully) finally satisfied the fandom’s curiosity by addressing some of the questions people had regarding the game’s fate post the shutdown of Flash at the end of this year. Here’s a snippet of what they had to say (Check out their post to see the full responses):

Once Flash is no longer supported, your account will still be accessible. Your existing account will work in the Haxe version of the game too. You’ll keep your stuff and we’ll give you a mega credit bonus so you can get to shopping for anything available that wasn’t in the Flash game. For those of you who started playing Poptropica in March 2020 or later you’re already in the Haxe version!

We’re also working on how to make sure you can play all the classic islands in their original format. We know our long-term fans love the classic Poptropica they grew up with and we want to keep that going forever. 

Poptropica Creators’ Blog, “⚡Oh How Time Flashes By⚡”

Another thing — Short Glove, over on the Poptropica Help Chat (PHC), shared a short video demonstrating how to costumize your character on the Haxe version of Poptropica in case you wanted to know how. I know I’ve been wanting to! It’s kind of ingenious, really.

Whew, that was a lot, wasn’t it? Well that concludes this post. I thank you all for reading and I’ll talk to you in the next one. Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

(By the way, we’ll be releasing the Q&A we (and you) did with current Poptropica CEO, Abhi Arya, soon, so stay tuned for that! He had a lot of promising responses I think many of you will be pleased to hear. 😉 )

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Scariest moments and villainous depictions

Hello, everyone! It’s Lucky Joker here with some fun stuff to share with you all today: scary moments, more fan art, and a throwback highlight for a YouTube gamer. Let’s pop into it!

On Instagram and the Creators’ Blog, Poptropica asked the community: What’s the scariest moment in Poptropica? Appropriately timed for the spooky Halloween season! Check out some of the responses below.

Here were some of the answers given by Poptropicans in the comments:

scoutin0ut wrote, “Definitely the Ghost Story [Island] ‘Are you looking for someone?’ part!! I jumped out of my seat and actually gasped during that!”

cacaocheri added, “For me, it was walking through the tunnel in Zomberry [Island].”

Gentle Dolphin of the PHB shared, “One scene that still unnerves me is the haunted house on Monster Carnival Island. I’m not a fan of jumpscares, so a creepy puppet popping out of random doors is definitely terrifying.”

What was your scariest Poptropica memory? Share with us in the comments here on the PHB, our PHC Discord server, or on Poptropica’s official channels!

In other Creator-fandom interactions, Poptropica also showcased more awesome fan art on their Instagram story this past week. Check out the poptastic gallery below (including a piece from Gentle Dolphin with the spooktacular Jersey Devil of Cryptids Island!)…

Pretty neat, huh? I encourage all of you to get creative and whip up your own Poptropica fan art too. For inspiration, we’ve got Poptober and Community Creations going!

And who knows? Your work just might get featured!

And finally, we have a video feature from the Creators’ Blog showing kid gaming YouTuber EthanGamer playing Poptropica for the first time—and since it’s an older video (from 2016), he’s playing Monkey Wrench Island, the old tutorial that has since been replaced by Snagglemast. The Creators loved his joy over the Hot Dog costume too! Give it a watch:

We featured another one of Ethan’s videos on the PHB a few years ago, when he played the now-inactive Poptropica Worlds for the first time and was even sponsored by Poptropica for that video.

Anyway, it’s cool to see the Creators give some love to Poptropica YouTubers, even if they’re from the archives!

That’s it for now. Thanks for reading, have a spooktacular rest of your day, and stay tuned for our Halloween contest wrap-up. 🎃 Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀 

New Poptropica (Worlds)

A new look into an old new Poptropica

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker here with an unlisted video to share from the YouTube channel of Poptropica visual designer, Kyle Fox. (Thanks to idk the glitcher for the cool find!)

In the short preview, you can see what Poptropica Worlds was like during its early stages before it was released. A few placeholder art and other assets such as “Short description or clue for how to use the item” were never seen in the game — as well as items including a Big Apple and various clothing parts.

At the very beginning, in the top left corner, you’ll also notice a bar marked with a number six (possibly referencing a level system?) and a not-so-familiar currency called Moonstones. We could only wonder what the purpose of having two forms of currency was.

Pretty interesting, huh? It’s unfortunate the developers’ hard work has gone to waste, seeing that Poptropica Worlds has since been abandoned. Were you a fan of “the new Pop”? Leave your opinions in the comments!

Plus, if you’re interested, check out our Poptropica Portfolio on Fox from a couple years ago. And don’t forget to participate in this month’s Community Creations and/or enter our Halloween costume contest for a chance at a free membership! You don’t want to miss out on the fun!

Talk to you all in the next one. Pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀

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Fashion, fun, and fan art features 🐘

Howdy, Poptropicans! It’s Lucky Joker bringing you this month’s store update along with some social media shenanigans. Let’s pop into it.

It’s always a treat when the goodies in the store are rotated about, but that’s easily tainted when a majority of them are members only. Just 15 of the 37 items in the current stock are non-member friendly this time, which is less than half!

The available items this time around are as listed:

  • Costumes: Cool Outfit*, Stylin’ Outfit*, Soccer Player (boy), Soccer Player (girl), Pirate Captain (girl)*, Sunny Sport, Friendly Face Masks, Fashionista Prep, Natural Breeze*, Cool for School*, Space Sentry, Pirate Captain (boy)*, Templar Knight
  • Followers: Noodle Guy Follower*, Atlantis Drone, Elephant Follower
  • Powers: Binary Brain*, Bobblehead*, Meteor Shower*, Electrify
  • Pranks: Sticky Notes, 8-Bit Birthday Pixel Pig Power, Fart Gun*, Jellyfish Prank
  • Miscellaneous: Drone Flying Follower* (which should be in the Followers section), Popsicles*, Watermelon Purse*, Flamingo Floatie*, Party Popper*, Instant Camera*, Avatar Studio, Balloons*, Rainbow Balloon*, Notebooks, Slime*, Hover Scooter*, School Backpack*

Items marked with a * are members only.

The Elephant Follower is new! 🐘 Also, like last time, many former member gifts have returned, though still for members only and not for free. Another thing: despite its nearing obsoletion as a Flash product, the Avatar Studio has made a return to the store—perhaps as a last hurrah.

In other news, Poptropica recently shared two works of fan art on their Instagram story — which is definitely cool since their activity on social media is more sporadic and infrequent these days. It’s great whenever the creators acknowledge their fanbase by recognizing and appreciating the talent it brings forth!

Check out this speedpaint video below from MaryannTheConqueror of her Astro-Knights piece that the Pop Creators featured. Pretty neat!

Plus, follow along with Poptropica Month for more awesome Poptropica fan videos throughout Poptropica’s birthday month! 📹

That’s all there is to share for today. Thank you for reading and I hope all of you are staying safe and doing well. Until next time, pop on!

– Lucky Joker 🍀