Quick Survival Ep. 3 glitch alerts & fixes

Hi Gs,

There are a couple of glitches concerning Survival: Episode 3 that I wanted to mention, mainly because they’re preventing people from finishing the island…

The first glitch is the lemon glitch, and it occurs when you break the lemon box onto the ground. You won’t be able to click on the lemon and obtain it no matter what. To fix this, go to another scene, such as the nearby ad street, then come back. It will have reset, and you can pick up the lemon.


The second is a little harder to fix — it happens when you try to assemble the radio while on the radio tower scene. When you do, the wires that are necessary to fix it don’t show up. Try logging out and back in, then trying to assemble it on a different scene. If that doesn’t work, you’ll have to restart the episode and assemble the radio in a different area than the radio tower.

If you have any more game-breaking glitches, share them with us in the comments. You can also find the Survival: Episode 3 guide here on the PHB. Hope this helps!


15 thoughts on “Quick Survival Ep. 3 glitch alerts & fixes

  1. bunnycheer36 says:

    im not a member, so i’ll have to wait to play this, but when i was on survival episode 2, whenever i tried to get the grubs for fishing under the rock, the grubs never showed up. i went to a diffrent scene and came back, and the grubs were there, but when i tried to pick them up, they were gone and weren’t in my inventory. luckily i was able to finish the island, but, i hope that no problems happen in survival episode 3 when it comes out for everyone.

  2. Claudia says:

    On the scene were the big space between two cliffs on episode 3, I got a glitch thing where I ran to leave the scene on the left exit past the exit sign and just went straight over the cliff and now I’m stuck sort of, in front of the rock cliff. I can move but I can only see myself when I jump and then I get lost again. I’ve tried jumping into the space between the two cliffs thinking I could just be swept away and automatically go back on top of the cliff but it won’t let me past the edge. It’s really annoying and I really don’t want to start all over because I’m so close, all I have to do is take the radio up the tower and I’d have finished the game. If I have to restart the whole thing I’ll get super frustrated. Please help!

    • Claudia says:

      So I went home then went back to the game and I end up in carrot island?? What the…. This thing needs help. I’m really annoyed.

  3. Welcome to the Fandom says:

    So I know I’m a little late to this one, but one glitch I had was when I was trying to climb the radio tower. When I unscrew the screw from the platform, the platform doesn’t fall, so I can’t climb up the incline to get to the next section. Has this happened to anyone else, and is there a solution?

  4. irrelevant says:

    For some reason the box of lemons won’t even smash. I’ve went back a couple times and kept trying but it just won’t work…

  5. Harrison Spinks says:

    When i was in the cut scene with MVB walking to his house the game glitched out, it didnt record me going past the part 3, so i had to get up the tower and set the signal again. But this time, nothing happened, and im stuck. Help!

  6. Laura says:

    Whenever I make it to the top of the radio tower, I set my radio down but then nothing happens. I can’t get it to call out. I press use when I’m in inventory, the radio gets set down, then the little loading symbol pops up but then goes away.

  7. Dekota Hannan says:

    Yeah soooo cant grab the wires to assemble the radio. I can get the lemon, penny, and nail set up fine but anytime I go to actually pull a wire it wont move, not even alittle…soooo annoying

  8. Onab1021 says:

    I have a glitch where at the end of the episode when I get to climbing the tower it won’t allow me to climb the last rope to get to the very top. I restarted it three times and it refuses to let me climb the rope.

      • Nathalie says:

        This is exactly what’s been bugging me. I restarted episode 3 a couple of times already and in each case, I can’t climb the last rope to finish the island. And the signal won’t work without that little extra height!

  9. Halle Nickole says:

    i can’t climb the darn rope at the end, which is preventing me from finishing the island 😦
    there’s no fix to this glitch

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